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5 Amazing IPad Apps For Anyone Who Loves To Make Music


These days people have the power to do anything and one of the reasons it’s possible is because of the amount of iPad apps available. I’ve given people a list of 5 great apps they need to check out if they love making music.

If you’re into music and you don’t have an iPad you should go out and get one right now. The reason they are great is because people keep coming out with amazing apps that will satisfy all your music needs. There has been no other time in history that making music has been so fun and easy. It’s really magical to think you can compose great songs while you sit on your couch chilling out at night. If you’re looking for some great apps we can look at some of the most popular ones right now.


If you’re not quite sure how to play music yet you should definitely start with this app because it’s very friendly to the newbie. There are lots of instruments built into the app and you can play them using the iPad’s multi-touch input. If you feel like a little jam session with a few of your friends you can even connect to each other and make music together. Once you’re finished you can give it a quick edit before uploading it to YouTube for the world to hear.

Studio Track

You’re not always going to be sitting next to your computer and what do you do when you want to record a song? Maybe a moment of genius will strike you and you need to get something down straight away. Studio Track will take care of you because you can do anything on the go. You can easily import tracks into the app and there is a mixer and multi-track recorder with easy-to-use buttons to play around with. There are also enough features to make sure whatever you create will sound great.

Pianist Pro

This is the best piano app in the world and it brings a professional grade instrument straight to your fingertips. If you wanted to buy a full-sized piano you’d be looking at thousands of dollars, but you can have this one for five bucks. You can even set up the layout so you have access to 88 keys. It comes packed with 16 recorded instruments and it’s an easy way to compose brilliant music.

DM1 – The Drum Machine

You’ve probably heard that drummers get all the chicks. I don’t think this applies to an iPad app, but DM1 is definitely the coolest drum app on the planet at the moment. You can now make all the great songs you like without the neighbors banging on the walls. Inside, you have 64 mastered drum kits and you can add lots of special effects to give your songs a personal touch. You can even tap out the beats and use the sequencer to turn them into a song, so you’ll find it easy to use.


If you want to make some great songs from scratch you will love studio.HD because it has a simple editor that won’t take you long to pick up. If you think of something while you’re out it has a pretty cool feature that lets you use the in-built mic to record vocals even though you might get funny looks singing into your iPad as you’re walking down the street. Plus the icing on the cake is that there are over 900 loops that you can download for free and they cover all genres.

Jean Parker, the author of this post, works at Addicted to Audio, an online website that sells gadgets like players, microphones, mini systems, Dj headphones, etc. Besides claiming to be a massive music fan, he also has a passion for writing guest posts.

IPad Easter-Inspired IPad Games

With Winter coming to an end soon, the prospect of springtime bringing warmer weather and longer days should give us all more reasons to be cheerful over the coming months.

And with Easter almost upon us there is even more reason for both children and adults to be feeling good with some much anticipated time off during the Easter holidays. I’ve decided to have a look at some of the Easter themed apps and games available for the iPad. These apps are full to the brim with eggs, bunnies and newborn chicks and could prove to be Ideal for keeping you and your children entertained over the Easter holidays. Be sure to keep your iPad safe during the holidays with a stylish iPad or iPad mini case – the last thing you want to do is leave a dirty great scratch on your beloved iPad!

Easter egg hunt 3D

This great interactive app gives users the opportunity to search for Easter eggs in a 3D environment and collect points as they play the game. You can enjoy competing against your friends and family to see who can get the highest score and scavenge for the most eggs, allowing you to move up through the levels of the game. A great free app that will keep entertained for hours on end during the eater break.

Egg vs. Chicken

An Easter themed twist on Plants vs. Zombies, Egg vs. Chicken provides you with the challenge of arranging your eggs in like colours and then tossing them at the oncoming hordes of chickens relentlessly pursuing you. The newly updated Easter Egg Hunt Edition features special eggs you can hunt for to unlock extra levels.

Kung Fu Rabbit  

Kung Fu Rabbit will give kids a challenging gaming experience, giving them the role of a rabbit teacher allowing them to use agility and combat abilities to save all of their students. The game gives players the chance to partake in kung fu action which includes jumping from rooftop to rooftop, sliding along walls, and sneaking up behind your enemies to attack them. The game includes 70 levels in normal and hard mode, providing you with a great amount of playing time which will keep kids well entertained.

