My Top Three Android Games

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I do realize there a tremendous amount of games both free and games you have to pay for out there for the Android. I also realize that a lot of them are really good. So how can I pick just three? Well, it wasn’t easy, but I settled on the three I play the most: Angry Birds, Words with Friends, and SongPop.

Let’s start with Angry Birds. When I say Angry Birds I mean all the different versions together. I myself play five – Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, and Angry Birds Star Wars. That is also the order in which I downloaded and started playing them. There are some I haven’t tried yet. I like some more than others but still it’s hard to put in order of preferably. The games can be quite challenging. You need a fair understanding of Physics as they take into account gravity, trajectory, and propulsion. You use a sling shot to propel different shaped and colored birds at obstacles in order to take out the evil pigs. Each different bird has a different “power”. In Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, and Angry Birds Seasons you have simply gravity, trajectory, and propulsion to take into account. However, Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars they actually involve the weightlessness of space and the effect of planetary gravitational fields. It can become quite tricky to complete the puzzles with the amount of birds allotted. You sometimes have to play it multiple times to figure out how to use the allotted birds in the right spot to successfully take out the pigs.

Words with Friends, on the other hand, is basically Scrabble. I assume they could not use the name, scrabble, without stepping on Hasbro’s toes. With this game you play against any other player. You can play against more than one person or even multiple games with the same person. (But each game is just two players). I probably have about 10 different games going at one time. The other players can be from other droids, Facebook apps, or even iPad, anyone on the game’s network. You can play against friends or random players. When you challenge someone or accept a challenge you receive a standard Scrabble – type board and seven letters. Place the letters on the board creating words. Each letter has a different point value and the boards also have places where you receive double letter value, triple letter value, double word value or triple word value. The player with the highest point total after all tiles has been used or there are no more turns WINS!

SongPop is more a Trivia game. I think of it as “Name That Tune” for the Android. You challenge a friend or, again, a random player on the game’s network. You chose a music genre and the game will time you on your responses to a music snippet. You may be asked the songs title or the Artist. Your speed and accuracy is pitted against your opponent’s. Even though you may have gotten more songs or artists correct, you may still lose if your opponent was quicker answering the ones they got correct than you were. It can be a very exciting game, and who knows you might just surprise yourself with the music you remember. There is also a chance for you to totally space and guess the wrong one even though you knew it or hitting the wrong button. So be carefully when playing, but remember, don’t take too much time. I have lost by one point before, which is basically the difference of tenths of a second’s difference!

Why Do People Own More Than One Phone?

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Today, a phone has become so much more than a device that allows us to phone and text people. The Smartphone of today’s generation is a gadget that has become part of most people’s daily lives and has the ability to pretty much everything apart from make you a coffee.

Whether it’s a sat nav you are looking for, a bar code scanner, or a social management tool, your phone will be able to help you out.

So why do people still hang on to a second phone? You would think that a pioneering phone such as the iPhone or Galaxy S would give people enough confidence to let go of their old phones, right?

Well, the team at decided to find out the answer to this question by running a survey that consisted of 2,000 people, to find out just why they hang onto second phones.

The survey results were pretty close, apart from one choice which stood above the others. This choice was:

  • So I have a spare phone in case my current phone breaks

This answer alone accounted for 52% of the total votes.

Does this show us that even though phones are becoming far superior, that they are prone to breaking down, losing battery etc?

The second choice:

  • I’m too lazy to get rid of it

This answer was the second most popular choice, and accounted for 19% of the votes, and shows us that British people tend to just sit on their phones as they don’t want the hassle of having to try and sell the phone on auction sites, to friends, or mobile phone trad-in sites.

The third choice, which was close behind with 18% of the votes:

  • I don’t know what else to do with it

Even though mobile phone trade in sites are increasing in popularity, due to various TV advertisements and media campaigns that have been run across the country, we are still seeing a lot of the population not knowing what to do with their old phones.

Most people know they can’t throw them in the trash, so what else is left to do with them? Pop them in a drawer or up in the attic to gather dust.

