5 Apps To Help You With All Your Computer Woes

No matter how convenient our lives have become after the discovery of computers and laptops, at the end of the day, they still remain a complicated mass of electronics, and at times, can pretty much have a mind of their own. So, in such a scenario, it would make sense for you to try and understand its working, get to know tips and tricks to make it work efficiently, keep it protected from spyware, and keep sources ready to understand and fix prospective problems that could crop up. Listed below are five amazing android smart phone apps that’ll give you handy and instant access to tips, solutions, and software programs to fix your computer and make it run efficiently.

Computer Helper Free

Has your computer been playing up off late? Has your computer stopped working and you can’t surf the web for guidance or help? If yes, as the name of the app suggests, Computer Helper is here to help. Be it any query like the mouse not working, or the computer getting frozen, or the start button not showing up, or even more complex problems, Computer Helper will give you instructions on how to fix it. Submit your problem or query and get a free a response. The app also gives you access to basic computer information and lots of tips and tricks to make you PC function better.

Computer Repair Handbook

Computer Repair Handbook is a very efficient app when it comes to PC repairs and Computer problems. Essentially a computer repair guide designed by a certified computer technician, Computer Repair Handbook offers step by step guidelines on a variety of prospective computer issues such as getting rid of viruses, fixing windows errors, slow computer speed, startup problems, and so on. Moreover, it also lists and explains tools that you could use for PC antivirus, computer clean up, increasing speed, and for your PC drivers and hardware. Overall, the app is extremely informative, easy to understand, and a great way to fix your PC.

PC Error Fixer

PC Error Fixer is yet another comprehensive app available in the market, which has a simple interface and provides you with almost all information that you need to know about your PC and how to keep it running smoothly. Right from giving you your computer’s OS history, to software and hardware details, to troubleshooting and optimization programs, to games, tips and tricks to shield your computer from viruses and spyware, PC Error Fixer has a fix for almost any computer error. Besides, the best part about this app is its interface – simple, clutter-free and easy to use.

Computer Troubleshooter

Did your computer just get the nightmare blue screen? Does it refuse to start? Don’t panic, stay right whether you are, and check out this savior app – Computer Troubleshooter. Once again, a brilliant app which targets commonly faced computer problems by offering you professional help, tips and guidelines. The app comes with a stylish interface, divided into three systematic columns – fixes, tools, and tips, making it easy for you to navigate, depending on the kind of issues you might be facing.

Whack Your Computer 18+

Finally, if your computer gets the better of you, and if you have an uncontrollable urge of venting out your frustration, here is one crazy app you can try out. While facing computer problems, there comes a point when all you want to do is smash your computer into pieces or chuck it out of the window! No matter how tempting it may feel then, doing this for real might not be the best thing to do. So, why not do it in the virtual world instead? This app is the best way to release that mounting volcano inside you. Download this entertaining app and put your laptop out of its misery by smashing it with a hammer – virtually!

When not obsessing over gadgets, Jack William likes to keep up with the latest happenings in the world of software and technology. He works at TechSeek, a company that specializes in pc repairs in Melbourne . In his free time, he likes to blog about technology and applications.

5 Gadgets For Your Car You Just Have To Get!

Adding electronic gadgets to your vehicle can greatly enhance your driving experience. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to know which gadgets you should purchase. The list below is a good start when searching for gadgets to purchase for your car.

Kensington Proximo

If you are someone who routinely loses their car keys, the Kensington Proximo is a gadget you should consider picking up for your vehicle. This device is paired with an iOS smartphone and comes with a sensor fob you can attach to your keys. If you happen to misplace your keys, you can use the app on your phone to play a sound with the sensor fob to locate your keys. Also, the Kensington Proximo allows you to place a sensor in your vehicle that you can use to locate your car should you forget where it is parked.

Devium Dash

The Devium Dash is a device that is mounted on your dashboard and designed to hold any smartphone. The gadget then connects your phone to your car’s audio system, allowing you to play music files from your phone or access other apps. With Bluetooth connectivity as well, the Devium Dash allows for hands-free calling while your phone is charged the entire time it is plugged into the device.

