Why Gamers Loves 3D HDMI Cables And The Benefits They Offer

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What’s not to love about 3d hdmi cables? They are capable of transferring 3D content, Ethernet connections (which allows for an internet connection), audio signals, video signals, and other data signal transmissions, all through one single cable. This one cable allows for an Ethernet connection to be created through the HDMI Ethernet Channel, or HEC, which is contained in the cable itself. The HEC allows the devices connected to it to receive the same, uninterrupted 100 M bit/s Ethernet connection, providing the device(s) with a high speed internet connection.

High Speed

A high speed internet connection is one of the favorite features for gamers. Many gamers use a Wi-Fi connection to connect their game console to the internet for gaming purposes. Often times these users experience a connection interruption or serious lag time. Thanks to the 3d hdmi cables being used for transferring other data signals at the same time as an internet connection, the need for a Wi-Fi internet connection is no longer needed. This eliminates lag time and connection interruption that Wi-Fi users frequently experience.


Gamers also love the high-resolution capacity of these cables. 3d hdmi cables support a wide range of video formations, including: field alternative, frame alternative, line alternative, side-by-side half, side-by-side full, etc. It makes for crystal clear graphics throughout the gaming experience. Plus, these 3d hdmi cables are multi-functional, and can be used for a variety of other home entertainment devices as well. The 3d hdmi cables also allow for audio and video signal transfers to plasma television, HD projectors, and many other devices, which allows them to be used for other home entertainment purposes.

With the significant enhancement of video and audio, who wouldn’t love 3d hdmi cables? Gamers love how the 3 dimensional content takes gaming to the next level, while providing crystal clear images, and still allowing other data signals to be transmitted between devices.

Longevity And Maintainance

The longevity of the cables is astounding, with the proper care and maintenance. It is important for the user to check the connections regularly. The connections should be in place properly and securely. Plus they should be clear of any dust and debris. Allowing dust and debris to build up can cause the connection and signal transmissions to become stifled. One of the biggest care tips for any cable, not only 3d hdmi cables, is to be sure they are not in a location where they can be walked on.

Technology and gaming are two things Matthew Boley loves writing and blogging about.  3d hdmi cables are favored by gamers for their 3D capability, and loved by all.  This article explains the reasons why.  

Printer Care

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To start off this discussion, I would really want you to stand with me in agreement that your printer is a necessity. The best way to ensure that you get the best service from your printer is by taking good care of it and ensuring that you follow proper maintenance tips. Well, there are many printer brands in the market and you need to get information so that you can buy the best model for your needs.

When you invest in a printer, there are things you can do to ensure that it lasts for longer and produces good quality prints at all times. Remember, good printing service can only be achieved through proper care of the equipment. There are some simple tips that can ensure that you avoid replacing your printer and you get the printing production you need for a long time to come.

  • Regular printing

  • One of the best ways to ensure that your printer serves you well for a long time is by using it regularly. When you use the printer often, you will get good quality copies. Failure to use the printer for long periods will result in an interruption in the flow of ink and this leads to poor quality prints. To get good quality prints, ensure that the printer is used at least 2 to 3 times a week. However, you should avoid printing unnecessary work, or printing continuously as this can lead to wastage and you end up overworking the machine.

  • Best refill purchase

  • You also need to choose the best refill for your printer. It is usually a good idea to stick to the original ink to avoid damaging the printer. Poor quality inks will affect the quality of the prints that you get and can damage the hardware. The manufacturer will usually recommend the best ink to use with the printer model.

    For best results, you should use oil-based inks, which are better than water-based ones. You should not compromise your hardware in an attempt to get cheap refills. Remember that the printer is more valuable than the ink. Be careful when replacing the ink cartridge, and ensure that it is positioned correctly.

  • Clean the printer on a regular interval

  • You need to make sure that you clean the inside and outside of the printer regularly, to ensure durability. A small vacuum cleaner can clean the inside of the printer quite effectively. A dirty printer will affect the quality of the service you get. You should also ensure that the paper you use is free from dust or dirt.

