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Malwarebytes for Android Phones available for Free

Security Audit

Identifies security vulnerabilities on the device, suggests remediation
Links seamlessly to Android Device Manager’s device location features so the device can be located, locked, or reset if it is lost or stolen
Application Manager

Identifies which applications are currently running
Identifies installed applications
Enables custom whitelisting of approved apps
Privacy Manager

Identifies every application’s access privileges in detail
Breaks down access privileges by category: Contacts, Identity Information, Simple Message Service (SMS), and Security Settings

Proactively scans applications and files for malware and spyware
Scans native memory and SD card
Identifies Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) for removal
Process Automation

Schedules automatic scans
Updates the protection database automatically
Color codes device health issues by severity automatically

Tech Specs
Version: 2.0
Supported Operating Systems: Android 2.3+
Languages Supported: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian


AVAST Browser Cleanup – Video

Cleanup your browsers with AVAST Browser Cleanup. Cleans up Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Reset your browsers and get rid of malware. I had a hard time getting rid of Tivoli malware. I tried Malwarebytes, Roguecleaner, ADWcleaner, Hitman Pro and JRT, none of them removed this particular version of Tivoli Malware so I tried AVAST Browser Cleanup and it worked. AVAST Browser Cleanup will also remove your extensions and plugins in Firefox. It also wants you to change your search engine provider for your browser to Yahoo or Bing, but not Google. Turn up the volume as I didn’t make it loud enough. I am going to use an online service called Auphonic to help with audio in the future.

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