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Homegrown Batmobile

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This Batmobile replica was hand built by sculptor Bob Causey and it is actually drivable. This batmobile features a full-interior, retractable hard top, and three LCD displays.


Video Here


Huge 103″ TV From BeoVision

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The BeoVision 103″ TV will be available in July for around $136,000 US dollars. BeoVision uses a Panasonic Plasma screen and they added an automatic rising stand and the VisionClear technology that automatically adjusts colors and brightness.

Checkout the Video Here:


2 New LG LCDs with Bluetooth Wireless

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2 New Xcanvas LCDs from LG in Korea with Bluetooth Wireless Support. LG in Korea announced 2 new LCDS from the Xcanvas LH70 Series with a 47” (40.9mm thick) and 42” (39.7mm thick). Both LCDs feature a nice 10000:1 contrast ratio with a 120Hz panel (2ms).



LG in Korea announced 2 new LCDS from the Xcanvas LH70 Series with a 47” (40.9mm thick) and 42” (39.7mm thick). Both LCDs feature a nice 10000:1 contrast ratio with a 120Hz panel (2ms).

The most interesting features on these LCDs are their Bluetooth support. The Bluetooth enables you to not only connect a Bluetooth headphone to your TV, but also your mobile phone or PC to stream both Video and Photo directly to it.

The TVs also features a USB port letting you plug an external HDD in order to play any video stores in it.


Bring Hulu back to Boxee

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Hulu has blocked Boxee from accessing their content, but you can use this plug-in to get around that.
XBMC has already put together a quick plug-in to bring Hulu back to both XBMC and Boxee. A Team developer called d4rk at XBMC has created a plug-in to the Hulu plug-in which does some fancy decrypting to get Hulu working on Boxee and XBMC.

Hulu Plugin for XBMC [XBMC Community Forums]
How To View Hulu In Boxee [Boxee Forum]

Three 82″ LCD HDTV Monitors, Your Paying The Price For These

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These are some seriously large TV sets. I had a 61″ DLP TV for a while, but it wouldn’t fit into the spot of the house I moved into, so I had to downsize. If your pockets are very deep you can afford one of these. Your paying for cutting edge tech here.


Honeywell MT-HWGWT8218AM

Price: No Word on Pricing Yet

Size: 82 Inches
Resolution: 1920-x1080
Physical Size: 79.6 x 52.9 x 17.9 inches
Contrast: 120000:1
Brightness: 600 cd/m2 brightness level
HDMI Ports: 3
Component: 2
Composite, S-Video connectors, as well as SPDIF (Optical and Coaxial) input s., audio stereo input (3.5mm), a simple audio input (RCA), an audio output (5.1 Audio), plus a USB connector (Passive)
Warranty:1 Year Limited Warranty on Honeywell’s Site, HD Guru says 5 Year Warranty


Samsung 820DXn

Price: Around $50,000 street price


*  Screen Size : 82″
* Contrast Ratio : 1200:1 (DC 5000:1)
* Native Resolution : 1920 x 1080
* Dimensions (WxHxD) : 75.4” x 48.4” x 19.7”
Warranty: Check the site N/A



Price: Around $54,000 street price

NEC Specifications:

Viewable Image Size         82″
Brightness         600 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio         2000:1
Viewing Angle         178º Vert. 178º Hor. 89ºU/89ºD/89ºL/89ºR
Response Time         8ms G-t-G
Input Connectors         DVI-I, Composite RCA (2), S-Video, Component BNC, HDMI, Audio (4)
Native Resolution         1920 x 1080
Net Weight (with stand)
Net Weight (without stand)         319.7 lbs (374.8 lbs – LCD8205-P)
Warranty         3 years parts and labor, including backlight

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