Other choices in the survey consisted of:

  • I can’t let go of old gadgets
  • I don’t know how to wipe data from the device
  • I don’t know where I put my old phone(s)
  • It’s a company phone I was given but I have changed jobs now

This shows that there are a broad range of reasons to why people still hang on to one or two spare phones, even though they probably own a top of the range phone as there main phone. Whether it comes down to the fact that battery life is a problem, they are scared of losing their primary phone, or just prefer to have a back-up, every person has their own reasons in doing so.

Do you currently own a second mobile phone, if so do you reasons differ from the ones that we have mentioned above?

We would like to thank Craig Timmins for helping gather information and stats that have been used in this article. Craig currently works for the mobile trade-in comparison company, SellMyMobile.

5 Crazy Ways We’re Going To Be Communicating In The Future

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What do you do when you want to find out about something? You probably jump on your laptop and search for it on the Internet. You might sit down and watch the news on your massive television, or you could even take your fancy mobile phone out of your pocket and call a friend. We rely on technology when we want to communicate these days. Even paperback books are becoming extinct as eBook readers slowly take over the world.

Do you remember when you were a child and you wanted to see if your friend was coming out to play? You would have to walk around to their house and knock on the door. Did you try to make a telephone out of two empty tins and a long piece of string? We’ve come a long way and it’s only going to get more exciting as we get older. If you’re wondering about some of the ways you might be communicating in the future we can take a look at some crazy ideas.

Lifelike holograms

You need to imagine that you’re sitting in your office and someone tells you it’s time to speak to a room full of people in China. It’s a bit late to jump on an airplane and fly there in person, but you don’t need to. All you need to do is wear a suit and speak like you normally would. Everyone in China will feel like you’re actually there because they will be looking at a lifelike hologram. It will be a great way to conduct business and you won’t need to go away for a few days.


Sooner or later we will be able to speak to someone just by thinking what we want to say. We already have prosthetic limbs that can be moved using the power of our thoughts. One day in the future we will have a chip implanted in our brain and when we think of something it will be sent to the person you’re trying to communicate with. Maybe it’s not real telepathy because we have to use technology, but it’s real enough and it will change the world.

Virtual reality

I bet you’ve been listening to stories about virtual reality since you were a small child. Will we be able to put a mask on and be transported to another world? It will happen and there will be so many things we could do with it. Our children won’t need to go to school because they could sit in their bedroom and be transported to a virtual classroom. Google are paving the way with their augmented reality glasses which should be ready very soon.

3-D display computers

It’s not going to be long until we won’t need to sit in front of a flat screen when we browse the Internet. Computer displays will eventually become three-dimensional and we can pick and choose things with our hands instead of having to control a mouse. If they’re going to become available for computers you can guarantee it won’t be long until they are also available for smartphones. It’s going to be one exciting future.

Speech to speech translation

When you are in a completely different country it’s hard to get around because of the language barrier. Can you imagine walking into a restaurant and being able to order anything you want? You might not have to wait much longer because you will eventually be able to understand other languages without speaking them. You just need to wear a gadget that listens to what someone is telling you and it will translate the words into your own language.

Are you ready for the future?

I’m sure you will agree that the future is going to be special. Is there any special futuristic technology you would like to see? What is your favorite one we’ve talked about today?

Author of this post, Alan Wilkins; works for Georgia telecom. Communication technology, is his subject of interest and has researched about the same for many years. He likes to blog about various technological issues and has come up with a gem in the form of this article.

10 Features You Can Use for Google Glass

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Google has been recently developed a hands-free wearable smart device called Google Glass. Google Glass is really a new advanced device that has the ability perform any mobile task even without moving your hands. It is wearable device for user.

Watch Your Health with Google Glass
Google Glass is very beneficial for tracking your health where ever you are, anytime of day. This device has special medical feature that allow you to know your present body temperature, allergic symptoms, blood pressure and some other general health matters.

Bone Conduction Transducer in Google Glass
Usually, bone conduction generates the sound transmission through the bones in your skull going through the inner ears. Due to bone conduction transducer, human voice sounds unusual when it was recorded. Google Glass that will be able to eliminate the usage of regular headphones for communicating.

Technical Specifications of Google Glass
Google Glass is capable of taking 5MP shooter pictures together with autofocus feature. As well it has the ability to offer high resolution display of 25-inch HD screen even in a distance of 8 feet. It is featured with 16GB flash memory and 12GB of this will be coordinated with the storage of Google Cloud.

