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My Top Three Android Games

I do realize there a tremendous amount of games both free and games you have to pay for out there for the Android. I also realize that a lot of them are really good. So how can I pick just three? Well, it wasn’t easy, but I settled on the three I play the most: Angry Birds, Words with Friends, and SongPop.

Let’s start with Angry Birds. When I say Angry Birds I mean all the different versions together. I myself play five – Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, and Angry Birds Star Wars. That is also the order in which I downloaded and started playing them. There are some I haven’t tried yet. I like some more than others but still it’s hard to put in order of preferably. The games can be quite challenging. You need a fair understanding of Physics as they take into account gravity, trajectory, and propulsion. You use a sling shot to propel different shaped and colored birds at obstacles in order to take out the evil pigs. Each different bird has a different “power”. In Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, and Angry Birds Seasons you have simply gravity, trajectory, and propulsion to take into account. However, Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars they actually involve the weightlessness of space and the effect of planetary gravitational fields. It can become quite tricky to complete the puzzles with the amount of birds allotted. You sometimes have to play it multiple times to figure out how to use the allotted birds in the right spot to successfully take out the pigs.

Words with Friends, on the other hand, is basically Scrabble. I assume they could not use the name, scrabble, without stepping on Hasbro’s toes. With this game you play against any other player. You can play against more than one person or even multiple games with the same person. (But each game is just two players). I probably have about 10 different games going at one time. The other players can be from other droids, Facebook apps, or even iPad, anyone on the game’s network. You can play against friends or random players. When you challenge someone or accept a challenge you receive a standard Scrabble – type board and seven letters. Place the letters on the board creating words. Each letter has a different point value and the boards also have places where you receive double letter value, triple letter value, double word value or triple word value. The player with the highest point total after all tiles has been used or there are no more turns WINS!

SongPop is more a Trivia game. I think of it as “Name That Tune” for the Android. You challenge a friend or, again, a random player on the game’s network. You chose a music genre and the game will time you on your responses to a music snippet. You may be asked the songs title or the Artist. Your speed and accuracy is pitted against your opponent’s. Even though you may have gotten more songs or artists correct, you may still lose if your opponent was quicker answering the ones they got correct than you were. It can be a very exciting game, and who knows you might just surprise yourself with the music you remember. There is also a chance for you to totally space and guess the wrong one even though you knew it or hitting the wrong button. So be carefully when playing, but remember, don’t take too much time. I have lost by one point before, which is basically the difference of tenths of a second’s difference!

Top 5 Puzzle Games For Android

If Android users weren’t already glued to their phones, they will be now. Game apps are constantly popping up, with more fun and exciting designs and developments to really make your noggin churn. The Android Market is blooming with teasers that will keep you addicted for hours, which can come in really handy when those awkward silences surface at your 10 year reunion (or any other less than thrilling moment). Read on gamers, and discover 5 tantalizing word puzzle games for Android.

  1. Bejeweled 2: The original and adored match-three-gems game, Bejeweled, has morphed into a more intense version. There are now three game modes from which to choose: Classic, Action, and Endless. The Classic mode allows you to play in the style users are already familiar with, where you match three or more similar gems to earn points; Action mode ups the ante with a timer; Endless mode is a never ending game of Bejeweled, perfect for a rainy day marathon in bed. Matching four or five gems rewards players with points; four gems of the same color explodes into another gem color and when matched with two other gems of that color, the surrounding gems are blasted and destroyed. Like we said, intense.
  2. Amazing Alex: From the creators of Angry Birds comes Amazing Alex, a game filled with increasing complexities and addictive graphics. The players’ job is to interact with objects and determine what the best possible way to complete the level is. This cartoon-inspired game boasts 35 interactive objects and an incredible amount of levels, more than 100, which will keep you occupied for quite awhile.
  3. Apparatus: Dive straight into the physics lab with this puzzle game. Apparatus invites players to build a complex machine in order to perform a simple task. In this case, it’s moving one or several marbles towards the desired destination. While this version is free, you can dole out some green to the maker’s to upgrade to the limited Lite version, where more levels and other benefits await, such as building a space rocket to transfer the marbles. Connecting cables from batteries to motors, bridge building, teeter-totter constructing, rope swinging, and vehicle designing are also a little taste of what the Lite version offers.
  4. Unblock Me: In two words, simple and addictive.  The gist of Unblock Me is to make moves in order to get the red block completely out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of its way. Precision is key, as well as concentration. With four difficulty levels, Beginner to Expert, and just about 4,200 puzzles, your brain may be mush after a few hours of playing. Plus, you can either pick the Challenge mode or the Relax mode, depending on just how much of a smarty- pants you’re feeling like.
  5. Where’s My Water: In this puzzle game, help Swampy the alligator maintain his clean water supply so he can take a shower. While the player digs pipelines to help Swampy, his fellow alligators try to botch the whole thing by adding algae and other contaminants into the mix, which the player has to keep at bay. Swiping, sloshing, and splashing through increasingly challenging scenarios keeps players interested and focused on helping good old Swampy get his bath. 

