You Don’t Pick Up Any Docks. Grab These Striking iPhone Docks!

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Haven’t you seen electronic equipment which holds phone in a stylish way? I personally got fascinated by one of these docks where phones’ rest on comfy and sure I got one at my office just soon. Okay. Once a while, I steal good ideas from my sister. So this time it was the dock. But it was good, most of my colleagues rounded near at the first glance itself, my dock where my iPhone finds itself happy right next to my palm. Being choosy pays, we get attention; or look at this case. I did spend time to get the one for me, not any ‘random picks’ came across some which are striking and indeed serves best. Okay, so I thought why not share it up here for those iPhone dock seekers! Obviously there are many manufacturers around, most of them flooding designs sometimes hard to choose the right ones from the pile. Here I bring you my best picks.

Have you observed people find it frustrating to undock their phone? ElevationDock strips off all your irritation with its new technology dock system. The dock is precisely engineered from solid aluminium and of course flaunts in exclusive finishes setting its foundation firm on quality standards. You don’t have to work with two hands while undocking. Undocking is just cool as it’s done breezy by low friction connection on the solid metal construction with flimsy rubber feet. So have doubts whether the dock affects the sound quality? ElevationDock makes iPhone sound great than when it’s just laid on desk as the FaceTime calls and speakerphone boost up phone’s acoustics. The dock fits the cord secure with its all-metal lightning adapter.

Sense+ iPhone Smoke Detector Dock
Got any idea by the name? Yes, the dock indeed alerts you of smoke. The perfect help solution at your workplace or home as it detects the presence of carbon-monoxide or any related smoke with its in-built smoke and carbon-monoxide gas detector. Sense+ dock sets off an alert in case of emergency on the connected iPhone Sense+ app. If there is no response the app could connect to emergency numbers 911 in U.S.

Belkin Charge+ Sync Dock
The iPhone 5 dock got built-in lightning connector, allowing perfect docking even when wrapped in a protective case. Belkin Charge+ Sync Dock provides hands-free charging and syncing even for iPod touch, iPod nano tagging it more of a compatible device. It comes in smooth painted aluminium finishing fitted with four-foot hardwire USB cable and works well with an existing power connection. Enjoy hands-free docking on Belkin Charge+ Sync Dock.

iHome iDL45
An awesome pick I say, iPhone-docking FM clock radio can offer you fresh musical start from your iDevice as the day breaks. You can tune it your favourite station too. What more exciting of this iPhone-docking system is, it got USB charging port which can be used for charging and even plugging any non-lightning built gadgets.

iPhone 5 Lightning Dock
Attractive hardwood furnished lightning dock would fit perfectly your iPhone 5 on the move. If you wish to go for a dock with no additional attachment, iPhone 5 Lightning Dock looks perfect for your desk or nightstand. Its compatible on a “caseless” iPhone or a case protected one. The lightning connector is neatly engineered inside the dock and works well as iPhone positions upright.

iLuv Aud 5
Okay so here’s the one I bought. Aud 5. I love this one much as music. iLuv brings to market Aud 5 which is serious of its acoustics. It got for me crystal clear output as everyone wants, on its full-range speakers and passive radiator. The dock system is quite eye catchy with its exquisite looks and touch controls attached on the top. iPhone neatly docks on the iLuv Aud 5 which is equipped with built-in lightning cord. This one is just comfy for my iPhone on my space.

Computer Tips: Format a Flash Drive

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When you are going to format your flash drive, then you should keep in your mind that your data file should be smaller and it can be stored in the flash drive well after formatting as well. Even, you have to decide how many file you will store in your flash drive. It is observed that the flash drive are available in the different sizes like 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB as well. Therefore, you have to manage your data files in this sized flash drive accordingly.

You should also keep in your mind that when you are recording your data in the flash drive, you should break a single big file into the different parts. Therefore, you will able to write in the flash drive at ease. One thing you should remember in your mind that you should always first quick formatting for your flash drive. After that, you can do the full format for the flash drive. This approach will guarantee the clean formatting of the flash drive. Actually, it will give a clean recording of your data in the flash drive.

Formatting process
Just keep in your mind that the formatting of a flash drive is an art. Therefore, you should understand it well. Rather, you have to learn the formatting skill and it cannot be learned in the quick succession as well. The reason is that nowadays, the computer operating systems are changing the format in the different ways. Therefore, the synchronization between the hardware and the software is very much distinguishable as well. Actually, you have to keep watch always on these developments at the regular interval. The well-known operating systems like Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, Linux, DOS and so many as well. Therefore, all these operating systems have a different formatting process.

Moreover, you have to learn it according to your needs. The reason is that if you do format your flash drive in the right direction, then your data will be record well in this way. You can do formatting the flash drive in the two ways. One is through PC and another is through the device in which the flash drive will be used. When you will format the flash drive, then you should maintain the rhythm like first quick format and then full format if require.

If you do format the full formatting your flash drive first, then it may stop formatting due to the irregular file reading in the computer. Rather, it happens due to the undisclosed internal mechanism of the software and hardware synchronization as well. After completing the formatting process, the removal of the flash drive from your computer is crucial. The reason is that if you remove the flash drive from the computer USB port without abiding the guideline, then it may damage your flash drive as well.