Road Angel Gem

The Road Angel Gem is the perfect device for someone who has a nasty habit of getting speeding tickets. This device mounts onto your dashboard much like a GPS unit would but alerts you to upcoming speed cameras while simultaneously letting you know what the speed limit is for the section of the road you are currently traveling on. The Road Angel Gem will ensure that you are always obeying the posted speed limit while being warned of any potential speed traps up ahead.

GoPro HD Hero3

The GoPro HD Hero3 is a high tech digital camera that is used to create exciting looking films. With various adhesive mounts, the GoPro HD Hero3 can be attached to virtually any surface of your vehicle to capture breathtaking videos. If you are constantly going on adventures while on the road, having the GoPro HD Hero3 in place will help you record all of your movements while driving as well as the movements of other motorists.

Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics

This handheld device is plugged into your vehicle’s OBD 2 port and used to provide mechanical data that can be used to troubleshoot any issues your car may be having. Having this handy gadget in place can make it quite easy to diagnose a specific problem with your vehicle, enabling you to address the issue before it gets out of hand.

In addition to its diagnostic abilities, the Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics gadget serves several other purposes as well. One of the other features of this device is being able to remotely lock or unlock doors, check mileage and speed and even start the engine with the help of a smartphone. The device can also monitor the geographical locations a car has been driven, which is a great way for parents or employers to ensure their car is being driven responsibly and within the guidelines that they have set.

While vehicles are becoming more technologically advanced, adding additional gadgets to your vehicle can increase your enjoyment of a specific car. Purchasing the gadgets listed in this article will surely enable you to get more out of your current vehicle.

Sebastian Webb is a sucker for latest gadgets, even more so if they include driving. With the latest integration of technology, more importantly high speed Internet access with cars, we can see less and less difference bewteen car acessories and desktop computers.

Underwater Videography Has Come A Long Way

There used to be many problems encountered when trying to use a video camera underwater.  High pressure, low light, and huge cameras and battery packs were major issues to contend with.  Today’s cameras and camcorders allow for underwater filming with ease. 

Modern Technological Upgrades

Some major improvements include smaller cameras, larger, wider viewing screens, and rechargeable batteries.  Today you can add wide angle lenses and many different filters for color clarity, glare reduction, and overexposure reduction. 

Video Housings

Underwater housings are built to resist water pressure, often to the depth of around one hundred feet or so.  Be sure to note the difference between water housings and underwater housings.  Water housings are meant for only being splashed, or to survive being dropped in the water.  They are not for underwater use and most get that confused.

Understanding Lighting

Lighting and light conditions change underwater.  It is very helpful to have an understanding of how colors change and are effected by the color and depth of the water.  The farther wavelengths of light are from the sun, the more washed out the colors become.  Since reds and yellows are lost first, an extra hand held light will make your tropical fish and coral reefs more colorful and your videos more true to life. 


There are different types of filters that are available for shooting underwater videos.  There are ones for clear blue waters, and there are those for greener waters. 

Above Water Filming

Some filters, such as polarized ones, make wonderful additions when capturing images and colors above the waves.  Skiing, surfing, fishing, and boating all become more lifelike, with polarized filters.  They reduce glare and reflections.  They also provide exceptional color clarity and help to avoid overexposure.  Make sure you that do use a water proof filter though if you’re going to be skiing, because the water can ruin a camera that isn’t waterproof.


Today, it is easier than ever to film your snorkeling adventure and to capture the magnificent colors of tropical fish and beautiful coral reefs. You can video your next fishing excursion or whale watching tour.  If you and your buddies shoot each other coming down the mountain, ski’s flashing and spirits soaring, today’s modern cameras, filters, and lenses make the job a lot simpler.  Not to mention your family get togethers you can have, imagine the family photos you can take with this great photgraphy technology. 

My name is Nathen Steller and I can tell you that every time you adjust your wide angle lens, attach a GoPro filter, or recharge a battery, think of those that came before you.  Those that blazed a trail of trial and error and ingenuity that allows you to do what you love, and enjoy capturing it on video while doing it. 

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