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Which Are The Top 5 Mobile Games To Look Forward To In 2013?

The new year has rolled in, and what that means for gamers is that more new games will be hitting the market. For many, this is a mixed blessing. These days, game quality can vary greatly, even within the same game publishing house.

What does that mean? It means that a company that makes some great games can also make some huge stinkers. And since you work hard for your money, you no doubt want to avoid wasting any of your money on the titles that will become this year’s biggest disappointments.

This year, the mobile gaming community is set to expand. Mobile gaming has been growing tirelessly, and ceaselessly. This year, we expect it to make a huge splash. In fact, there are five huge titles coming to mobile gaming that we are expecting to wind up draining the pool of all its water.

Game Number One: BADLAND

If you played Limbo, you know how much a simple design and some great aesthetic choices, not to mention a focus on gameplay, can do for a small time game. BADLAND is made by the same people who put out Limbo, and it is expected to make just as big of an impact on the mobile market as Limbo did on the Xbox Live Arcade Market.

With BADLAND, you get the same creepy, eerie and dark feeling of Limbo. But what you get combined with this is a whole new story and all new sets of challenges. BADLAND aims to take all of what made Limbo great and trim off some of the fat (though we can not see how there could be said to be any fat at all on Limbo).

This is a game that is going to have a huge impact on the mobile gaming community. Expect BADLAND to be huge, expect it to be huger than huge; expect it to be so big that it will make all the developers out there stop and think for a moment about how fun game mechanics still do matter, and how pointing a gun and shooting a bad guy is not all a video game is meant to do.

Game Number Two: YEAR WALK

YEAR WALK is by the people who brought us the cutesy little game “Beat Sneak Bandit.” But this year, the developers responsible for that game have announced that they want to change things up. They, like the creators of Limbo, want to make something that the big names in gaming are afraid to touch with a ten foot pole; something entirely new.

YEAR WALK is going to be a game all bout folklore, and some very creepy creatures. From the trailers available, this looks like a game that could possibly wind up vying for the best of 2013 in the category of mobile gaming (a category most gaming awards shows need to stop looking down on and cater to).

YEAR WALK takes place in the 1800s, in Sweden, and while we do not want to give too much away (after all, what fun would that be) the game is definitely shaping up to be something hugely unique.


With the sneak peeks of INFINITY BLADE: DUNGEONS out there looking so much like what Diablo III should have been (sorry, is that still a sore spot?), INFINITY BLADE: DUNGEONS could not help but make our list of the Top Mobile Games to Look Forward to in 2013.

INFINITY BLADE: DUNGEONS is a hack and slash that is going to be available for tablets devices exclusively. The reason for this? INFINITY BLADE: DUNGEONS is currently boasting some of the best looking graphics we have ever seen for any mobile gaming platform.

Taking full advantage of the iOS, INFINITY BLADE: DUNGEONS is a beautiful game that looks much like World of War Craft, or even War Craft III (remember how good that game was?), but with some great updates to models and textures. For the coming year, we are definitely keeping our eyes on this game, as it looks like it could also vie for the top of 2013 mobile gaming position.

Game Number Four: Wild Blood HD

Okay, so this one is a bit of a cheat seeing as it came out in January, but still, Wild Blood HD is a game to look forward to if you have not experienced it yet!

Wild Blood HD is quite possibly one of the best looking mobile games out there to date. It looks absolutely beautiful. What makes it such a cutting edge and innovative game is that it is the first mobile game to make use of the famed Unreal Engine.

Using the Unreal Engine to make games for mobile devices is a big risk, and with Wild Blood HD, it totally paid off, as every single detail in this RPG game looks beautiful.

Game Number Five: Heroes of Order & Chaos HD

Okay, so this one is a cheat as well; Heroes of Order & Chaos HD already came out this month. But this game is huge, as it takes the Defense of the Ancients style game play (also known as DOTA), popularized by the hugely successful and innovative War Craft III, and puts it on a mobile device.

Heroes of Order & Chaos HD is much like the Heroes of Newerth, and if you know that game and have ever wished you could take it with you when you leave home, then Heroes of Order & Chaos HD is the perfect game for you to buy.

It has beautiful graphics which look surprisingly organic and smooth on mobile devices, and so far, there have been relatively few bugs to surface, which for a modern day game is a very good sign that the developers took their time and wrote the game code the exact right way the first time around, meaning you won’t be wasting your cash. 

Sam Williams is a freelance writer who writes on a wide range of topics, and in his spare time loves playing computer games, his favorite game genre being racing games.

5 Projects That Make You Want To Be Better At Electronics

If you’ve ever wished you were better at electronics, things are about to get worse. What follows are five purely awesome DIY projects built with basic hand tools, some solder wire, and a few electronic components.

Air Guitar

Why play Guitar Hero when you can rock out with a genuine micro-processor controlled, 9V battery-powered air guitar that you’ve built yourself? Designed after a right-handed guitar, the left-hand glove changes between four notes and a stick held in the right hand activates strumming. The distance between the glove and the stick determines the pitch of the note – allowing you to play real songs!

The author bears no responsibility if you take it to Wal-Mart and join in when they play Journey.

Defusable Clock

How cool would it be to build an alarm clock that looks just like the dynamite bundles that we always see in movies? It’s not just a regular alarm clock though; this is one that really does force you to wake up properly. Just hitting snooze doesn’t work with this one.

  • A microcontroller to program the clock and effects
  • A detonation sequence with a 10 second countdown timer
  • Four randomly assigned defusable wires: two are dummy wires, one stops the timer, and the last detonates the bomb immediately!
  • Alarm and Snooze functions
  • Setting that makes alarm function as a countdown timer which requires defusing

Requires some basic hand tools and a $30 kit which contains all necessary components. The fake dynamite bundle is not included in the kit and must be made on your own.