Kristy Kravitsky is a 2011 college graduate with a degree in English.

10 Android Apps to Help You Sleep Better

As Android phones continue to grow in popularity, the selection of apps gets better and better. While most phones may include an alarm function, these apps take it a step further and actually help improve your sleep, and consolidate your nightstand – taking the place of clocks, white noise machines, sound machines, and more. Take a look at these innovative apps we’ve found. First, for the reason that they are actually changing how the world sleeps, second, for they may help you get a better night’s sleep, and all have free versions to boot!.

AmbiScience Pure Sleep
Pure Sleep uses ambient sounds and brainwave entrainment (binaural and isochronic) to put your mind to sleep and help you relax. The free version includes 4 ambient tracks, 1 soundtrack, 1 isochronic track and 1 entrainment track. Users can layer 2 sounds, use timers and alarms, and run the app in the background. In the paid version for $1.99, you get the ability to layer up to 4 tracks and over 25 soundtracks. The key to entrainment type apps is to use headphones and many people indeed find it useful to encourage sleep.
Relax and Sleep
Relax and Sleep is a top-rated ambient sound app that features over 35 tracks for free. It includes classic sounds like thunder and ocean, plus others like acoustic guitar and air conditioner. Sounds can be mixed together to find the perfect sleep-inducing mix, and saved as presets. It also contains a stopwatch and alarm. Plus, it integrates with the check-in/check-out function of the SleepBot app below.
Sleepbot is an interesting app that lets users track how much sleep they get. It allows you to “clock in” and out of sleep, and provides useful graphs and stats to help you get a handle how much sleep you are getting or missing. It also includes a customizable alarm, the ability to add multiple logs per day, add notes, and even backup to SD card or online.
Sleep If U Can
This interesting alarm clock is sure to coerce you to sleep, as you won’t be able to just hit the snooze button in the morning! This app uses a special technique to get you up and moving – you have to take a picture of an object/place (that you have previously photographed around your home). The alarm will not turn off until you have snapped the requested photo (or you can outsmart it and turn the app off – but don’t say it didn’t try!).
Music Therapy for Sound Sleep
This popular app includes a variety of tracks and options for free for those looking for a good “sound machine” replacement. Similar to brain entrainment, Music Therapy uses alpha wave frequencies in their mixes to stimulate sleep. Sounds can be looped individually, mixed simultaneously, in a consecutive playlist, or played in random order. It also includes a customizable alarm and play timer. There is also a paid version that includes more sounds and music for $2.99.
Sleep as Android
This sleep app includes several functions, which likely accounts for its 30k+ reviews, mostly all 4-5 stars. One of the most interesting functions is that it monitors sleep cycles and records any loud sounds. This can help you track the causes of disrupted sleep or identify snoring/sleep apnea symptoms (a free 2-week trial is included). It also features an alarm that wakes you during light sleep cycles in the morning to help you feel more refreshed. The alarm can be customized with various nature sounds for a more pleasant wake-up, and also has a captcha function to help ensure you are up. Sleep as Android tracks your stats and sleep debt and allows sharing.
Lightning Bug
Lightning Bug is another very popular sound app, and perhaps one of the most customizable. It features over 200 sounds that can be mixed and over 50 background images to customize the experience. In addition, it has a fully customizable alarm interface, sleep timer, screen timeout/dimmer, and local weather. The app has a plugin feature where additional content can be added, both free and paid.
Chroma Doze
A unique take on white noise machines, the Chroma Doze allows you to create a custom sleep experience. You sketch out the spectrum you want to hear, and the app plays the noise. It uses a full spectrum from white to red and can play in the background. While it doesn’t yet have timer or alarm features, it is still interesting to try and a sure way to make your bed geeky and unique.
Relax and Sleep by Glenn Harrold
Glenn Harrold is top-selling UK self help author, and in this app, he provides a basic hypnosis track for relaxation. The track lasts about 27 minutes and slowly guides listeners into deep relaxation through breathing and relaxation techniques. The speaker’s voice is soft and the background noises support relaxation. The echoing, surround effects are best experienced through headphones. Towards the end of the session, several affirmation and stress-reducing suggestions are made to help you during the day as well. The paid version costs $4.99 and includes more tracks and features.
Sleep Timer
If you prefer to listen to the mp3 music on your phone while falling asleep, then this app will be helpful. Sleep Timer can be set to turn off Google Play music at set interval to conserve your battery life. The interface is very simple; it includes a slider and buttons to set the desired play time, a button to launch the music player and a button to kill the music app manually. It can also be set to stop other applications, turn off WiFi, turn on airplane mode, and more.
Now your phone can be useful at night with binaural beats, nature sounds and hypnosis. If you are having trouble sleeping, you owe it to yourself to at least give these free apps a try!

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