    Cleaning the printer head will help to prevent clogging which leads to poor printing results. Occasionally using lubricants after cleaning the printer will ensure that the printer head moves smoothly and maintains its good condition for a long time.

  • Refill the ink properly

  • Make sure that your printer has ink at all times and do not attempt to use it if it is empty. Running out of ink can damage your printer. Carry out ink feed checks on a regular basis. This is especially important if you have a printer that is used several times in a day. If you are in the habit of running the printer without ink, you risk ending up with a broken printer head.

  • Be careful with the paper feed

  • You should never overload lots of paper in your printer, as this can cause jamming which will affect the paper feed and even damage the printer. You should also make sure that you use good quality paper and avoid printing on thick cards. Avoid using damaged paper or paper that has been in the printer for a long time. Always keep an eye on the printer when it is in use, to make sure that it is working properly.

    Remember, folks, it is very important to be careful about how you handle your printer. Proper care and maintenance will ensure that you get consistently good printing results; make use of the printer maintenance menu too as it will usually have a diagnostic tool that you can use to diagnose any problem with your printer. If you are still unsure about proper maintenance of the printer, try to browse your printer’s manufacturer’s website and discover helpful tips there.

    Shirley Templeton is a self proclaimed techno-geek. Her girlfriends are appalled by her habit of spending more on gadgets than on clothing, makeup and shoes. Visit her website to read her last post on canon cartridge.

    Geek Fitness

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    When most people hear the word geek, they automatically think of a person who sits inside playing computer and video games throughout the day. While geeks may enjoy their technology, they also have plenty of different techniques and methods for exercising and staying fit. Geeks can put their love of technology to good use when it comes to achieving fitness goals. For example, a geek who loves playing World of War Craft could easily begin to multitask by playing the game while riding on an exercise bike in the comfort and privacy of their home.

    There are also several video games that can keep these geeks on their feet. While some video games require hours of sitting and shooting, Just Dance 4, Techno Motion, and Dance Dance Revolution are all popular dance games that geeks cannot seem to get enough of. The good part about these games is they get people off of their feet, or off of their rear, and get them moving around.

    Source: Geek’s Guide to Fitness


    The Best gadgets to be launched in 2013

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    The year 2013 is certainly going to be a big year for the different gadgets. You will find a number of gadgets to be brought out by different brands before the gadget freaks. A wide range of technological innovations are expected the year 2013, hence consumers are most likely to have good time in the ongoing year. There are many cool gadgets, which are certainly going to hit this world. Let’s look at some of the best gadgets to be launched in the year of 2013.
    Fujitsu Lifebook 2013
    This gadget is certainly going to change the world of tablets and laptops, which is scheduled to be launched in current January end. Fujitsu Lifebook is a blend of different digital technologies into one unit. These include a cool camera, complete laptop features, calling features, etc. hence it is going to rock in every single department of different workplaces. Also, if you want to use two different devices like camera and laptop separately then you have a detachment option, which allows you to use these things apart. Also, this gadget can behave like a tablet, which carries a touch screen based keyboard. This device also acts like a cellular phone apart from being called as other machines, thus you could even make video calls using this gadget Lifebook.

    BlackBerry 10
    This device runs on a most powerful operating system, which is inspired by the QNX technology. This newly introduced operating system is revamped completely and comes up with a new smart keyboard known as BlackBerry Hub, which works via intuitive swipe gesture. You can expect this device with dual core processor having touch screen interface with QWERTY keyboard by this month end of 2013.

    Google Project Glass
    This is a unique gadget from Google, which would replace your smartphone or any tablet to a great extent especially when you are searching out for some information. The Google Glass will help you in seeing all your desired information over the field of view via an augmented reality and head mounted display. For the users, who use glasses (specs), they can fit this device with the prescription lenses.

