Skydrive New Features Video

There are new document management and sharing capabilities like sharing individual files from private folders. You can control permissions and post files to Facebook and share with Linkedin with a couple of clicks. You will also be able to upload a bunch of documents at once. The new interface has been encoded with HTML5’s file api to drag’n’drop documents in any standards compliant browser. The slideshows are improved, and you can right-click to edit individual documents and photos inline. The will be much faster as a result of losing the Silverlight overhead.

Skydrive New Features:

Share a single document or photo without having to share an entire folder. Right-click any file and then click Share.
Reach your friends—when you share, email goes to inboxes, not spam folders.
Share what you want with Facebook, LinkedIn, or other networks. Just click Share.
See what people have shared with you—all in one place. In the left pane, click Shared

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