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Virgin Developes new Submarine

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Richard Branson’s Virgin Company is developing a submarine called the Necker Nymph. The Necker Nymph will git into the company’s Necker Belle which is a 105 foot catamaran on Necker Island. The Necker Nymph can glide along the ocean doing full 360 degree turns while carrying two visitors and a Captain for a two hour journey. It must be nice to be rich?

The Necker Nymph is available for hire for $25,000 a week with the mandatory additional cost of at least $88,000 for seven nights on the Necker Belle catamaran. The sub should be available for delivery on February 20th of this year.

Video of the Universe

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Checkout the known Universe, it truly makes us seem insignificant. The video starts from Earth and goes out to the known Universe and back.

Better yet check it out in HD here.


Give a boy some books and see what he can do

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Give a boy some books and see what he can do and how he can help himself and others. Watch the video of how he creates some windmills to help better his living environment.


See the video at our website

Society for Geek Advancement

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Checkout the Society for Geek Advancement.

About Us from their website:

THE SOCIETY FOR GEEK ADVANCEMENT was founded upon the principles that we should all embrace our inner and outer geek and have fun while doing it. As individuals who love learning, innovating and believe in possibility as well as change, the second step of responsibility is to “be the geek that keeps on giving”. As a member of SGA, we work together as a global community to provide the tools and help others realize their true potential too!

Video Here:

The James Bond Museon to Open in 2009

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The James Bond Museum to Open in 2009 with lots of memorabilia from the Bond files, including the 42 ton tank from Goldeneye to the Aston Martin DB5.


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