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Five New Apps that Are Taking 2013 By Storm

Whether you’re an Android-owner, or if you gave into the iPhone craze, more applications are now available to anyone who owns a smart mobile device. In 2012, we have seen our share of new websites and apps that have revolutionized the consumer market, specifically through Apple App Store and Google Play.
This year, new apps that span demographics are being introduced to the playing field competing with new, updated versions of last year’s products. Here’s a list of five of the hottest apps that have taken the consumer market by storm:

Statistically, people over the age of 30 have a much higher probability to invest in different publicly shared companies due to the fact that they have more income and tend to have more knowledge and interest in the stock market. An app that was created by two Stanford grads is making investing a lot easier for people of all ages. Conceptualized in 2012 and brought into the public sector in early 2013, Robinhood was launched in order to place stock market wisdom into everyone’s pocket, turning Wall Street into an equal playing field.
The app works by providing a daily update of popular stocks. The user then has the option of adding these stocks to a “watch list”. The app tracks the rate of the stock as well as any news that is put out by the companies and media organizations in order to keep users informed of internal structuring. The app also allows users to recommend certain stocks to your friends and other users (this also works vice-versa) through the feed. If you want into the stock game, Robinhood allows anyone that uses it the convenience of informed and easy investing without the extra cost of hiring an stock advisor.

Ready to enhance your fundraising efforts? Kickstarter, launched on Valentine’s Day of this year, has gained a lot of publicity after the efforts of actress Kristen Bell who used this app in order to raise funds for a possible “Veronica Mars” film. After a few days, the film was funded in it’s entirety, giving fans hope for a film and consumers exposure to what exactly Kickstarter does. Kickstarter is an app that allows users to post projects and get funded by other users.
The project could be as big as a film in the silver screen (as previously mentioned) or as small as a simple short-film production. The projects are ranked by popularity, giving users an idea of which projects are more likely to come into fruition. Whether you’re looking for someone to fund your project or you’re just looking to help someone in need, Kickstarter is the perfect app that can get the task done fast and effectively.

Launched in Feb. 2013, Sunrise has been mentioned to be the best calendar app that you will ever use, possibly replacing the calendar you have in your iPhone or Android. When you download the app, you immediately get a torrent of feed added to your calendar, syncing with most social media networks in your mobile device so you never miss an interview or birthday. Not only is it efficient, but it’s clean and easy to understand providing a simple user interface. Try it out! It’s free and it will definitely make your life easier.

Digital Theater
Today, we have apps that play movies, TV shows and even concerts, but for the theater buff, there has not been anything that meets their needs, until now. Digital Theater is a revolutionary new app that allows people to see plays and musicals through the convenience of their own smart phone. Having a pay-for-play setting, similar to iTunes, users are able to stream their favorite performances. The app works best on WiFi networks, as most video streaming apps do, so be sure you have a reliable connection if you’re using one or look online for wireless internet deals. Although the app is not free, it is still an invaluable investment to theater junkies and to those who have not yet experienced the magic of the performing arts.

There has never been an easier way to create and build your own short movies! Introduced to the public in 2013, Qwiki has been ranked one of the most popular apps this year by Gizmodo. Essentially, Qwiki takes your photos and videos, selects the best ones and in a matter of a few edits, turns them into short movies. It’s the best way to make short videos after your vacation to Europe, your birthday party or even a wedding! It’s the best way to make something memorable for free!

As the year moves forward, new apps will be launched into Google Play and the App Store, so why not check them out through your mobile device? Keep in mind, however, that not all are apps are available in both devices as of yet, but be on the lookout!

5 of the Best Android Apps

If there is one thing you can be thankful when it comes to Android, they have some of the most interesting apps and thanks mainly to Google’s lax policies about what apps can and cannot do to your device, they seem to be a whole lot more useful. Now finding these apps isn’t easy, and when you have to search through nearly half a million apps to find the one you want, that can be hard. So here are five new or updated apps from April 2013 that we think you’ll like.

