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Mobile Technologies to Overtake Banking Systems in 10 Years

Many people seriously think that the banking system is the root of almost all problems in the world and especially in smaller countries; these people will perhaps be glad to hear that financial experts predict that very soon, most likely in the coming 10 years, the current banking system will be overtaken and replaced by different Internet and mobile services.

According to experts, technological innovations like PayPal, Google Wallet, and payments via Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Vodafone are going to evolve in the coming years and fundamentally change the principles of cash flow in the world. Of course, most of these systems still do their transactions via bank accounts, but the experts believe that the role of banks will eventually become smaller and smaller, and one day they’ll just go out of the game. A survey conducted by the specialists of University of Augsburg (Germany) among 1000 heads of banks showed that 88 percent of respondents believe that soon the role of specialized web-financial service providers like Google, Amazon and Facebook will increase and soon become even more important than the role of banks.
And this seems to be very logical, yes. After all, now is the best time for a breakthrough of such services. For example, in 2011, only Apple users downloaded and bought 25 billion applications for their devices (mostly for the new iPhone 4S); most of these transactions were made via phones, so no banks were involved. Besides, the customer base of social networks and other Internet resources often includes more than half a billion users, which makes these Internet companies the world’s leading provider of retail banking services – after all, the number of potential customers in any social network is much larger than that of any major bank.

Of course, there are still many people who prefer the good-old banking system (with checkbooks, credit cards, cash, etc.), but most of us who has ever tried, for example, to shop using Pay-Pal, understand that it’s easier and faster than the old system.

Currently, there are about 5 billion smartphones used worldwide, and experts believe that in 2016 at least half of the world’s population will use them and permanently be online. With mobile phones becoming this popular, major carriers like Vodaphone, ATT, Orange and D-Telkom start offering new electronic purses, which will keep people away from having to use cash and credit cards.
By the way, the famous NFC (near-field communication) systems are also developing now, and many experts believe that soon we’ll be using that system for money transactions, too. If it really happens, it will be the last “fatality” blow of the mobile technologies at the old banking system. Will banks survive after that? It still remains to be seen…
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3 Things You Don’t Know about Facebook

Facebook has become so popular that it is no longer only is a way to connect with your friends but also has become the platform to promote your business. People are addicted to Facebook and it is very hard to not use it for your social media needs.

Here is the list of 3 things that you don’t know about Facebook:

1. History about Domain Name:
Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg and his four college roommates.. The service was started as Facemash and was limited to only the students of Harvard in its early days.
The great social networking site was registered as “” in 2003 and after some time word “the” was removed from domain name and “” was purchased for about $200,000. Recently Facebook had purchased “” $8.5 million.

2. Popularity
Facebook has a huge network of about 800 million registered users which is 11 percent of World’s population. Facebook is based in America but the majority users are not from this country. Facebook is found to be popular among the users of other countries as well.
Popular Than Google in Many Countries:
Alexa is a web information company which provides rank to all the websites according to their popularity. Facebook is number 2 according to Alexa and comes after the But it is more popular than Google in many countries. Countries such as Argentina, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Philippines, Egypt, Colombia, Greece are the countries in which Google is behind Facebook.

3. Part of your Life:
Facebook is no longer only the way to connect with your friends but it has become the part of your life as well. Many people are not using it as just a Social Site but also as measurement of relationships. If one forgets to like one’s friend status or photo then it results in making them upset with each other. Many important decisions are made on Facebook and Political parties are using it as a resource to connect with their constituency.

Your Hitachi Hard Drive is now a Western Digital

Hitachi and Western Digital will soon be one company. The European Union regulators have given a conditional green light to Western Digital’s plans to buy Hitachi’s storage division for $4.3 billion. Western Digital is the second largest hard drive manufacturer and Hitachi is the third largest manufacturer of hard drives in the world. Seems like all of the hard drive manufacturers are consolidating. Seagate is the largest manufacturer of hard drives and it just purchased Samsung’s hard drive division in April. Regulators only approved the Western Digital’s purchase after assurances that the company would sell off some its plant assets, which includes a manufacturing plant as well as they need to transfer some intellectual property to the new division being put on the auction block. The final purchase will take place after Western Digital sells the necessary assets.

So basically we went from 4 to 2 hard drive manufacturers in under a year. This can only mean that competition will diminish and prices will go up even further. The floods earlier this year already caused manufacturing issues and created shortages of hard drives. This will only compound the problem.

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