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Romeo Robot Not that Kind of Romeo

Aldebaran Robotics – have been working on a robot project called Romeo. The Romeo robot is a humanoid robot designed to be an assistant for people suffering from loss of mobility. Romeo can help with tasks like opening and closing doors, taking something out of the oven, walking stairs, grabbing a bottle or a bunch of keys.

See the video below. He really doesn’t show any of his abilities other than waving and talking.

Pictures of Romeo Robot:

Epic Action Scene Endhiran (Robot)

Kinda like the Matrix, mixed up with Critters. Good action scenes although a bit campy. It gets better so keep watching the whole thing. Video below the image.

Make my day:

Video starts here:

PALRO Fujitsu Personal Concierge Robot

Fujisoft’s PALRO robot the personal concierge has a female voice with voice recognition, can take pictures and send them to your phone or computer and can also read you the weather. The robot is powered by an Atom Z530 processor with 4GB flash storage running on Ubuntu.

The PALRO is available for educational and research institutions for about $3,600.

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