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What You Need to Know Before Buying Computers for Stock Trading

Buying a computer can be a challenge. Large corporations likely have an entire department dedicated to managing computer technology needs, but self-employed professionals like stock traders are on their own to decide which computer to buy. Here is what you need to know before buying computers for stock trading.

Decide what you need
This may seem obvious, but it is easy to start shopping for a new computer for stock trading without first knowing what your needs really are. The result can be a lot like visiting a new car lot with no clear idea of what you need in a new car. Without knowing the requirements for your stock trading system, you may end up being sold something that will underperform, thereby costing you money in missed trades, or you may end up paying more for the system than what you actually need today.

Stock trading requires a fast, reliable computer system. Consider what your current trading software application requires to operate smoothly, how many monitors you plan to use, and what amount of storage you will need. Technology tends to have a short usable life, so starting with an evaluation of your current system can be a good starting point to determine what kind of upgrades you need in your new system.

Knowing what you need in your trading computer system can save time, stress, and problems when it comes time to make the purchase.

Decide how you will finance
How do you plan to finance your next computer system? Will you be paying cash, using a credit card, or using a financing option like PayPal’s “Bill Me Later?”
Paying cash certainly has advantages but, depending on your financial situation, there may be tax advantages to leasing or deferring payment until a later date. Regardless of which option is best for you, it can save time and stress if you know in advance how you will finance the purchase.

Decide criteria for vendor selection
Once you have decided what you need in your next computer system and how you will pay for the purchase, it is time to compare offers from different vendors.
It is important to compare like with like when comparison shopping. The cheaper, off-the-shelf computer that looks the same on the outside as a specialized stock trading computer may have very different components. A vendor that specializes in trading computers will likely be a better fit than off-the-shelf computer vendor.

Similarly, compare the warranty and technical support offered by each vendor before making a decision. The computer that seems a little bit cheaper may actually cost more if you need to buy an extended warranty to make up for a limited warranty.

Find out more about what you need in your trading computer in this free buyer’s guide.

Author Bio: Eddie Z. – Since the day he took his first Apple II apart, Eddie Z has been obsessed with making computers more powerful and more functional. At the age of 18 he started working on Wall Street filling out paper charts and since then has learned to combine his passion for building computers with stock trading. The result is his company, EZ Trading computers, where he sells custom PCS and blogs regularly. Find him on Google+.

Customer Retention Through Mobile App Integration

The uses and purposes of mobile apps are diversified with more than millions of smart-phones and tablet users and also with more than billions of apps. Businesses, organizations and institutes are even searching for customized mobile apps for their specific purposes. Many businesses are now thinking and planning of expanding their businesses by retaining customers through mobile apps as part of their inbound marketing activities. Both businesses and mobile apps developers are trying to come up with such application, which can serve the core purposes of many businesses.

The Importance Of Retention
It is important because a significant number of people are now using whether smart-phone or tablet and these devices are getting part of their daily life. It is possible to reach a major portion of the targeted clients or consumers of any business through these smart-phones or tablets. Mobile apps are the best means to reach these targeted consumers n the most effective manner and create a result driven marketing approach, as well.
Moreover, many people are getting used to with different mobile apps for both professional and business purpose. This is other key reason for which mobile apps are treated as one of the best means to retain customers.

How to Retain Customer through Mobile Apps
You will find different ways to retain customers by using mobile apps. In-Apps advertisement is one of the most effective strategies, which can help you keep in touch with a large portion of your consumer. Here, you must find the top downloaded apps, which are relevant to your business in some way or another. In most of the cases, you can place the advertisement of your business inside other apps, when those apps are free. You must design and develop an attractive banner for the advertising purpose in order to grab the attention of your targeted audience.
Many people do not like to use any apps having In-Apps advertisement, and they rather prefer buying paid apps to avoid such advertising in the middle of playing games or doing something else. It is another good idea to develop popular and demanding mobile apps for the targeted audience and sponsor those advertisements from your business. This is much appreciating approach, as people can enjoy their apps without the hazard of In-Apps advertisement. You can take help from individual apps developer or go to any mobile apps development business in order to get such customized apps for the marketing purpose of your business. Mobile apps are now developed for different platforms, and you must consider developing cross platform mobile apps to retain the clients of your business.