  • Sketchbook Ink:
    Designed for Android tablets of at least 7” screens or bigger, Sketchbook Ink focuses not really on sketching, but inking your sketches and so far, some of the things we have seen from it is incredible to say the least. It’s not the perfect sketching app and it definitely will not replace the versatility of paper, pen and ink, but it comes real close.
  • Rosetta Course:
    It took a while to come to Android, but Rosetta Stone is finally on Android in the form of Rosetta Course. With this app, Rosetta brings “the award winning Rosetta Stone language-learning method to Android devices.” With the app you can take your learning on the go. You can learn to speak any language supported by Rosetta Stone by listening and reading. There is the speech recognition feature that helps you fine tune your pronunciation as well as interactive activities that takes the bore out of learning.
  • Launcher (Beta):
    There are hundreds of launchers for Android and honestly, the majority of them are crap. But this one strikes us as cool. The launcher is based on the idea of your phone changing to match your ever changing life such as interests, uses and location. The launcher will customize it based on your interests, your usage, such as the different apps you use the most. It even comes with smart folders to help you organize your apps and content. It is even location aware which, an extremely good added benefit is.
  • 4 Pics 1 Word:
    The object of the game is extremely simple. You are given four photos and you have to find the common theme between all four photos. For instance, you may be given a photo of a man cutting peppers, a logger chopping wood, a baker slicing bread and a machine slicing cheese. Of course the common theme between those will be cutting. But not everyone is that easy. The game is fun and provides loads of innocent fun.
  • Facebook:
    Other than recently going native on Android, Facebook has added a great new feature to the Android Facebook App. You can now, chat with your friends without exiting out of what you were doing. Thanks to chat bubbles, you can chat with people while commenting on a photo or reading one of your friends depressing posts. They have also streamlined the news feed, tweaked user profiles and made other minor UI adjustments.e

About Author:

Billy is a technology enthusiast and writes on IT, software development and software services. He admires Charles Phillips for his contribution to the tech industry.

5 Apps To Help You With All Your Computer Woes

No matter how convenient our lives have become after the discovery of computers and laptops, at the end of the day, they still remain a complicated mass of electronics, and at times, can pretty much have a mind of their own. So, in such a scenario, it would make sense for you to try and understand its working, get to know tips and tricks to make it work efficiently, keep it protected from spyware, and keep sources ready to understand and fix prospective problems that could crop up. Listed below are five amazing android smart phone apps that’ll give you handy and instant access to tips, solutions, and software programs to fix your computer and make it run efficiently.

Computer Helper Free

Has your computer been playing up off late? Has your computer stopped working and you can’t surf the web for guidance or help? If yes, as the name of the app suggests, Computer Helper is here to help. Be it any query like the mouse not working, or the computer getting frozen, or the start button not showing up, or even more complex problems, Computer Helper will give you instructions on how to fix it. Submit your problem or query and get a free a response. The app also gives you access to basic computer information and lots of tips and tricks to make you PC function better.

Computer Repair Handbook

Computer Repair Handbook is a very efficient app when it comes to PC repairs and Computer problems. Essentially a computer repair guide designed by a certified computer technician, Computer Repair Handbook offers step by step guidelines on a variety of prospective computer issues such as getting rid of viruses, fixing windows errors, slow computer speed, startup problems, and so on. Moreover, it also lists and explains tools that you could use for PC antivirus, computer clean up, increasing speed, and for your PC drivers and hardware. Overall, the app is extremely informative, easy to understand, and a great way to fix your PC.

PC Error Fixer

PC Error Fixer is yet another comprehensive app available in the market, which has a simple interface and provides you with almost all information that you need to know about your PC and how to keep it running smoothly. Right from giving you your computer’s OS history, to software and hardware details, to troubleshooting and optimization programs, to games, tips and tricks to shield your computer from viruses and spyware, PC Error Fixer has a fix for almost any computer error. Besides, the best part about this app is its interface – simple, clutter-free and easy to use.

Computer Troubleshooter

Did your computer just get the nightmare blue screen? Does it refuse to start? Don’t panic, stay right whether you are, and check out this savior app – Computer Troubleshooter. Once again, a brilliant app which targets commonly faced computer problems by offering you professional help, tips and guidelines. The app comes with a stylish interface, divided into three systematic columns – fixes, tools, and tips, making it easy for you to navigate, depending on the kind of issues you might be facing.

Whack Your Computer 18+

Finally, if your computer gets the better of you, and if you have an uncontrollable urge of venting out your frustration, here is one crazy app you can try out. While facing computer problems, there comes a point when all you want to do is smash your computer into pieces or chuck it out of the window! No matter how tempting it may feel then, doing this for real might not be the best thing to do. So, why not do it in the virtual world instead? This app is the best way to release that mounting volcano inside you. Download this entertaining app and put your laptop out of its misery by smashing it with a hammer – virtually!

When not obsessing over gadgets, Jack William likes to keep up with the latest happenings in the world of software and technology. He works at TechSeek, a company that specializes in pc repairs in Melbourne . In his free time, he likes to blog about technology and applications.

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