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Robot Training

How do you teach a robot? Georgia Tech’s Center for Robotics & Intelligent Machines (RIM) are trying to identify the kind of questions that a robot is capable of asking in an interactive learning environment. Skynet is coming.

Maya Cakmak, a Ph.D. student at the School of Interactive Computing doesn’t think that humans are good teachers of robots. He says, “People are not so good at teaching robots because they don’t understand the robots’ learning mechanism.

We are trying to give robots human characteristics so that humans can interact with them better.

Would you like some cereal with that robot?

Romeo Robot Not that Kind of Romeo

Aldebaran Robotics – have been working on a robot project called Romeo. The Romeo robot is a humanoid robot designed to be an assistant for people suffering from loss of mobility. Romeo can help with tasks like opening and closing doors, taking something out of the oven, walking stairs, grabbing a bottle or a bunch of keys.

See the video below. He really doesn’t show any of his abilities other than waving and talking.

Pictures of Romeo Robot:

Control an AR.Drone with Microsoft Surface Video

Looks all Scifi controlling an AR Drone with the Microsoft Surface. All you need is a $7600 Microsoft Surface and $300 for a Drone as well as some nifty software that is not available yet. See video below.

Microsoft Surface and Flying Drone

Microsoft Surface

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