The Enduring Appeal of a Mac: Why Are These Computers So Popular?

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Apple brought out the first Mac computer in 1984, and since then these iconic computers have developed a growing following of enthusiastic fans. After using a Mac, many people decide that they would never going back to using a PC. But why are these computers so popular, and why are so many people prepared to pay higher prices for a Mac? Here are five of the most important reasons.
1. Build Quality
One of the things that has made Macs so popular over the years is the build quality. Many Mac owners will tell you that these machines are built to last. Apple takes its design very seriously, and above and beyond being beautiful products, Macs and MacBooks are seen as very tough. Of course, they don’t last forever, and if you find yourself saying “I need to sell my Mac and buy a new one”, it could be time to trade up for a new model. However, in general, you should not have to buy a new machine too frequently.
2. OS X
OS X is claimed by Apple to be the most advanced operating system in the world. It certainly has a huge appeal for Mac users, who love its simplicity of use combined with its powerful features. What’s even better, Apple regularly updates its OS, and it has recently started charging a very small price for an upgrade. So if you are still using Snow Leopard, it won’t cost that much to upgrade to Mountain Lion, and you can then enjoy a whole new OS without having to spend a fortune.
3. Secure
One of the most important benefits of a Mac is that it offers greater protection than devices running on Windows. Viruses targeting Macs are almost unheard of, and Apple claims that you do not need to invest in any antivirus software for your Mac as it will stay protected. This has been debated in recent years, but many Macs still run without using any antivirus software, which can help to save you money.
4. Seamless Integration
Because Apple designs both the hardware and the software, users get to enjoy all of the benefits that this seamless integration brings. Macs very rarely crash, and, as Apple likes to say, ‘everything just works’. Many users find this to be true, and it makes the whole experience of using a computer a lot more enjoyable.
5. User Friendly
Most Mac users would tell you that they find Apple’s way of doing things much more user friendly. When using a PC, sometimes it can be difficult to know how to solve a problem or even perform basic functions. However, with a Mac things are a lot more intuitive even if you have never used one before, making it a pleasure to use.

A Different Type of Personal Computer
Macs offer computer users with a very different experience compared to a PC, and despite being a more expensive option, Apple has a large and growing fan base for its computers. Even though tablets and smartphones are changing the way that people access computers, the Mac still has a long life ahead of it, and will be popular with fans all over the world for many years to come.

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Have you ever thought, “Now is the time to sell my Mac”? If so, Bradley Saunders has written widely on the topic of selling Macs and other gadgets online, and the information he provides may be of use.

5 Ways To Retrieve Data From A Crashed Hard Drive

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Some people store their entire life on a hard drive. They have photos of their young children, copies of their important documents, and everything else you could possibly think of. It’s safe to say they would be in trouble if anything bad was ever to happen. If you are one of those people who keep everything on the computer I really hope you have it backed up. Not only should it be backed up on an external hard drive, but also in the cloud where it’s even safer.

Even if you do try to back everything up in multiple places there is still a chance you don’t quite catch everything. Some things will only be on your regular hard drive and they might be really important. What will you do if you switch on your computer one morning and your hard drive crashes? You need the information back or you’ll be in trouble, so what do you do? There are some things that might work and we can take a look at them right now.

An external case

Maybe you could find a way to retrieve the files if you connected the hard drive to another computer. In order to do that you would need to take it out and put it into an external case which would connect to the other machine. It might have been something inside your old machine that corrupted the hard drive, but now that you’ve bypassed this your problem might be solved.

Data retrieval software

You can download software that promises to get your data back for you. Some people don’t like data retrieval software and they will tell you it’s unreliable, whereas others will tell you it’s great. Because it’s risky you should attempt to download a free version of the software instead of buying it. If the free version doesn’t work it will be up to you whether or not to try a paid version.

In the freezer

Take a freezer bag and put your hard drive inside it. Now put it in the freezer for 5-6 hours. I know you’re thinking I must be going crazy, but it can work. It’s meant to constrict the components long enough for you to retrieve your data, so make sure you do what you need to do before the hard drive thaws out. It will also work better if you put it in an external case.

