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You Don’t Pick Up Any Docks. Grab These Striking iPhone Docks!

Haven’t you seen electronic equipment which holds phone in a stylish way? I personally got fascinated by one of these docks where phones’ rest on comfy and sure I got one at my office just soon. Okay. Once a while, I steal good ideas from my sister. So this time it was the dock. But it was good, most of my colleagues rounded near at the first glance itself, my dock where my iPhone finds itself happy right next to my palm. Being choosy pays, we get attention; or look at this case. I did spend time to get the one for me, not any ‘random picks’ came across some which are striking and indeed serves best. Okay, so I thought why not share it up here for those iPhone dock seekers! Obviously there are many manufacturers around, most of them flooding designs sometimes hard to choose the right ones from the pile. Here I bring you my best picks.

Have you observed people find it frustrating to undock their phone? ElevationDock strips off all your irritation with its new technology dock system. The dock is precisely engineered from solid aluminium and of course flaunts in exclusive finishes setting its foundation firm on quality standards. You don’t have to work with two hands while undocking. Undocking is just cool as it’s done breezy by low friction connection on the solid metal construction with flimsy rubber feet. So have doubts whether the dock affects the sound quality? ElevationDock makes iPhone sound great than when it’s just laid on desk as the FaceTime calls and speakerphone boost up phone’s acoustics. The dock fits the cord secure with its all-metal lightning adapter.

Sense+ iPhone Smoke Detector Dock
Got any idea by the name? Yes, the dock indeed alerts you of smoke. The perfect help solution at your workplace or home as it detects the presence of carbon-monoxide or any related smoke with its in-built smoke and carbon-monoxide gas detector. Sense+ dock sets off an alert in case of emergency on the connected iPhone Sense+ app. If there is no response the app could connect to emergency numbers 911 in U.S.

Belkin Charge+ Sync Dock
The iPhone 5 dock got built-in lightning connector, allowing perfect docking even when wrapped in a protective case. Belkin Charge+ Sync Dock provides hands-free charging and syncing even for iPod touch, iPod nano tagging it more of a compatible device. It comes in smooth painted aluminium finishing fitted with four-foot hardwire USB cable and works well with an existing power connection. Enjoy hands-free docking on Belkin Charge+ Sync Dock.

iHome iDL45
An awesome pick I say, iPhone-docking FM clock radio can offer you fresh musical start from your iDevice as the day breaks. You can tune it your favourite station too. What more exciting of this iPhone-docking system is, it got USB charging port which can be used for charging and even plugging any non-lightning built gadgets.

iPhone 5 Lightning Dock
Attractive hardwood furnished lightning dock would fit perfectly your iPhone 5 on the move. If you wish to go for a dock with no additional attachment, iPhone 5 Lightning Dock looks perfect for your desk or nightstand. Its compatible on a “caseless” iPhone or a case protected one. The lightning connector is neatly engineered inside the dock and works well as iPhone positions upright.

iLuv Aud 5
Okay so here’s the one I bought. Aud 5. I love this one much as music. iLuv brings to market Aud 5 which is serious of its acoustics. It got for me crystal clear output as everyone wants, on its full-range speakers and passive radiator. The dock system is quite eye catchy with its exquisite looks and touch controls attached on the top. iPhone neatly docks on the iLuv Aud 5 which is equipped with built-in lightning cord. This one is just comfy for my iPhone on my space.

Top 5 Reasons Why Free IPhones Make Sense

A free iPhone may sound completely implausible, but there are actually some legitimate reasons that a free iPhone would be a good move for Apple to make. Many analysts are already theorizing that Apple is going to go in a cheaper direction with their expensive but ubiquitous handsets, and free may just be the next step towards total market domination.

1. It’s already free–sort of

Older models of iPhone already come free with many service plans, so it would be trivial to release a new model with the same cost. These iPhones wouldn’t really be coming free directly from Apple, but the cost would be fully subsidized by the cellphone companies with a new service plan. Since most people end up signing up for service plans anyway, this might not be that big of a deal. This would mean that Apple would still be collecting some money for the phones, just lowering the price. This would make the cellphone companies happy too because they would be selling more phones and more phone lines.

2. It will increase market saturation

While Apple has already saturated the market pretty significantly, there is still a rising Android demographic. A free phone would allow Apple to practically monopolize the cellphone industry, which would pave the way for many future revenue generating possibilities. Once the cellphone industry was appropriately saturated, Apple could return to charging more for its handsets. Since Apple prides itself on product integration, an increase in iPhone purchases would also increase their sales in other accessories.

