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6 Techie Toys To Get You Through The Winter Months

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It seems like the entire country falls into a crisis whenever we receive anything more than a light dusting of snow. But if you are feeling miserable as a result of the travel disruptions and freezing conditions, put aside those winter blues and use the cold weather as an excuse to try out some of the latest technological innovations that are designed especially for use in adverse weather conditions.


1. USB Powered Warming Blanket

Sitting at a desk working away in sub-zero conditions is no fun at all. So keep yourself warm by investing in a USB heating blanket. Available from many online stores, a USB blanket can be plugged into the USB socket on your computer and then hung over your shoulders, where it will continue to keep you warm all day.

In fact, there are a whole range of heating products available that plug into your USB socket including cup warmers, warming seats and more, so see what you can find to winter proof your workstation.

2. Gloves for Touchscreens

It’s not easy taking out your smartphone or tablet and using it on the go when you have thick winter gloves on. That’s why you may want to invest in a pair of gloves designed especially for use with touchscreens. There are many such gloves out there to choose from, such as those from Agloves, and most of them make use of a conductive material in the fingertips to make controlling your touch devices a lot less problematic.

3. Speaker Hat

If you like to listen to music on the way to work, keep your ears and head warm at the same time by investing in a hat with built-in speakers. Again, there are a few models to choose from, but all of them allow you to listen to your music without having to sort out your earphones, making them an ideal winter accessory.

4. Waterproof Smartphone

If you are planning to whip out your smartphone in the snow or winter rain, you may want to think twice before doing so because not many smartphones are designed to be water resistant. That’s not a problem with the Sony Xperia Z, however, which can be submerged in water for up to half an hour. That means you can use it without any worries whatever the weather, and you can even take it into the shower with you when you get back home.

5. Portable Charger

When the snow starts falling, the chances of getting stranded in your car or on a train go up considerably. Despite the obvious frustrations when this happens, as long as you have your smartphone, tablet or laptop at least you will be able to stay in touch with other people and keep yourself entertained. But what if your batteries run out? This is when it makes sense to have a portable charger with you.

These battery packs, like the Veho Pebble Pro, are easy to carry around with you. They have a large battery inside and usually come with a number of adaptors, so you can use them to keep your other devices powered up until you are back on the move.

6. Youview Catch Up TV

Failing all else, the only sure fire way of keeping warm this winter is to stay indoors and sit out the cold snaps. Staying in is the new going out anyway don’t you know! YouView is the new digital TV recording and catch-up service being backed by Alan Sugar – it doesn’t require a costly monthly subscription and can record 100’s of hours of TV so you can snuggle up on the sofa and catch up on an entire season of Downton Abbey and wait for the snow to clear!.

Gadgets to Get You Through the Winter

The winter can be grim, but it is also the perfect time to try out the latest technological innovations. So try out some of the above gadgets and gizmos and banish the winter blues for good.

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5 Of The Coolest Solar Gadgets For 2013

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It might be a while until summer as of yet, but those warm, brighter days don’t be long arriving and with them all the fun of the sun.

Fortunately, with them comes a whole host of solar powered technology that will make even the least geeky gadget lover excitement. So, let’s take a look at some of the coolest solar powered tech.

Logitech Wireless Solar Powered Keyboard

The Logitech solar powered keyboard is a super slender 8mm offering that’s compatible with mobile devices such as tablets and phones via the powers of Bluetooth technology. There’s no need for a battery either and a full charge through the solar cell at the top will provide you around three months of battery life.

Solar Kindle

The e-reader that created the trend and still sells by the bulk load has received the power of Mother Nature to power its e-ink. This device from Solar Focus doubles as a cover for the screen and has a solar panel inside the casing to lap up the sun discreetly. It can also be used to power a reading light and works with Kindle 4and Touch versions.

Woods Solar Powered Tent

A solar powered tent you say, well more-so a tent with solar powered LED lighting inside. The EZ tent has a range of solar powered LED lights strung inside, all of which are connected to a panel on its outside that charges the lights within 6 hours. This provides two to four hours of night time lighting, plenty of time to get up at night and go for a pee so.