Don’t be stupid with this though – It’s an alarm clock, so it sits by your bed, don’t take it out in public, people will not have a sense of humour about it and you risk putting yourself in real danger.

Mind Control Nerf-Gun

The weapon of evil geniuses everywhere is here: the mind-controlled Nerf gun. This one requires that you’ve already modified your Nerf Stampede gun so that you have external power (rather than the 6 heavy ‘D’ cells) and some way of firing other than the trigger.   You also are going to need an Arduino microcontroller have “Auto-fire Mindbullets” Arduino software. Other parts required are a modified Nerf Stampede and an expensive NeuroSky Mindset headband.  The Arduino is there to take the input from the headband and get the gun to fire and you’re going to need to get out the wire strippers and digital multimeter and some time to put it all together.  This is a fairly complicated build, the adaptations to the gun alone will be at least 2 hours for an expert and a full day for a rookie and with a price tag of $330, the mind-controlled Nerf gun doesn’t come cheap – but taking over the world rarely does.

Warning: I’m not kidding about this; this project really isn’t for rookies.

Mindbullets (Chris Meyer) / CC BY-SA 3.0

Botanical Twitterers

Finally, those of you cursed with a brown thumb can rejoice! The DIY Twitter kit from Botanicalls monitors the moisture level in your houseplants. When your plant needs watering, it sends you a Tweet to let you know it’s thirsty. After you water it, the plant will send you another Tweet saying thanks, telling you to water it more, or even to stop!

The Botanicals kit is well documented and I didn’t find it difficult to set everything up.  If you’ve already got through the Mind-control Nerf gun project, you’ll have no problems here.

Required equipment:  solder wire and iron, extra hands, computer with ZTerm or HyperTerminal, Arduino, and Twitter account.

Spatialized Umbrella – No Rain Needed!

The Spatialized Umbrella plays raindrop sound samples and flashes LEDs around the umbrella, increasing in speed the closer you are to an object. If you get close enough to any object, a “lightning strike sequence” is triggered and white LEDs flash at the top of the umbrella. The best part of this gadget is that even though you don’t need rain, it’s safe to use when the rain is real.

This is another project that needs some skill with a soldering iron and experience wiring up breadboards.  There are some soldering accessories that you can get to make detailed jobs a little easier.  I swear by my little flux pen, if you’re trying to avoid large blobs of solder (especially when you need to cram parts on a small board) it’s invaluable.

So whether you’re getting tweets from houseplants or zapping people with a mind-controlled gun, any of these projects will make you wish you were better at electronics.

Written by:

Christopher Parkinson’s interest in electronics stem from an early age, I remember watching my father using a multimeter to test my Scaletrix which had stopped working.  At that time this was the most fantastic thing I had ever seen bear in mind I was 6 and so very easily impressed.  I went on to study microprocessor design theory before working for a company repairing mobile phones.

Top 6 PlayStation 3 Games for Christmas 2012

Are you still waiting for the Christmas 2012? The wait for Christmas holidays is over. Everybody must have planned something for spending the holidays. The youth along with the children are planning to enjoy this Christmas festival holidays by playing lot of PlayStation games. The simple one word solution for gaming and entertainment in 2012 is PlayStation 3. It has its own follower crowd which made PlayStation 3 list among top gadgets of 2012. PlayStation 3 became more popular with its popular feature ‘HD system with blue ray player’ which has given movie quality gaming experience. These followers are eagerly waiting for this Christmas to enjoy various new and popular games on PlayStation 3. There are many games being loved to play by PlayStation 3 users which are very hard to rank among them. Here are top 6 games which will be proved a good option for PlayStation 3 lovers.

1. Uncharted 3:Drake’s Deception

After success of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is launched for PlayStation 3. The concept story of the game is quite interesting. Nathan Drake, the fortune hunter treks Arabian Desert where he has to bid for survival for terrible challenges with fear.So you can experience the thrill of Uncharted 3 with PlayStation 3.

2. Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is also one of the good options to play on PlayStation 3. Here you can enjoy memorable 3D experience with gaming. After Fallout 2, Fallout 3 is having a brand new story along with 3D graphics. It is the story of United States of America in 2277 in which real time combat is included unlike the previous games. So here also you can experience an excellent graphics with gaming.

3. Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City is an action packed adventure game for PlayStation 3 which is widely being liked by the game lovers. The game is full of dangerous consequences Batman adventures. The combat features of this game are also quite more interesting unlike previous versions. Cat woman is one interesting and playable character in this game. So for all Batman lovers, this game will be a treat for the Christmas.

4. Portal 2

After Portal 1 being listed as ‘Game of the year’ in 2007 there were many expectations from Portal 2 by the followers. Portal 2 successfully satisfied all those expectations of its followers. The basic theme of this game is weapon science and physics challenges. Visuals and Dialogues are some of the highlighted features of this game. So, one can consider it as the first preference on PlayStation 3.

5. Rayman Origins
One can remember the classic Rayman after 15 years with this game. Rayman, with the help of his best friend Globax and two Teensies help the fairy council to get back the Glade’s Peace at their home. Color graphics is of awesome quality in this game which can be supposed to be a highlighted feature of this game. So you can try this comic game also for a change of taste.

6. Grand Theft Auto 4

Again, a favorite option is ready with its new version with new adventures. Recreation of Liberal City with Portray war is the theme of this game. All player movements, features and war strategies are like previous versions but with a brand new theme.

So enjoy happy gaming experience with all these games with PlayStation 3 in this Christmas season.

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