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My Top Three Android Games

I do realize there a tremendous amount of games both free and games you have to pay for out there for the Android. I also realize that a lot of them are really good. So how can I pick just three? Well, it wasn’t easy, but I settled on the three I play the most: Angry Birds, Words with Friends, and SongPop.

Let’s start with Angry Birds. When I say Angry Birds I mean all the different versions together. I myself play five – Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Space, and Angry Birds Star Wars. That is also the order in which I downloaded and started playing them. There are some I haven’t tried yet. I like some more than others but still it’s hard to put in order of preferably. The games can be quite challenging. You need a fair understanding of Physics as they take into account gravity, trajectory, and propulsion. You use a sling shot to propel different shaped and colored birds at obstacles in order to take out the evil pigs. Each different bird has a different “power”. In Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, and Angry Birds Seasons you have simply gravity, trajectory, and propulsion to take into account. However, Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars they actually involve the weightlessness of space and the effect of planetary gravitational fields. It can become quite tricky to complete the puzzles with the amount of birds allotted. You sometimes have to play it multiple times to figure out how to use the allotted birds in the right spot to successfully take out the pigs.

Words with Friends, on the other hand, is basically Scrabble. I assume they could not use the name, scrabble, without stepping on Hasbro’s toes. With this game you play against any other player. You can play against more than one person or even multiple games with the same person. (But each game is just two players). I probably have about 10 different games going at one time. The other players can be from other droids, Facebook apps, or even iPad, anyone on the game’s network. You can play against friends or random players. When you challenge someone or accept a challenge you receive a standard Scrabble – type board and seven letters. Place the letters on the board creating words. Each letter has a different point value and the boards also have places where you receive double letter value, triple letter value, double word value or triple word value. The player with the highest point total after all tiles has been used or there are no more turns WINS!

SongPop is more a Trivia game. I think of it as “Name That Tune” for the Android. You challenge a friend or, again, a random player on the game’s network. You chose a music genre and the game will time you on your responses to a music snippet. You may be asked the songs title or the Artist. Your speed and accuracy is pitted against your opponent’s. Even though you may have gotten more songs or artists correct, you may still lose if your opponent was quicker answering the ones they got correct than you were. It can be a very exciting game, and who knows you might just surprise yourself with the music you remember. There is also a chance for you to totally space and guess the wrong one even though you knew it or hitting the wrong button. So be carefully when playing, but remember, don’t take too much time. I have lost by one point before, which is basically the difference of tenths of a second’s difference!

Top 6 PlayStation 3 Games for Christmas 2012

Are you still waiting for the Christmas 2012? The wait for Christmas holidays is over. Everybody must have planned something for spending the holidays. The youth along with the children are planning to enjoy this Christmas festival holidays by playing lot of PlayStation games. The simple one word solution for gaming and entertainment in 2012 is PlayStation 3. It has its own follower crowd which made PlayStation 3 list among top gadgets of 2012. PlayStation 3 became more popular with its popular feature ‘HD system with blue ray player’ which has given movie quality gaming experience. These followers are eagerly waiting for this Christmas to enjoy various new and popular games on PlayStation 3. There are many games being loved to play by PlayStation 3 users which are very hard to rank among them. Here are top 6 games which will be proved a good option for PlayStation 3 lovers.

1. Uncharted 3:Drake’s Deception

After success of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is launched for PlayStation 3. The concept story of the game is quite interesting. Nathan Drake, the fortune hunter treks Arabian Desert where he has to bid for survival for terrible challenges with fear.So you can experience the thrill of Uncharted 3 with PlayStation 3.

2. Fallout 3

Fallout 3 is also one of the good options to play on PlayStation 3. Here you can enjoy memorable 3D experience with gaming. After Fallout 2, Fallout 3 is having a brand new story along with 3D graphics. It is the story of United States of America in 2277 in which real time combat is included unlike the previous games. So here also you can experience an excellent graphics with gaming.

3. Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City is an action packed adventure game for PlayStation 3 which is widely being liked by the game lovers. The game is full of dangerous consequences Batman adventures. The combat features of this game are also quite more interesting unlike previous versions. Cat woman is one interesting and playable character in this game. So for all Batman lovers, this game will be a treat for the Christmas.

4. Portal 2

After Portal 1 being listed as ‘Game of the year’ in 2007 there were many expectations from Portal 2 by the followers. Portal 2 successfully satisfied all those expectations of its followers. The basic theme of this game is weapon science and physics challenges. Visuals and Dialogues are some of the highlighted features of this game. So, one can consider it as the first preference on PlayStation 3.

5. Rayman Origins
One can remember the classic Rayman after 15 years with this game. Rayman, with the help of his best friend Globax and two Teensies help the fairy council to get back the Glade’s Peace at their home. Color graphics is of awesome quality in this game which can be supposed to be a highlighted feature of this game. So you can try this comic game also for a change of taste.

6. Grand Theft Auto 4

Again, a favorite option is ready with its new version with new adventures. Recreation of Liberal City with Portray war is the theme of this game. All player movements, features and war strategies are like previous versions but with a brand new theme.

So enjoy happy gaming experience with all these games with PlayStation 3 in this Christmas season.

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TOP 6 PC Games for you for this Christmas!

Christmas is a season of giving and sharing. It is season of charity and love. And most especially, it is a season of bonus and discounts! For gamers, it is a time to download exciting and thrilling games so that for the coming of next year, they can share it among their friends and online buddies. Here are top 6 recommendations of electrifying and gripping games!

Everybody is talking about Dishonored! It is one of the best games of the year! Envisioned by a design team led by Viktor Antonov, who also created Half Life 2’s City 17, Dishonored is a notable game jam-packed with grotesque characters, impressive story plot and riveting stealth action. It is based on a Dickensian world, filled with exhilaratingly dark twists and amazing coincidences. Contrary to its name, it will give yourself honor and pride once you’ve finished this game!

Diablo III
Dark, sinister and fast-paced! Diablo III is pumped with adrenaline-kicking characters and adventure. It delivers a gripping and engaging adventure of battling through random generated dungeons. Though some Diablo II fans are only slightly captivated, this enthralling game will still leave you engaged. Be constantly alert, evil dwells underneath and there may be no way out in the dungeons!

Guild Wars 2
Guild Wars 2 is revolutionary. It has an imaginative plot and story, an interactive characterization and constant updates. It is a perfect game for a group of friends to test their teamwork and camaraderie. It updates constantly and events are flashed time to time to keep the players know what their next moves will be. If your friends are not playing, solo play is also manageable. A simple passive grouping system will let you play with others gamers. For an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game, Guild wars 2 would be a bingo!

Mass Effect 3
Mass Effect is one of the best gaming series ever told. This final instalment of Mass Effect entails the stimulating saga of Commander Sheppard. As you take the journey of saving the world and uniting the entire galactic system you would battle against the Reapers. With all the odds turned against you, can you still save the day?

Borderlands 2
It succeeded past the achievement of its predecessor, presenting bolder and more thrilling conflicts and strategies. It offers an explosive team gameplay, a list of numerous weapons to be used and addicting gunplay. It also has a great visuals and impressive mission stories. So, are you ready for Borderlands 2?

The Walking Dead: Episode 2 – Starved for Help
The Walking Dead has an extraordinary script with interactive dialogue and character portrayal. It is a post-apocalyptic scenario where zombies rule the cities and gluttonously indulge in man’s flesh. The images are somehow disturbing and gross to depict the actual events in the game. Be prepared to see buckets of blood and chopped human pieces as you walk through the pavement, deep forests and other places. Be always ready, because zombies are just in the corner waiting for a fresh meat!

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