As far as the capacity is concerned, the flash drive with the larger capacity will take the long time for formatting as well. Therefore, you have to select the right formatting process accordingly. One thing you have to consider that if you are in hurry for formatting in the large capacity flash drive, then you have to do the quick formatting process.

File System
When you are starting to format your flash drive, then you should consider the file system of the formatting well. The reason is that it will make your flash drive more flexible for writing the data in it. Moreover, you will see that there are the different types of the file systems like NTFS, exFat and FAT32. In the most of the cases, you will follow the FAT32 system. The reason is that it will make your flash drive to work in the most of the computer operating systems. If you follow the NTFS system, then you will face some problems in some operating systems. Actually, this file system is widely used for the computer operating system installation as well. Therefore, you should always use the FAT32 for your flash drive.

Allocation unit size
The allocation unit size for the flash drive will give you the opportunity to make it more operable. Therefore, you should follow the 32KB level for your flash drive. The reason is that it will make your flash drive to write all the data you provide in all different computer operating systems as well.
Therefore, you should make use your flash drive in such a way that it can write the data in the right way and it can read in any computer or device as well.
About The Author: Andrea is a writer/blogger. She loves writing about technology, gadgets and social media. She contributes to hometone.

Digital: The New Future of Comic Books

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Times are changing, and as our world continues to go digital so do some of our favorite pastimes. With the creation of eReaders, it has become easy and convenient to carry your favorite novels, magazines and newspapers around in your pocket.

Now this ease of access is extending to the world of comic books. All of our favorite superheroes are now readily available at our fingertips. It’s an exciting advance in technology for those who find pleasure in a good graphic novel.

The digital comic book is no longer the future; it is the here and now and already widely available. Thanks to new and upcoming computer software, it is easier than ever before to take those colorful panels we know and love and provide them in a digital format for eReader distribution. Thanks to such advances, artists can take their work to places they never have before, and breathe new life into an industry recently revived by our human hunger for superhero movies.

Going digital not only inducts a wealth of new fans into the fold, it also allows for long time fans and collectors to experience comics in a new way. You no longer have to risk the wear and tear of your favorite print editions; you can now pick them up in the form of a tablet, laptop or even a smartphone and read them whenever and wherever you want. This allows your immaculate paper copies to stay pristine, while you still get the pleasure of enjoying them.

You can also experience new characters, story arcs and up and coming artists, which you may never have done before when shopping for traditional format comics. In many ways, the digital format is democratizing artistic output in all mediums, allowing underground authors and artists to publish and market their own work.

Because of the availability of the digital comic book, you can now also pick up books for free or relatively cheap. The lack of printing costs means that many new artists and writers can put volumes of their work up for people to experience for minimal costs, gaining them fans and allowing them do more with future work. You can even get an entire series of comics for free, which is sure to keep some people reading and asking for more.

Digital comic books, unlike their print counterparts, can be easily accessed anywhere through many different devices. These days you can use your computer, eReader, mp3 player and even your smartphone to access your digital libraries. You lose none of the integrity, as the art is just as sharp and resolute as it is in print, and you save money and time. No longer do you have to worry about spending top dollar in a store to get what you want out of a comic book.

Change is hard, but in some cases change works. This is one of those cases. Whether you are new to the world of comics, or someone who grew up pursuing other worlds through the eyes of superheroes, this is for you.

How To Make Your Living Room More Conducive To Working On Your Laptop

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One of the most reliable trends in technology is that everything gets smaller and more multifunctional. These days a smartphone is several times more powerful and more capable than even the largest computer was ten years ago, and more and more of us now carry incredibly advanced pieces of kit around with us wherever we go.

This has changed the way we work to a large degree. Not only has the web enabled us to start doing our work from the comfort of our own homes in many cases, but these smaller form-factors have even allowed us to move away from the desk. More often than ever before, we are likely to find ourselves sitting on the couch with a cup of tea and a tablet across our lap while we draw up schematics or fill out spreadsheets. Then when we finish work, we might even relax in the very same place on the very same device. We are liberated, and the line between work and relaxation is more blurred than it ever has been.

But for many of us this technology has moved too quickly for our lifestyles to catch up in other ways. We might spend a lot of time now working in the living room – but in many cases our living rooms won’t be designed with that in mind. The living room is still thought of as a place we go to watch TV and relax, so let’s take a look at how you can make it more conducive to working as well.


When working in the living room, one of the biggest problems we can often face is lighting. Living rooms are of course designed in most cases to feel light and spacious, but this can then create glare when we’re trying to peer at a reflective monitor on our laptop or tablet.

The solution is to make your lighting as adjustable as possible, so that the room can be used for both purposes. You can do this with a dimmer switch for instance, which will allow you to reduce the lighting as necessary, while blinds can similarly allow you to choose precisely how much light you want to let in from outside.


