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iPhone 5 – What to expect?

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It comes without saying that the new iPhone is loved by millions globally. It is safe to assume that the numerous owners of past generation iPhones are greatly anticipating the release of the iPhone 5.

iOS 6:

Even before the launch of iPhone 5, Apple released iOS 6 Beta with vastly improved features and taking SIRI to the next level. iOS 6 beta 2 has fixed some major bugs that were present in beta 1. Industry experts say that once iOS 6 is complete and ready for launch, it will be launched along with iPhone 5.

iPhone Hardware:

Since tying up with LiquidMetal, experts are anticipating a complete makeover of the appearance of the iPhone. LiquidMetal made a breakthrough sometime back when they developed a metal alloy that can molded in to single complete piece. So in iPhone 5 we can expect a single skeleton as opposed to many metal parts providing it a streamlined appearance.


Battery life has never been the strength of iPhones, however experts feel that Apple might come up with a superior battery (though there might not be a change in the battery type). The sleeker phone might as well help to increase the battery life further.

Screen and Resolution:

iPhones never tried to compete with mobiles with larger screens, and it is unknown if there will be an increase in the screens dimensions, but many fee that it will be slightly larger in iPhone 5. With the tie up with LiquidMetal and opting for a new skeleton they might as well go for an edge screen. With so many complaints about cracked screens and busted screens Apple is trying to greatly increase the strength of the screen, so you can expect a complete makeover of the screen and especially the screen strength.

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iPhone Apps That Feature Outrageous Daily Deals

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These days every penny counts wen it comes to finding the best deals. Here are some great apps to help you save big while you shop, travel, or just browse for something new. These free apps are certainly going to save you money.


Groupon features activities and services at incredibly low prices. Most recently, they’ve included a “Goods” section that features different products that have also received temporary price cuts. You can save a lot Groupon. My most recent purchase was Nickelback tickets for 60% off. Groupon customer support also generally responds within 24 hours when you email them. They listen and do everything in their power to meet your needs. I’ve contacted them after having problems with a Groupon, and they refunded me. So if you’re not satisfied, they will help you.

Living Social

Living Social is one of Groupon’s competitors. I do like Living Social just as much, but I’ve never actually had to contact customer service for any specific needs. They feature specials that include the activities and events just like Groupon. Living Social even features select products too. One interesting trait of Living Social is that they have an “Adventures” section where they host different adventures for Living Socials to partake in together. This can include camping, wine tasting, or even white water rafting.

Seize the Deal

Seize the Deal is a competitor of Groupon and Living Social. Although the market for Seize the Deal is much smaller than its two competitors. Seize the Deal generally features a handful of deals a time, opposed to Groupon and Living Social that have pages of deals. Again, a deal is a deal, so take advantage of what Seize the Deal has to offer.


Avid cellphone users will love this application. App-o-Day provides users with free apps that normally cost money. It generally features games, so if you love trying the latest games this is a must-have application. You’ll never run out of entertainment if you continue to download from the app each day.

Pulse Deal of the Day

This Pulse app features deals on select products. Generally these are the “as seen on TV” type deals, but you can find some neat stuff on the application. An interesting part of the app is the “Call to buy” option so you can directly call the company to purchase your item. This is great for people who are not comfortable making purchases through the internet on their phone.

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Get Dropbox Beta and Get 4.5GB of space free

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Dropbox provides 2GB of free storage with its new signups as a free incentive to check out their services and features. If you would like some more space from Dropbox then get their beta software. Dropbox is offering to beta testers 4.5GB of data storage. The beta testing software update will provide you with 500MB of free space when you hit the automatic upload option, then 500MB more each time you hit the limit up to 4.5GB more total.


Lenovo X130e Notebook for the Budget Minded

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Lenovo’s ThinkPad X130e is a budget notebook which is being targeted at students. High demand caused shortages, but you can get yours at your favorite retailer or on Lenovo’s website.

The Lenovo ThinkPad X130e has an 11.6” 1366×768 display, and you will be able to choose from either an AMD E300 or E450 APU with AMD Radeon HD graphics. They also feature 4GB of DDR3 RAM (up to 8GB), 320GB or 500GB of internal storage, 2x USB 2.0 ports, HDMI and Bluetooth 2.0, a webcam, battery life of up to 8.5 hours. Sounds pretty good for a starting price of $429.

Best Android Game Apps for 2012

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If you have an Android smartphone, there are lots of great apps available in the Android Market. If you want to have some fun, there are thousands of unique and entertaining games for you to download. Here are some of the best Android game apps for 2012.


Mortal Combat 3: Fallen Nation

This is probably the best first-person shooter game around. It costs $6.99, and it’s entirely worth it. The graphics are amazingly clear and detailed. As the hero of this game, you’ll fight in “an apocalyptic battle for the freedom of the United States.” There are 13 missions to complete around the world. Engage in various different battle types, such as helicopter, drone and 4×4, and use many different realistic weapons. This is an action-packed game, and you can also play multiplayer games with up to 12 people.


Uno Free

The beloved, classic card game of Uno is available for your smartphone with this free app. You can challenge yourself in an individual tournament, or you can play versus friends and family over you Wi-Fi network. The online multiplayer mode is great for some competitive action. You can also customize rules and play different versions of the game. Perfect for Uno lovers everywhere, and who isn’t one?


Drag Racing

This free app is packed with features that every racing fan will love. You can drive more than 50 different cars, and you can upgrade and customize each one for top performance. Upgrades include nitrous and adjusting gear rations. There are lots of different races you can enter to try and win some cash or just take the top spot. You can race online and challenge other players live, or just play an individual game and defeat the bosses. The graphics on this game are top-notch.


Cut the Rope

This app costs $0.99, and it’s incredibly addicting. The goal is to feed the adorable Om Nom, a little green creature, all the candy he wants by cutting the ropes that hold it. Along the way, you have to be careful to avoid enemies and obstacles blocking your path. Also, try to collect as many stars and break as many bubbles as possible. You won’t be able to put it down until you beat every level – then do it again.


3D Bowling

This very realistic bowling game makes great use of 3D graphics. It’s free to download, and its simplicity makes it so appealing. Use your touch screen to send you ball down the lane in five different scenes, and see how close to a perfect game you can get. It will keep track of your scores and statistics over time.


Gem Miner: Dig Deeper

While the graphics on this game are incredibly simple and not very impressive, the game play is worth the $1.99 you’ll spend on it. You’ll dig through mines, block-by-block, and send your miner exploring underground. Every mine is different because they’re randomly generated, and there are four difficulty levels to choose from. As you dig, you’ll uncover treasures. Challenges like falling rocks also await you, so you’ll need to find enough money to buy essential gear like supports, ladders and torches.

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