A different operating system

Do you know how to use the Linux Live operating system? If you don’t know, use another computer and download it onto a disk. Go to the logistics page as soon as you put the CD in your broken computer and boot it up. Choose CD as the start-up system then save and exit. When the computer boots up it will now use the Linux system and you might be able to access your files.

Speak to a professional

If everything else fails you might need to go and see a professional. Just make sure the person you go and see knows what they are doing, because if they can’t retrieve your data it might be because they’re crap at their job and not because it’s lost forever. If you do find someone who can do the job properly it might cost you a lot of money, so make sure the data you want to retrieve is worth it.

Hope is not lost

How many people do you think just throw out their old computer when something goes wrong? They probably think there is no way to retrieve their data, so they don’t even try. Let us know what technique you used to finally recover yours.

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Carl Benson is a tech geek and a computer engineer by profession. He likes to keep a track of the latest technological developments and often reads tech magazines and journals. Data recovery is an issue, which he has harped upon in this post and suggests people to buy external drives inorder to meet the increasing demands of storage.

More Lawmakers Feel Censoring Social Media Doesn’t Work

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The law often has a difficult time keeping up with the pace of technology. One of the biggest challenges that lawmakers around the world have faced is trying to regulate and monitor social media. They have come up with a number of new regulations to promote censorship but most of those measures have failed. More lawmakers appear to be feeling that censoring social media is probably not a feasible approach.

Attempts to Censor Social Media

Lawmakers have proposed a number of different approaches to censor social media sites. Here are some of the laws that were created to censor social media over the last few years.


The Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) was introduced by the United States House of Representatives in 2011 to prevent copyright infringement. The new law would have prevented marketers from doing business with any website that violated copyright laws and would have ordered Internet Service Providers to block all access to sites that violated copyright laws.

The law was proposed to help protect the financial stability of the entertainment industry. Many people understood the concerns that the law created, but said that the bill created a number of other concerns that they needed to voice. Many libraries and other institutions were worried that the law would expose them to prosecution. A number of social media communities and online information portals blocked themselves out a couple of months later to protest the new legislation.

Lawmakers came to realize that the new measure probably wouldn’t work as they originally wrote it. They haven’t abandoned the legislation, but seem to feel that complete censorship wasn’t the best approach.

Saudi Arabia Efforts to Censor Social Media

The Saudi Arabia Telecommunications Authority has proposed a new bill that would allow them to censor social media. However, Prince bin Talal has recently protested the new legislation. He said that blocking social media is a “losing war” and the government will need to find a new approach.

The prince and many other supporters have protested these proposals. They said that social media is a powerful tool for citizens to make their voices heard and the government would be unwise to implement such measures. A number of rights groups have backed bin Talal and the potential law is losing support among other lawmakers as well.

Censorship in China

Government officials in China have been working diligently to censor social media. Many experts have accused government officials of trying to use censorship as a propaganda tool. However, recent articles have found that it has been largely ineffective. Kelly McParland of the National Postrecently published this article stating that many citizens are openly using social media to mock government officials. McParland has said that many people have felt that the government’s efforts are backfiring on them.

Governments Reevaluating How they Manage Social Media

Governments are trying to understand how to regulate social media. They are still trying to find out the best way to do so. They will continue to look for new ways to do so in the future, but are starting to realize that censorship may not be an approach that can work.

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About the author:Kalen is an Internet marketer who writes tips about social media aggregation and other topics for My Life. He feels that connecting social networks together can help people use their social media more effectively.

My Top Three Android Games

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I do realize there a tremendous amount of games both free and games you have to pay for out there for the Android. I also realize that a lot of them are really good. So how can I pick just three? Well, it wasn’t easy, but I settled on the three I play the most: Angry Birds, Words with Friends, and SongPop.