Another problem you can sometimes face when working in the living room, is trying to get comfortable when you’re working for long hours. This requires you to be able to support your back, while at the same time having a laptop balanced on your legs at a useful distance for typing. If you want to do this on a sofa, then look for wider sofas that will allow you to spread out more and lean into the corner more. If you hope to work in an arm chair, then a great addition is to add a footstool, or to look for a reclining chair so that you can have your legs up and stretched out in front of you – providing you with more ‘desk’ space and allowing you to feel more relaxed at the same time.

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are a fantastic addition to any living room – particularly if you want to use that living room for work occasionally. This way, you can work on your lap or on the small table as the mood takes you, but you will also be able to use the surface to stand cups of tea, or to spread out resources that you might need such as books or piles of notes.

Coffee tables are also useful for entertaining guests or relaxing for many of the same reasons – giving you somewhere to sit magazines, books and drinks that won’t be in the way of your eye-line.

Laptop Caddy

To facilitate your laptop work, it is possible to find caddies designed to let you rest your computer as well as a drink and/or any pens you might need.

A Table

While sitting at the couch is a great way to work, you will occasionally find that you need to sit upright if you’re going to get any serious work done. If you can add a table or even a folding table to your living room then, you will give yourself that option and also be able to occasionally eat more conveniently with a knife and fork.

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Susie Bradshaw, the author of this post, is an experienced interior decorator. She likes to share her creativity with others through her blogs. According to her, motorized window treatments in New York City has become a new trend and is widely used by decorators to give the house a new look.

Erase Data Permanently

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A few words about the author:
Written by Elena Pakhomova of, specializing in data recovery solutions for storage devices.

When you need to erase data irreversibly

You don’t want that someone inspects your data
There are situations when you need to erase data from a data storage device irreversibly. For example, you want to give away or sell your hard disk. Obviously, you don’t want someone else inspecting your data. In such cases it is not enough to just delete all folders and files because any data recovery software can easily restore all the data back.

To be sure that all the data is deleted irreversibly you can:

• first delete all old data, then write some useless data to fill the entire disk; movies, cartoons are ideal for this. Finally, you should check that the disk space is filled with new data.

• use complete format when formatting the device in Windows Vista/7. Actually, there is no a “complete format” button; to do a complete format you need to uncheck a “perform a quick format” checkbox. Note that if you apply a complete format under Windows XP, the data is still recoverable.

• take a special tool which is capable of erasing data from storage devices irreversibly. Sometimes such tools are also called low level format tools.
The third method is the most convenient and easy. You just download software to erase data, select a device, and start erasing. There are many tools to erase data off a drive irreversibly, both paid and free, for example Lowvel and HDD LLF.

Freshen up a second hand hard drive
When you are going to use a second hand disk, it is desirable that you do the low level format (zero fill) using special software before writing your own data on it. The point is that such tools write to each sector on the disk. Usually the tools write all zeros or all binary 1s, although there is no standard what to write and, frankly speaking, from the users’ point of view it doesn’t matter what “rubbish” will fill his or her disk.

When the tools write to each sector on the disk they help to detect bad sectors, forcing the disk to reallocate them, i.e. to replace bad sectors with “healthy” ones from a reserved pool.

When a low level format tool completes the format, you can look into the S.M.A.R.T. data and find out, say, that there are too many bad sectors on the disk and therefore it makes no sense to keep it. Alternatively, you can see that the disk is OK and it is safe to store your data on it. In S.M.A.R.T. data the value of 197 attribute (Current Pending Sector Count) must be zero. If you cannot achieve zero in this attribute even after several zero-fill runs, it would be better to replace the disk.

All in all, erasing of the disk with a low level format tool allows you to avoid some of the problems relating to data loss due to a disk failure in the future.

Improve performance on SSD

Solid State Drives (SSD) may or may not support a TRIM command forcing an SSD to erase unused data blocks in advance (old SSDs typically don’t). Additionally, it is often impossible to use TRIM on SSDs connected to RAID controllers.

Using TRIM improves SSD performance in terms of write speed because an SSD can write only to a blank block, that was never written to or that is already erased. If a block is not erased, then new data cannot be written to it until the block is erased.

If SSD does not support TRIM, its write speed will degrade since it will need to erase a block before to write user data. If there is a possibility, you should do low level format for such SSDs from time to time. Notable difference from the previous cases is that a low level format tool which is used to erase an SSD must fill the disk with zeros, not with something else.

It is interesting to note that zero filling can be applied not only to an SSD not capable of TRIM, but also to a TRIM-capable SSD working under an operating system that doesn’t support TRIM, like Windows XP.

How to erase data irreversibly using low level format software

1. Download and install low level format software. Take care not to install the software on a drive which you are going to “kill”.
2. Launch the software, specify the disk to erase.
3. Click the “Start” button. On this step you get the full information about the drive: model name, revision, names and sizes of the partitions it contains, filesystems used on the partitions and so on. Along with the information, you get a warning saying the data on the drive will be erased irreversibly. At this point you still can cancel data erasing by clicking the “Cancel” button.
4. Click “Erase”. The software will begin to overwrite the drive’s contents with zeros, showing the process of erasing on the disk map in real time.

Once the tool completes its work, the drive’s contents will be overwritten and no one, not even the FBI, can restore the previous data.

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