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PALRO Fujitsu Personal Concierge Robot

Fujisoft’s PALRO robot the personal concierge has a female voice with voice recognition, can take pictures and send them to your phone or computer and can also read you the weather. The robot is powered by an Atom Z530 processor with 4GB flash storage running on Ubuntu.

The PALRO is available for educational and research institutions for about $3,600.

Robot Plays Tennis

Robot plays tennis with guys help. Pretty cool video of man making motions that allow robot to mimic his movements.

Japan Loves their Giant Robots

Kobe’s Wakamatsu Park is going to build their very own life-sized Tetsujin (also known as Gigantor). Gigantor will be 60 feet tall and weigh 50 tons. Tetsujin will be on permanent display starting in October.


See the Video Here of the Construction.


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