Goal Zero Sherpa 120 Kit

Laptop batteries are easily and quickly drained and this kit is the solution to that problem. The device runs at a high efficiency rate and can manage to charge a laptop battery to full charge within 5 hours. It can also be used with smart phones and manage to juice them up within 2-4 hours. It’s also surprisingly light at 6.5lbs, which considering it includes a panel, cables and power pack isn’t so bad. Once the pack is full it can hold 120Wh, enough to charge the average laptop twice or more.

Petal solar light

This cute device is a plant shaped solar light that charges up during the day and then emits its brightness at night in the form of light. It’s a very stylish and cool alternative to decorative lighting and you don’t even have to water it – perfect for students so.

Cormac Reynolds writes for and is a tech geek and lover of green technology and the advances it has made.

Why Gamers Loves 3D HDMI Cables And The Benefits They Offer

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What’s not to love about 3d hdmi cables? They are capable of transferring 3D content, Ethernet connections (which allows for an internet connection), audio signals, video signals, and other data signal transmissions, all through one single cable. This one cable allows for an Ethernet connection to be created through the HDMI Ethernet Channel, or HEC, which is contained in the cable itself. The HEC allows the devices connected to it to receive the same, uninterrupted 100 M bit/s Ethernet connection, providing the device(s) with a high speed internet connection.

High Speed

A high speed internet connection is one of the favorite features for gamers. Many gamers use a Wi-Fi connection to connect their game console to the internet for gaming purposes. Often times these users experience a connection interruption or serious lag time. Thanks to the 3d hdmi cables being used for transferring other data signals at the same time as an internet connection, the need for a Wi-Fi internet connection is no longer needed. This eliminates lag time and connection interruption that Wi-Fi users frequently experience.


Gamers also love the high-resolution capacity of these cables. 3d hdmi cables support a wide range of video formations, including: field alternative, frame alternative, line alternative, side-by-side half, side-by-side full, etc. It makes for crystal clear graphics throughout the gaming experience. Plus, these 3d hdmi cables are multi-functional, and can be used for a variety of other home entertainment devices as well. The 3d hdmi cables also allow for audio and video signal transfers to plasma television, HD projectors, and many other devices, which allows them to be used for other home entertainment purposes.

With the significant enhancement of video and audio, who wouldn’t love 3d hdmi cables? Gamers love how the 3 dimensional content takes gaming to the next level, while providing crystal clear images, and still allowing other data signals to be transmitted between devices.

Longevity And Maintainance

The longevity of the cables is astounding, with the proper care and maintenance. It is important for the user to check the connections regularly. The connections should be in place properly and securely. Plus they should be clear of any dust and debris. Allowing dust and debris to build up can cause the connection and signal transmissions to become stifled. One of the biggest care tips for any cable, not only 3d hdmi cables, is to be sure they are not in a location where they can be walked on.

Technology and gaming are two things Matthew Boley loves writing and blogging about.  3d hdmi cables are favored by gamers for their 3D capability, and loved by all.  This article explains the reasons why.  

The Best gadgets to be launched in 2013

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The year 2013 is certainly going to be a big year for the different gadgets. You will find a number of gadgets to be brought out by different brands before the gadget freaks. A wide range of technological innovations are expected the year 2013, hence consumers are most likely to have good time in the ongoing year. There are many cool gadgets, which are certainly going to hit this world. Let’s look at some of the best gadgets to be launched in the year of 2013.
Fujitsu Lifebook 2013
This gadget is certainly going to change the world of tablets and laptops, which is scheduled to be launched in current January end. Fujitsu Lifebook is a blend of different digital technologies into one unit. These include a cool camera, complete laptop features, calling features, etc. hence it is going to rock in every single department of different workplaces. Also, if you want to use two different devices like camera and laptop separately then you have a detachment option, which allows you to use these things apart. Also, this gadget can behave like a tablet, which carries a touch screen based keyboard. This device also acts like a cellular phone apart from being called as other machines, thus you could even make video calls using this gadget Lifebook.

BlackBerry 10
This device runs on a most powerful operating system, which is inspired by the QNX technology. This newly introduced operating system is revamped completely and comes up with a new smart keyboard known as BlackBerry Hub, which works via intuitive swipe gesture. You can expect this device with dual core processor having touch screen interface with QWERTY keyboard by this month end of 2013.