    Basic Band
    You must have heard a lot about heart rate monitor and pedometers, but in the year 2013, you would expect more advance kind of gadgets with so many features. It is known as Basis Band, which is basically a monitor simply designed like a wrist watch. This small device on your wrist helps in monitoring the human body in the best way. It helps in tracking your heart rate, the amount of calories burnt in your daily life, checking your blood pressure rate, your sleeping patterns and other physical activities. This health gadget would be called as one of the most incredible creation of 2013 in health sector, which is expected to hit the world in next few months.

    Xbox 720
    It’s a high end console from Microsoft, which works on motion detection technology, helps in displaying the augmented technology three dimensional images over the wall, which would demand the user to wear 3D glasses backed by the Wi-Fi. It will also come with a Blu Ray drive. As per the reports, Xbox 720 is more likely to hit the world in autumn 2013.

    Final word
    The year 2013 is good in terms of technological gadgets, which had been in the media discussions since the past year 2012. The above list of 2013 gadgets is just a few in a wide range of gadgets and devices, which are likely to be seen in the current year.

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    Top 6 PlayStation 3 Games for Christmas 2012

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    Are you still waiting for the Christmas 2012? The wait for Christmas holidays is over. Everybody must have planned something for spending the holidays. The youth along with the children are planning to enjoy this Christmas festival holidays by playing lot of PlayStation games. The simple one word solution for gaming and entertainment in 2012 is PlayStation 3. It has its own follower crowd which made PlayStation 3 list among top gadgets of 2012. PlayStation 3 became more popular with its popular feature ‘HD system with blue ray player’ which has given movie quality gaming experience. These followers are eagerly waiting for this Christmas to enjoy various new and popular games on PlayStation 3. There are many games being loved to play by PlayStation 3 users which are very hard to rank among them. Here are top 6 games which will be proved a good option for PlayStation 3 lovers.

    1. Uncharted 3:Drake’s Deception

    After success of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is launched for PlayStation 3. The concept story of the game is quite interesting. Nathan Drake, the fortune hunter treks Arabian Desert where he has to bid for survival for terrible challenges with fear.So you can experience the thrill of Uncharted 3 with PlayStation 3.

    2. Fallout 3

    Fallout 3 is also one of the good options to play on PlayStation 3. Here you can enjoy memorable 3D experience with gaming. After Fallout 2, Fallout 3 is having a brand new story along with 3D graphics. It is the story of United States of America in 2277 in which real time combat is included unlike the previous games. So here also you can experience an excellent graphics with gaming.

    3. Batman: Arkham City

    Batman: Arkham City is an action packed adventure game for PlayStation 3 which is widely being liked by the game lovers. The game is full of dangerous consequences Batman adventures. The combat features of this game are also quite more interesting unlike previous versions. Cat woman is one interesting and playable character in this game. So for all Batman lovers, this game will be a treat for the Christmas.

    4. Portal 2

    After Portal 1 being listed as ‘Game of the year’ in 2007 there were many expectations from Portal 2 by the followers. Portal 2 successfully satisfied all those expectations of its followers. The basic theme of this game is weapon science and physics challenges. Visuals and Dialogues are some of the highlighted features of this game. So, one can consider it as the first preference on PlayStation 3.

    5. Rayman Origins
    One can remember the classic Rayman after 15 years with this game. Rayman, with the help of his best friend Globax and two Teensies help the fairy council to get back the Glade’s Peace at their home. Color graphics is of awesome quality in this game which can be supposed to be a highlighted feature of this game. So you can try this comic game also for a change of taste.

    6. Grand Theft Auto 4

    Again, a favorite option is ready with its new version with new adventures. Recreation of Liberal City with Portray war is the theme of this game. All player movements, features and war strategies are like previous versions but with a brand new theme.

    So enjoy happy gaming experience with all these games with PlayStation 3 in this Christmas season.

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