Let’s start with Angry Birds. When I say Angry Birds I mean all the different versions together. I myself play five – Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, and Angry Birds Star Wars. That is also the order in which I downloaded and started playing them. There are some I haven’t tried yet. I like some more than others but still it’s hard to put in order of preferably. The games can be quite challenging. You need a fair understanding of Physics as they take into account gravity, trajectory, and propulsion. You use a sling shot to propel different shaped and colored birds at obstacles in order to take out the evil pigs. Each different bird has a different “power”. In Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, and Angry Birds Seasons you have simply gravity, trajectory, and propulsion to take into account. However, Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars they actually involve the weightlessness of space and the effect of planetary gravitational fields. It can become quite tricky to complete the puzzles with the amount of birds allotted. You sometimes have to play it multiple times to figure out how to use the allotted birds in the right spot to successfully take out the pigs.

Words with Friends, on the other hand, is basically Scrabble. I assume they could not use the name, scrabble, without stepping on Hasbro’s toes. With this game you play against any other player. You can play against more than one person or even multiple games with the same person. (But each game is just two players). I probably have about 10 different games going at one time. The other players can be from other droids, Facebook apps, or even iPad, anyone on the game’s network. You can play against friends or random players. When you challenge someone or accept a challenge you receive a standard Scrabble – type board and seven letters. Place the letters on the board creating words. Each letter has a different point value and the boards also have places where you receive double letter value, triple letter value, double word value or triple word value. The player with the highest point total after all tiles has been used or there are no more turns WINS!

SongPop is more a Trivia game. I think of it as “Name That Tune” for the Android. You challenge a friend or, again, a random player on the game’s network. You chose a music genre and the game will time you on your responses to a music snippet. You may be asked the songs title or the Artist. Your speed and accuracy is pitted against your opponent’s. Even though you may have gotten more songs or artists correct, you may still lose if your opponent was quicker answering the ones they got correct than you were. It can be a very exciting game, and who knows you might just surprise yourself with the music you remember. There is also a chance for you to totally space and guess the wrong one even though you knew it or hitting the wrong button. So be carefully when playing, but remember, don’t take too much time. I have lost by one point before, which is basically the difference of tenths of a second’s difference!

Why Do People Own More Than One Phone?

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Today, a phone has become so much more than a device that allows us to phone and text people. The Smartphone of today’s generation is a gadget that has become part of most people’s daily lives and has the ability to pretty much everything apart from make you a coffee.

Whether it’s a sat nav you are looking for, a bar code scanner, or a social management tool, your phone will be able to help you out.

So why do people still hang on to a second phone? You would think that a pioneering phone such as the iPhone or Galaxy S would give people enough confidence to let go of their old phones, right?

Well, the team at decided to find out the answer to this question by running a survey that consisted of 2,000 people, to find out just why they hang onto second phones.

The survey results were pretty close, apart from one choice which stood above the others. This choice was:

  • So I have a spare phone in case my current phone breaks

This answer alone accounted for 52% of the total votes.

Does this show us that even though phones are becoming far superior, that they are prone to breaking down, losing battery etc?

The second choice:

  • I’m too lazy to get rid of it

This answer was the second most popular choice, and accounted for 19% of the votes, and shows us that British people tend to just sit on their phones as they don’t want the hassle of having to try and sell the phone on auction sites, to friends, or mobile phone trad-in sites.

The third choice, which was close behind with 18% of the votes:

  • I don’t know what else to do with it

Even though mobile phone trade in sites are increasing in popularity, due to various TV advertisements and media campaigns that have been run across the country, we are still seeing a lot of the population not knowing what to do with their old phones.

Most people know they can’t throw them in the trash, so what else is left to do with them? Pop them in a drawer or up in the attic to gather dust.

Other choices in the survey consisted of:

  • I can’t let go of old gadgets
  • I don’t know how to wipe data from the device
  • I don’t know where I put my old phone(s)
  • It’s a company phone I was given but I have changed jobs now

This shows that there are a broad range of reasons to why people still hang on to one or two spare phones, even though they probably own a top of the range phone as there main phone. Whether it comes down to the fact that battery life is a problem, they are scared of losing their primary phone, or just prefer to have a back-up, every person has their own reasons in doing so.

Do you currently own a second mobile phone, if so do you reasons differ from the ones that we have mentioned above?

We would like to thank Craig Timmins for helping gather information and stats that have been used in this article. Craig currently works for the mobile trade-in comparison company, SellMyMobile.

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