Google Project Glass
This is a unique gadget from Google, which would replace your smartphone or any tablet to a great extent especially when you are searching out for some information. The Google Glass will help you in seeing all your desired information over the field of view via an augmented reality and head mounted display. For the users, who use glasses (specs), they can fit this device with the prescription lenses.

Basic Band
You must have heard a lot about heart rate monitor and pedometers, but in the year 2013, you would expect more advance kind of gadgets with so many features. It is known as Basis Band, which is basically a monitor simply designed like a wrist watch. This small device on your wrist helps in monitoring the human body in the best way. It helps in tracking your heart rate, the amount of calories burnt in your daily life, checking your blood pressure rate, your sleeping patterns and other physical activities. This health gadget would be called as one of the most incredible creation of 2013 in health sector, which is expected to hit the world in next few months.

Xbox 720
It’s a high end console from Microsoft, which works on motion detection technology, helps in displaying the augmented technology three dimensional images over the wall, which would demand the user to wear 3D glasses backed by the Wi-Fi. It will also come with a Blu Ray drive. As per the reports, Xbox 720 is more likely to hit the world in autumn 2013.

Final word
The year 2013 is good in terms of technological gadgets, which had been in the media discussions since the past year 2012. The above list of 2013 gadgets is just a few in a wide range of gadgets and devices, which are likely to be seen in the current year.

About The Author: Alia is a writer/blogger. She loves writing travelling and reading books. She contributes for

Top 3 Christmas Present Gadgets

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Some people might like to get a knitted sweater off their grandmother or even a pair of socks from your sister. As a gadget guy I have a huge love for gadgets and anything that make things that little bit easier. With Christmas fast approaching it doesn’t leave much time for you to go and buy these great gadget but you will have to endure the Christmas rush in the shops and stand in line for hours but it will all be worth it in the end when you are holding your beloved Christmas gadget.

This year has been a huge leap forward for all types of new technologies and gadgets. In the last 2 months we have seen huge advances by all the big names such as Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Google & Wii in the gaming industry. With all the big new products announced it is time to choose which ones you prefer. Here are my top 3 Christmas present gadgets.

#3 Nintendo Wii U

The Wii U launched on November 30th and it is the first next-generation console from the big three. Nintendo are known for their family fun and the Wii U is guaranteed to provide hours of multiplayer fun for all the family. I was doing the rounds visiting my cousins’ to drop over presents and they had one of these and I have to say it really was easy to use and I had great fun. The great thing about the Wii U is that it is HD and it has on demand app like Netflix and YouTube and they even supply the new call of duty game ready to play on launch.

The best feature for children and families is that children can play mini games while the parents are watching TV.

As everyone knows safety is important for Nintendo and they even provide lanyard strap for the Wii U to prevent any injuries during play.

#2 Nike Fuel Band
This smart gadget by Nike is perfect for those fitness freaks in the family or those who make the new years resolution to loose weight. This might be the inspiration they need to keep going and stick to their new years resolution. It is a stylish wristband and has a built in accelerometer, which can help you track every step you take whilst toting up how many steps you have taken and calories burnt throughout the day.

Your exercise is counted as fuel points, which can unlock content through a smartphone app, and you can also share your hard work with your friends through social networks. It also shows the time on the display.

Note: Only compatible with iPhone.

#1 Google Nexus 7

I have used both the Ipad Mini and the Google Nexus 7 and I prefer the nexus for a few different reasons.
1. I like to watch TV and Movies on my tablet and this fantastic HD display is great for just that.
2. Another hobby of mine is gaming and the Nexus has a quad core processor, which makes it a games console in its own right.
3. The quality of work and overall usability you get for a fraction of the price of the Ipad mini.
4. The 16 GB datacard version is now the same price as what the 8 GB used to be.
5. Price, Price, Price! Everything comes down to price for me.
6. With the Nexus you certainly get a lot of bang for your buck!

I hope these 3 Christmas gifts will be in loved ones stocking this year. Happy Christmas.

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