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Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

An erasable notebook that you can use to input your information into Evernote or Google Drive.

About the Product
Introducing the world’s first smart, microwave-to-erase-and-reuse notebook
Download the Rocketbook app for android or iOS
Blast your notes to Google docs, Dropbox, iCloud, Evernote, Box and email
Pop your Rocketbook wave in the microwave to erase and reuse your notebook up to 5 times

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4 Great Smart Home Gadgets Under $200

4 Great Smart Home Gadgets Under $200

By Tim Smith


There are plenty of products on the market that can help your home run smarter and more efficiently. Unfortunately, those products have typically come with a pretty steep price tag. The good news is that more and more smart home gadgets are being introduced to the marketplace at an affordable price point, promising real benefits to energy usage and security. Here are the top ones that you can find for under $200.


Quirky Tripper


Via Digital Trends


Quirky’s products are known for innovation, and their Tripper window and door sensors are no exception. These slim-profile sensors, sold in a two-pack for $50, can be installed on doors, windows, pantries or medicine cabinets. When used with a Wink Hub, which Quirky sells for $50, the sensors will send an alert directly to your phone whenever a door or window opens or shuts.














For the ultimate monitoring of your home, turn to Piper, a home security system with motion and sound detection, a 105-decibel intruder deterrent siren, and fully customizable security modes. The webcam runs on AA batteries and can detect changes in light, sound and motion while also monitoring temperature and humidity. The device can send alerts through text messages, emails, and phone calls. It can also be linked to the wide array of Z-Wave home automation accessories. All this for a cool $199.




Belkin WeMo


Via Engadget


Belkin’s WeMo LED Lighting Starter Set uses special bulbs that you can access and control from anywhere. The set sells for $99.99 which includes two Smart LED bulbs and a WeMo link which can connect to up to 50 bulbs. The bulbs cast a light similar to a traditional 60-watt incandescent, but they only consume 10 watts of energy while consuming very little heat. With the free WeMo app, you can create custom schedules for the lighting in your home, either individually or by room. You can even dim the lights in the room directly from your smartphone, or use the sleep feature to gradually dim the lights as you prepare for sleep until they’re completely off.






Forget the peephole, the DoorBot lets you not only see who is at your front door, but communicate with them as well. The $199.99 DoorBot is a WiFi-enabled video doorbell that interfaces with your smartphone or tablet to let you see and chat with your visitor, whether you’re in your living room or in another country. It even has night vision for around-the-clock coverage. The DoorBot can be integrated with Lockitron, allowing you to unlock your door remotely.
















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Sliding Shelf Versus Fixed Shelf: Which Is Right For Your Server Rack?

The IT tech guy is knocking on your office door again, asking when the new server racks will arrive. You assure him that the racks are on the way, while secretly doing a keyword search on your computer. In all the hustle and bustle of running the company, you haven’t ordered the racks. Even worse, you are confused over which racks to get. Should you buy the ones with the fixed shelves or the sliding shelves?

Fixed Shelves And Sliding Shelves For Racks

2 Post Rack Shelf - 21" Heavy DutyThere are numerous benefits to both a fixed shelf and a sliding shelf to your server rack. To understand the benefits, you need to understand the differences between the two shelves.

Fixed Shelf: Also called a stationary shelf or flat shelf, fixed shelves are secured to all 4 rails inside a 4-post rack. Fixed shelves are not designed to be moved as they can hold varying weights from the standard 150 lbs up to 300 lbs. A fixed shelf will usually take up less than 1U (1.75″) of space inside the rack. Heavy duty fixed shelves will take up a full 1U of space. Adjustable shelves and ventilated fixed shelves are also available.

Sliding Shelf: Just as the name implies, a sliding shelf mounts to the 4 posts inside the server rack as you can pull the shelf partly out. Some sliding shelves are designed to hold keyboards that fit inside the rack. There are also rotating sliding shelves when the IT technician wants to rotate the keyboard. Sliding shelves can hold 50 lbs up to 150 lbs of weight.

Which Shelf Is Right For Your Rack?

You can have a server rack with both sliding shelves and fixed shelves to hold equipment. The type of shelf you will need will be based on the type of equipment in the rack and where the shelf is placed. For equipment you won’t move often, such as a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) system, a fixed shelf works fine. Server equipment that may need repaired or upgraded should be placed on sliding shelves as the IT technician simply pulls it out for easy access. 

Light Duty, Sliding, Seismic, Transport Shelf w/ CMAYou may also want to take into consideration the type of rack you use. If you have server racks with no side panels, then fixed shelves may work best as the equipment can be accessed from the side. For fully enclosed server racks, sliding shelves will allow access to equipment inside. Sliding shelves are also convenient when you have equipment that cannot be mounted in the rack, such as monitors and keyboards.
Sliding shelves should be placed within arms reach to prevent IT technicians from straining to reach equipment up high or standing on shaky ladders. Consider using a fixed shelf for any equipment that will be placed at a height above the head of the IT technician.

Get Both Fixed Shelves And Sliding Shelves For Your Rack

Sit down with your IT technician and find out which shelves would work best for the rack equipment. With the technician’s information, purchase the shelf that will allow them to have an easier time completing their work for your company.

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