Effective Methodology
Customer retention is more challenging than confirming a new customer for many businesses. The market goes highly competitive, and almost every business needs to compete with many global competitors. Consumers have more options around them than before and this is why you need to think and take care about the customer retention policy. You can also develop a mobile application to store some key information about your customer like their Birthday, Anniversary and such special days. You can make you customers happy and smile by sending a text or email on those special days by using that mobile application.

Besides of this, you can sort out the shopping pattern of your consumers by collecting information about their shopping. Mobile apps can also help you to determine the consumer behavior and you can use this information in order to provide customized and better service to your clients. You need to confirm that, you do not forget your clients and mobile apps can help you in this aspect by a great deal.

Businesses need to consider the role, purpose, and importance of mobile apps in order to retain their existing clients. Many businesses are already started using different mobile apps for such similar purpose, and you have to design, develop and deploy your course of action regarding this matter without getting far behind from the competition.

4 Reasons to ‘Go Mobile’ With Your Business

iPhone 4 Bumper + Universal Dock w/ DIY AdapterIn today’s day and age where technology rules all living forms (or so it seems), it’s becoming increasingly important to keep up with the times, even as business owners. Have you ever showed up to a meeting and been the only one without the latest version of the MacBook Pro and had everyone stare you down until you feel their eyes practically piercing your soul because you’re one step out of date?

I’ve had it happen before, and I’m here to make sure it doesn’t happen to any of you business owners. The new thing lately is mobile – everyone is “going mobile.” What does it mean? Well, it not only means that having a mobile version of your website is absolutely necessary at this point, but it also means there may be some benefits for you as a business owner to run your business completely wirelessly.


Perhaps the best perk of running a mobile business is that you can literally run it from anywhere in the world! That means that the trip you’ve been meaning to take to the glorious coastal Spain area – well, you can take that as soon as you go mobile with your business.

As long as you have access to a WiFi network, you can now access all of your important business data from just about anywhere in the world. Take caution, though – make sure the network you’re connecting to is always safe and secure before you run important apps or important data over the network.

But running your business remotely has never been easier in general. Now, wherever you go, with the help of things like iPhones and iPads, you can do everything you need to do for your job. It’ll be (almost) like you never left the office.

Make Your Own Schedule

Along with the whole flexibility of location thing, a business owner who runs their business entirely from mobile devices will also have the luxury of making their own schedule, all day, every day.

That means that if you have kids and they need to be taken to soccer practice, you can bring them, come back home to continue working, and go back later to pick them up. As with any work-from-home job, you have the wonderful flexibility of choosing the 8 hours out of the day for which you actually work – but the use of mobile devices has made conducting business at any hour of the day even easier than ever.

You can hold virtual meetings at 6:30pm in your pajamas from your couch. Similarly, you could be making your lunch while having a conference call in your kitchen at 12:30pm. The possibilities are endless thanks to mobile technology.

Mobile Websites Generate More Sales

Heading over to the more technological benefits of “going mobile” with your business, we’ll take a look now at some benefits of having an actual mobile version of your website itself for others to use.

A mobile version or your site is something that visitors on their own mobile devices will be more apt to use than a whole website that’s been squashed down into tiny print to fit on their device. People love to interact with mobile sites specifically built for mobile – and it can lead to more sales, too. Happy visitors = happy customers.

Users Will Trust You More

When a mobile user logs on to a website and sees the tiny mashed up version of their large site, they often leave right away, thinking, “How far behind the times can they get?” People view these sites as out-of-date and they leave.

But with a mobile website, your visitors will put more trust in you. You’re obviously up to date, and you’ve put in the effort to build your mobile site, so what matters to you matters to your customers, as well.

If you haven’t gone mobile with your business yet, it’s a good idea to do so, both with a mobile version of your website and running your business wirelessly using mobile devices. Both aspects have their unmatched benefits that more and more people are beginning to tap into – so don’t be left in the dust!

Megan Willis is a freelance writer who loves studying up on technology, especially mobile technology. She recently found NQ Mobile on Reuters, which inspired her to write this article about going mobile with your business!

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