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A round-up of the very best smartphones of 2013

As 2013 draws to an end, now is the time to look back on the last 12 months and take a closer look at the highlights of the year. For technology fans, this year has been a great one for the smartphone, which has developed even further than many would have believed possible.

Let’s take a look at the very best smartphones of 2013, before we start looking ahead to next year’s new releases.

1. LG G2. LG has outdone the competition with the G2, which boasts high-end features, great performance and exceptional style. The best and most surprising thing about the LG G2, however, is its very affordable price.

2. iPhone 5s. The iPhone 5s offers everything from speed, a big screen, a lightweight design, amazing high-tech features and jaw-dropping photos and videos. There isn’t much more you could want, except perhaps a couple of hundred knocking off its sizeable price-tag.

3. Samsung Galaxy S4. It may be a bit pricy, but it is hard to beat the Galaxy S4 when it comes to exceptional performance and hardware. It’s an all-round amazing device, one which is not only available on 4G networks but also works with a pay as you go sim card.

4. HTC One X+. If you liked the HTC One, you’ll be blown away with the newer version, which boasts extended battery life and a newer version of Android.

5. Huawei Ascend P6. This device is often mentioned by technology fans as one of the most beautifully designed smartphones around. It offers value for money, has great cameras and a customisable interface, and could only really be improved with 4G access and NFC.

6. Nokia Lumia 720. Like the Nokia Lumia 625, the Lumia 720 is a fantastic mid-range smartphone which makes the very most of Windows Phone 8. If you want good, reliable performance and a well-balanced device, all for a reasonable price, the 720 is the phone to go for.

7. iPhone 5c. Although some have argued that there was no need for the 5c, as it is simply a brighter, funkier version of the hugely popular 5s, there’s no denying that this handset is a really great device (as is the 5s) with the added bonus of being more fun and much more colourful.

My Top Three Android Games

I do realize there a tremendous amount of games both free and games you have to pay for out there for the Android. I also realize that a lot of them are really good. So how can I pick just three? Well, it wasn’t easy, but I settled on the three I play the most: Angry Birds, Words with Friends, and SongPop.

Let’s start with Angry Birds. When I say Angry Birds I mean all the different versions together. I myself play five – Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, and Angry Birds Star Wars. That is also the order in which I downloaded and started playing them. There are some I haven’t tried yet. I like some more than others but still it’s hard to put in order of preferably. The games can be quite challenging. You need a fair understanding of Physics as they take into account gravity, trajectory, and propulsion. You use a sling shot to propel different shaped and colored birds at obstacles in order to take out the evil pigs. Each different bird has a different “power”. In Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, and Angry Birds Seasons you have simply gravity, trajectory, and propulsion to take into account. However, Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars they actually involve the weightlessness of space and the effect of planetary gravitational fields. It can become quite tricky to complete the puzzles with the amount of birds allotted. You sometimes have to play it multiple times to figure out how to use the allotted birds in the right spot to successfully take out the pigs.

Words with Friends, on the other hand, is basically Scrabble. I assume they could not use the name, scrabble, without stepping on Hasbro’s toes. With this game you play against any other player. You can play against more than one person or even multiple games with the same person. (But each game is just two players). I probably have about 10 different games going at one time. The other players can be from other droids, Facebook apps, or even iPad, anyone on the game’s network. You can play against friends or random players. When you challenge someone or accept a challenge you receive a standard Scrabble – type board and seven letters. Place the letters on the board creating words. Each letter has a different point value and the boards also have places where you receive double letter value, triple letter value, double word value or triple word value. The player with the highest point total after all tiles has been used or there are no more turns WINS!

SongPop is more a Trivia game. I think of it as “Name That Tune” for the Android. You challenge a friend or, again, a random player on the game’s network. You chose a music genre and the game will time you on your responses to a music snippet. You may be asked the songs title or the Artist. Your speed and accuracy is pitted against your opponent’s. Even though you may have gotten more songs or artists correct, you may still lose if your opponent was quicker answering the ones they got correct than you were. It can be a very exciting game, and who knows you might just surprise yourself with the music you remember. There is also a chance for you to totally space and guess the wrong one even though you knew it or hitting the wrong button. So be carefully when playing, but remember, don’t take too much time. I have lost by one point before, which is basically the difference of tenths of a second’s difference!

Why Do People Own More Than One Phone?

Today, a phone has become so much more than a device that allows us to phone and text people. The Smartphone of today’s generation is a gadget that has become part of most people’s daily lives and has the ability to pretty much everything apart from make you a coffee.

Whether it’s a sat nav you are looking for, a bar code scanner, or a social management tool, your phone will be able to help you out.

So why do people still hang on to a second phone? You would think that a pioneering phone such as the iPhone or Galaxy S would give people enough confidence to let go of their old phones, right?

Well, the team at decided to find out the answer to this question by running a survey that consisted of 2,000 people, to find out just why they hang onto second phones.

The survey results were pretty close, apart from one choice which stood above the others. This choice was:

  • So I have a spare phone in case my current phone breaks

This answer alone accounted for 52% of the total votes.

Does this show us that even though phones are becoming far superior, that they are prone to breaking down, losing battery etc?

The second choice:

  • I’m too lazy to get rid of it

This answer was the second most popular choice, and accounted for 19% of the votes, and shows us that British people tend to just sit on their phones as they don’t want the hassle of having to try and sell the phone on auction sites, to friends, or mobile phone trad-in sites.

The third choice, which was close behind with 18% of the votes:

  • I don’t know what else to do with it

Even though mobile phone trade in sites are increasing in popularity, due to various TV advertisements and media campaigns that have been run across the country, we are still seeing a lot of the population not knowing what to do with their old phones.

Most people know they can’t throw them in the trash, so what else is left to do with them? Pop them in a drawer or up in the attic to gather dust.

Other choices in the survey consisted of:

  • I can’t let go of old gadgets
  • I don’t know how to wipe data from the device
  • I don’t know where I put my old phone(s)
  • It’s a company phone I was given but I have changed jobs now

This shows that there are a broad range of reasons to why people still hang on to one or two spare phones, even though they probably own a top of the range phone as there main phone. Whether it comes down to the fact that battery life is a problem, they are scared of losing their primary phone, or just prefer to have a back-up, every person has their own reasons in doing so.

Do you currently own a second mobile phone, if so do you reasons differ from the ones that we have mentioned above?

We would like to thank Craig Timmins for helping gather information and stats that have been used in this article. Craig currently works for the mobile trade-in comparison company, SellMyMobile.

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