Make a Scene: Easter

For those with young children Make a Scene: Easter offers a great way for your children to learn and play at the same time. The game uses drag and drop interactions, fun sound effects and engaging animations to create an entertaining educational app. Kids can make a virtual Egg hunt, watch woodland creatures playing in the woods or see new born lambs playing in the fields. Players can drag and drop digital stickers onto different backgrounds to create their own unique animated scenes. Make a Scene also features multi touch which allows children to add or move multiple stickers allowing more than one child to play at a time. Finished scenes can even be uploaded to Facebook to share amongst friends and family.

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5 Fantastic Apps That Help You Save Money Around The Home…

In today’s economy, squeezing every penny may be more important than ever before.  Impressive monthly savings can be realized not only by traditional approaches such as clipping coupons, but also with a more tech-savvy approach.

The information age has spawned a new breed of online and mobile apps, some offered in conjunction with retailers and others powered primarily by user input, that can work to save you money.  Below are some of the top money-saving apps today.

Gas Buddy

The Gas Buddy website ( lets a user compare prices at local gas stations, enabling one to get the lowest of constantly-fluctuating prices at the pump by driving a short distance.

While the site depends on users reporting gas prices, it tends to be highly accurate and up-to-date.  And with features such as a trip cost calculator and fuel saving tips, Gas Buddy’s benefits go beyond mere reporting of prices.

In conjunction with gas-saver programs at particular stations and local retailers such as grocery stores, Gas Buddy can save drivers quite a bit of money, and it comes with a mobile app as well. is a top coupon website, featuring not only online coupon codes but printable coupons to use at local grocery and other stores. It is free to join, and features hundreds of printable coupons in categories including baby and toddler, beverages, foods, health care, personal care, and other household items. also offers a SuperSaver weekly email newsletter containing weekly savings alerts and offers and CouponBar browser add-on.

The associated site features further savings offered in conjunction with merchants, restaurants, movie theaters and theme parks, and at the time of this writing features a free 30-day trial.  After that, the price goes up to $3 per month, but many users still find the value to be worthwhile. also has an iPhone/iPod app to enable mobile access to many cost-saving features, which now includes integration with Apple’s Passbook digital wallet service.

Other useful coupon mobile apps include SnipSnap, which offers features including “snipping” (i.e. scanning and saving) and redeeming coupons on one’s phone, in-store reminders based on GPS location awareness about coupons to use, and expiration date alerts for stored coupons. 


RetailMeNot is a site focused on providing the most complete and up-to-date coupon codes possible.  Comprehensive coverage includes deal alerts and codes for literally thousands of online and brick-and-mortar retailers and service providers.

RetailMeNot also features free apps for iPhone and Android which can help by enabling a quick check in-store before making important purchases—note that many retailers now feature in-store computers and are happy to offer in-person shoppers discounts upon request.


ShopSavvy is a barcode scanner and reader for QR codes (for “Quick Response”, square digital codes that look a bit like aliens from the game Space Invaders) that coordinates inventory data in order to enable users to shop smarter.

According to the developer, large retailers and other brands use ShopSavvy to build and scan items into their inventory.  Then, when a consumer user is standing inside a store, not only can he or she check pricing and availability real-time, many stores may offer deals wirelessly on the spot, sent right to the user’s phone.

While ShopSavvy’s product coverage is not total, it is fairly comprehensive. ShopSavvy offers free mobile apps for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone

Shopkick is another popular app for Android and iPhone which lets users collect “kicks” in return for visiting stores, which can then be redeemed for rewards and percentage-off deals from Shopkick partners.


IBotta is a mobile app which offers chances to earn cash back when buying from selected merchants.  Users sign up for iBotta, then download the free app to their phones.  Users can then choose products they’re planning to buy, and see if any offers are currently in force for that item.

After a supported purchase, a user can then take a picture of the receipt, and cash back will be added to the user’s iBotta account, which can be transferred to Paypal at any time. Benefits of iBotta go beyond cash back, too—users can access product videos and other information, and take quick consumer surveys.

A similar app is Endorse, which like iBotta offers users cash back when they buy selected items.  When a user buys an item at an Endorse-supported retailer, the user then scans and uploads a photo of the receipt using the built-in cell phone camera, and is rewarded with cash back as well as points which can be redeemed for donations to charity.

Craig Wilson is a freelance writer and tech enthusiast, as well as enjoying spending his weekends working around the home following instructions he’s found on sites like

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