3. The phone itself doesn’t have to be the revenue maker.

While the phones do cost a pretty penny, a lot of money is actually being made in the media and application store. This means that the more people have these phones, the more people will be buying items from these stores. Since the life of one of these phones is a year or two, the cost of the phone can be subsidized by these purchases. Laterally, an increase in app sales will also increase the sales of other related technology such as iPads.

4. The cost of the phone is largely an illusion

The phone itself probably doesn’t cost very much to create. Despite the heavy amounts of R&D that are put into these phones, it’s very likely that the price is set high artificially to increase its desirability. Since the phone has already achieved this goal, it really doesn’t need to keep inflating its price.

5. Apple can afford to do it

With all of the other reasons for a free iPhone in place, the only reason that Apple wouldn’t do it is because they can’t afford to. However, Apple has been exceedingly successful with a variety of products in recent years, and they can very well afford to produce free phones for at least a limited amount of time.

A free iPhone may not be what the future holds, but there’s no denying that it makes logistical sense for Apple. A free handset would allow Apple to completely dominate the market and to retain that hold. It would also open up Apple to explore a myriad of revenue opportunities that other handsets have not yet explored. It wouldn’t just secure the domination of the iPhone, but also of the iTunes store, and it would make iTunes practically a household necessity.

This article was written by Wayne Johnson, an expert in consumer electronics and blogger for He likes to try out and review the latest smartphones. You can read more about free cell phones at: There is no rebate needed. However, you are required to sign a 2-year contract with selected wireless carrier.

Ten Things To Do With A Broken iPhone

iPhone 5 Mockups

You see hundreds of iPhones on the commute to work and in the bar after working hours, and it’s fair to say that the novelty hasn’t worn off. However what you also see a huge amount of is iPhones with broken screens and the unfortunate downside of having a phone that’s so small and light and that has such a big beautiful screen is that that screen is rather prone to shattering at the slightest provocation.

Apple iPhone G3S destruction de la dalle tactile

And for every iPhone that continues to function with its broken screen, there are many more that are laid to rest. But it needn’t be a waste – here are some uses for a broken iPhone that might yet allow you to get some fun out of it.

Fixing iPhone 4S

Fix it: This has to be of course the best thing to do with a broken iPhone, and unless yours is absolutely trashed you’ll usually be able to get it fixed for a reasonable price and this will mean you can carry on using it and don’t have to pay for a new device.

Science Experiment: iPhones are smart pieces of kit which have all kinds of features. If you want to learn a little about technology then just opening up your phone and looking inside can teach you a bit. This is also the opportunity to try your ambitious science projects like putting the workings into another case or attaching a keyboard without worrying about it breaking.

Fixing iPhone 4S

Spare Parts: And if you’re already a super tech whizz, then you might be able to use some of the parts for other projects. Even if you aren’t an electronic engineer you can maybe use the plastic at least…

Sell it: And if you can’t someone else can – and you’d be surprised how much you can get for a broken iPhone on eBay.

Portable Harddrive: If it’s your screen that’s broken then it’s only the interface and display you’ve lost – you’ll still be able to use the phone to store and retrieve files which you can do using your computer.

Decoy: If you’re mugged and someone asks you to hand over your phone, then keeping your broken iPhone in your bag can be a good way to trick them and to get away with your real phone intact.


Paper Weight: iPhones may be light but they’re still heavy enough to weigh down a pile of papers, and they’ll look amusing relegated to such a menial task on your desk.

Art Installation: Likewise an iPhone is such a recognizable piece of premium equipment that it will be amusing used in a range of other situations too. If you’re the creative type then the remains of an iPhone could make a great pen holder, photo frame or broach… Okay maybe not a broach – coming up with the ideas is your job!

Prop for Pranks: A broken iPhone is a brilliant opportunity to make your friends and family feel guilty. Just pass them your phone but in such a way that they drop it and then act as though it’s their fault. Alternatively you can pretend to have a strop then slam your phone on the floor – just make sure that you let them know it’s a joke early on before they call the men in white coats…

YouTube Hit: ‘Will it blend’ is one of the biggest YouTube hits of them all, and particularly the one with the iPhone. While you might not be able to recreate quite that success, I know I’d watch someone ironing their old iPhone…

Robbie Crowe is a tech blogger who has shared his knowledge on how to jailbreak iphone 3gs iOS 5.1.1 through his blogs.

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