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3 Things You Don’t Know about Facebook

Facebook has become so popular that it is no longer only is a way to connect with your friends but also has become the platform to promote your business. People are addicted to Facebook and it is very hard to not use it for your social media needs.

Here is the list of 3 things that you don’t know about Facebook:

1. History about Domain Name:
Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg and his four college roommates.. The service was started as Facemash and was limited to only the students of Harvard in its early days.
The great social networking site was registered as “” in 2003 and after some time word “the” was removed from domain name and “” was purchased for about $200,000. Recently Facebook had purchased “” $8.5 million.

2. Popularity
Facebook has a huge network of about 800 million registered users which is 11 percent of World’s population. Facebook is based in America but the majority users are not from this country. Facebook is found to be popular among the users of other countries as well.
Popular Than Google in Many Countries:
Alexa is a web information company which provides rank to all the websites according to their popularity. Facebook is number 2 according to Alexa and comes after the But it is more popular than Google in many countries. Countries such as Argentina, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Philippines, Egypt, Colombia, Greece are the countries in which Google is behind Facebook.

3. Part of your Life:
Facebook is no longer only the way to connect with your friends but it has become the part of your life as well. Many people are not using it as just a Social Site but also as measurement of relationships. If one forgets to like one’s friend status or photo then it results in making them upset with each other. Many important decisions are made on Facebook and Political parties are using it as a resource to connect with their constituency.

Facebook Shower Curtain with your Profile

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Facebook Shower Curtain with your Profile

Flipboard for iPad adds Google Reader and Flickr feeds

Flipboard the social magazine for iPad adds Google Reader and Flickr feeds.

Flipboard also pulls in specific sections of your Twitter or Facebook life. Flipboard analyzes your social graphs in the background, then it uses the data to determine which content it shows you as you flip through your pages. You can view full content inside the app which I can see making the content companies upset. You can also update Twitter or Facebook from inside the app.

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