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20 Beautiful Examples of Video Game Art

The artwork that’s involved in modern video games is so intricate and detailed that it often looks like you’re involved in your own interactive movie. From concept art to campaign posters and actual scenes from the games themselves, we’ve searched for some of the most beautiful, dramatic and evocative works of art from video games. Is your favourite here?

Batman Arkham City

credit: Pop Culture Geek

The follow up to Batman Arkham Assylum, City has a sprawling sandbox environment. There’s such a great level of detail in its unlockable outfits, concept art and 3D character models.

Mass Effect 3

credit: salendron

In terms of achingly cool artwork for modern walls, this tri-colour poster for Mass Effect 3 is a prizewinner.

El Shaddai

credit: Pop Culture Geek

Ascension of the Metatron is quite surreal yet breathtaking. With impressionist style artwork. This campaign artwork at a conference gives a little insight into its elegance.

Mirror’s Edge

credit: Daedalus12

This futuristic action adventure has some epic moments, most of which arise through the character’s use of parkour to deliver messages in a dystopian society.

Far Cry 3

credit: get Gaming Now

This promotional wallpaper from Far Cry 3 demonstrates the level of thought that went into the game. The lush tropical island setting is meticulous in detail.


credit: Angel Barreiros

Wistful, dreamlike (or nightmare like depending on your outlook!) and very artistic, Limbo is an award winning puzzle game from Indie label Playdead.

Fallout 3 Poster

credit: Mrs. Gemstone

Enigmatic and evocative, this campaign poster is as gritty and realistic as the game itself. In case you needed reminding of the way things might look like after a nuclear fallout.


credit: Cory Schimtz

This fan-made poster paying homage to the striking Ico game is really impressive. Taking the theme of minimalistic boy-meets-girl concept and Japanese style.


credit: mio_pls

Probably the only Shinto based Playstation game? Probably. The style really adheres to traditional Japanese ink art.

Halo 4

credit: Corrinne.Yu

Actual screen shot, showing the level of beauty in each shot in this game. Panoramic views, awesome sunsets and the like.


credit: A Little Lam

If Manga is your style, you’ll love this game. During game-play the backgrounds are mind-blowingly pretty. This poster only scratches the surface.

Dragon Age

credit: Fristle

This sculpture promoting role-playing game Dragon Age: Origins would be a great addition to any fan house.

Heavy Rain

credit: Idhren

The cover of Heavy Rain featured an origami crane in, yep, you guessed it, heavy rain. The game is seriously dark – literally and metaphorically.

Unchartered: Drake’s Fortune

credit: naughty_dog

A beautiful scene which shows some awesome water detail and astounding architecture of the Flooded Ruins.

Starcraft 2

credit: SobControllers

Violence involving massive Terrans never looked so pretty. Wings of Liberty was a massive success, after fans waited 12 years for it!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

credit: Maurdyn

Adam Jensen, the lead character, is shown here in all his prosthetic glory. Set against a burning backdrop, it picks him out as a hero.

Fallout 3

credit: Ryan Somma

The concept art shows the devastation of the architecture featured at the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Art of Video Games exhibition.

Rock of Ages

credit: Wikipedia

Drawing inspiration from one of the greatest periods in art history, the Renaissance. Sure, the game is ridiculous, but it’s fun and actually quite nice to look at.

Shadow of the Colossus

credit: Michael Heilemann

One of the most beautiful games of all time, and moving too. The Colossuses (Colossi?) really are a sight to behold. You’ll almost feel guilty killing them. But that’s the aim of the game.

Skydrive New Features Video

There are new document management and sharing capabilities like sharing individual files from private folders. You can control permissions and post files to Facebook and share with Linkedin with a couple of clicks. You will also be able to upload a bunch of documents at once. The new interface has been encoded with HTML5’s file api to drag’n’drop documents in any standards compliant browser. The slideshows are improved, and you can right-click to edit individual documents and photos inline. The will be much faster as a result of losing the Silverlight overhead.

Skydrive New Features:

Share a single document or photo without having to share an entire folder. Right-click any file and then click Share.
Reach your friends—when you share, email goes to inboxes, not spam folders.
Share what you want with Facebook, LinkedIn, or other networks. Just click Share.
See what people have shared with you—all in one place. In the left pane, click Shared

Apple Mac App Store Coming Next Week

Rumor has it that Apple is planning to launch the Mac App Store on Monday, December 13. Developers are rumored to prepping their products for the store. Delays are possible, but it looks like it will happen before Christmas.

via: Techcrunch

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