Heal Yourself The Natural Way – 5 Amazing Apps On Naturopathy

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Naturopathy, essentially a form of alternative medicine, is a fascinating concept which focuses on a holistic approach towards health, by stressing on non-invasive treatment and minimum use of surgery and drugs. Naturopaths believe in natural and self-healing techniques such as homeopathy, Reiki healing, yoga, massage therapy, herbal medicines and so on. Thanks to technology and the internet, an increasing number of people are now taking to naturopathy and natural healing methods, which are not only safe, but extremely effective too. Listed below, are five smart phone apps you should definitely consider downloading in order to get introduced to the amazing world of naturopathy, and to attain a higher level of physical wellbeing.

Naturopathic Answer and News

Naturopathic Answer and News is perhaps the best way to explore Naturopathy and the various possibilities associated with it. It is a comprehensive app that describes alternative techniques of healing apart from conventional forms of medicine. The app also offers videos that introduce naturopathy and various aspects associated with it such as healing herbs, yoga, natural health, naturopathic medicine, news feeds on naturopathy and so on. All in all, it’s a perfect app to get introduced to naturopathy.

Handbook of Natural Medicine

The main essence of Naturopathy lies in the fact that nature has a cure for all illnesses, and there is a strong belief in the power of natural medicine and other natural healing techniques. This app is arguably the best app when it comes to natural medicine. Written by professionals, the app is a reference digital handbook that gives you information on the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases with the help of natural medicine. It gives you summaries and therapeutic approaches to over 80 commonly seen conditions, along with treatment methods and flowcharts.

My Natural Healer

My Natural Healer is yet another amazing healing app. With over thousand natural remedies from various natural healing techniques such as homeopathy, massage therapy, herbal remedies, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, dieting and so on, this app is literally like an entire encyclopedia on natural healing.

Raw Food Secrets

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All that you ever wanted to know about raw food and its various benefits, it’s all here in this fantastic app. It starts with giving you an introduction to raw food diet and then goes on to elaborately list how a raw food diet can change your life for better and make you live a healthy life. Right from aspects such as improving your skin tone, to hydration, to raw food nourishment, benefits of juices and sprouts, damage caused by processed foods, to benefits of detoxifications, this is the ultimate app to refer to, when it comes to considering a raw food diet for better health.

Healing With Herbs


Are you suffering from any illnesses or diseases? Have you ever considered using herbal remedies as a treatment method? In the field of naturopathy, herbs are a popular treatment method, which includes the use of various natural sources such as leaves, flowers, roots, berries, bark and plants, for treatment purposes. Sounds fascinating, isn’t it? This app gives you elaborate information on various diseases and the cure for it by using herbs, apart from listing the herb’s properties, its application, precautions that need to be taken, parts that can be used and so on. Overall, the app is very informative, and easily one of the best on herbal remedies.

Peter the naturopath practicing in South Australia, has vast experience in alternative medicine. He blogs about his practice and believes that naturopathy is a sure path to longevity.

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