Video Calling & Picture Taking with Google Glass
You only need to speak loud the word “Google Glass” and it can record videos and capture pictures. There’s no need to touch the device to capture images. Simply amazing! The recorded videos and captured images will directly save to the 4GB flash memory. As well this device will allow the user to share photos and videos through email and social sharing sites.

Person Identification
This feature is for those who have forgot the name of the person they have already met. Google Glass automatically provides the details of the person you have already met. From name to relationship status, it tells you everything in just a couple ticks. This could be very beneficial if you can’t remember people.

Google Maps in Google Glass
If you are a kind of person that utilizes Google most of the time then this feature is right for you. By wearing Google Glass you can Google everything in an easy manner. By walking somewhere down the road you can get to the specified destination by simply accessing the map through Google Glass.

Appointments and Calendar Feature
You can keep track of all your important appointments. You can set the calendar to appear on the lenses. You won’t need to check your smartphone for schedules.

Google Glass Responds to Voice Commands
The function of Google Glass is to provide almost all information you could need. Google Glass will show your SMS the moment it was sent to you. As well it notifies when there is email dropped at your inbox. And it’s pretty amazing because you can reply the sender through voice command. No need for typing a long messages.

Translate Language in Google Glass
This feature is very handy and very useful if you are traveling outside your country. Just ask your Google Glass for the language translation. Google Glass is able to translate a word, sentences, and phrases.

Google Now Integration
Google Glass was also integrated with digital voice assistance for search. The function is able to record your daily habits. From the kind of food you eat to everything you do in the office. As well it provides you alternate routes to avoid traffic, and update you occasionally about the weather conditions.

About the Author:
Stacy Carter is a tech writer, guest poster and blogger. She is a permanent writer of the site: Cell Phone Spy. Stacy loves writing news, reviews, updates and articles about technology, social media and internet marketing through online exposures.

Giving Your Tablet A Keyboard

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For many users touch screen typing is an awkward rather frustrating activity. Thankfully there is a growing range of keyboards available for use with tablets on the market. Microsoft recently launched its new Surface tablet which comes complete with two choices of keyboards that also function as covers. Offering the keyboard as part of the deal, Microsoft’s newest creation is aiming to compete with Apple’s iPad for dominance in the tablet market. We’ve had a look at some of the keyboards that are available.

Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad

The Logitech Tablet Keyboard for iPad is arguably the best for available for iPad owners. It is a compact unit which can connect with your iPad, iPod touch and iPhone wirelessly via Bluetooth, offering you a good level of remote connectivity. The individual keys are not too small and there is a good level of responsiveness when in use which can sometimes be a problem when using wireless technology. It comes equipped with a solid carrying case for your keyboard which doubles as a stand for your tablet, giving added versatility.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Keyboard Dock

This is a comfortable soft touch keyboard that features an integrated charging and media dock. The tablet sits neatly in the dock and makes the galaxy tab much easier to navigate, improving the user experience. The keyboard has extra keys that are very responsive and allow you to access key features on your tablet without any difficulty. This keyboard is a solid choice for anyone wanting to improve the usability of their Galaxy Tablet. 

Kensington KeyFolio Keyboard

Kensington have produced a range of keyboard cases for both iPad and android tablets. Flexible and easy to set up, the combination of the case and the keyboard gives a lot of versatility whilst providing your tablet with a durable case that protects the tablet from the wear of daily use. This wireless enabled keyboard features a reliable rechargeable battery and spill proof keys for any minor accidents you might have whilst out and about!

Lenovo Tablet Keyboard

Lenovo’s latest computer/tablet hybrid functions as an ultrabook that can tranform into a touchscreen tablet. It attempts to give users the best of both worlds, with the functionality of a laptop and the portable convenience of a tablet.  The keyboard is only accessible when in its laptop form which will cause problems for those of us who do not enjoy using touchscreen typing for tablets. The general versatility of the whole hybrid product does make up for this however, as if you are totally against typing to the touchscreen all you need to do is flip the screen over and say hello to your laptop again!

Thanks to Les from the Snugg for this post. Les loves all things mobile and contributes to a number of tech blogs. Check out the latest iPad keyboards by The Snugg at Amazon.

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