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A round-up of the very best smartphones of 2013

As 2013 draws to an end, now is the time to look back on the last 12 months and take a closer look at the highlights of the year. For technology fans, this year has been a great one for the smartphone, which has developed even further than many would have believed possible.

Let’s take a look at the very best smartphones of 2013, before we start looking ahead to next year’s new releases.

1. LG G2. LG has outdone the competition with the G2, which boasts high-end features, great performance and exceptional style. The best and most surprising thing about the LG G2, however, is its very affordable price.

2. iPhone 5s. The iPhone 5s offers everything from speed, a big screen, a lightweight design, amazing high-tech features and jaw-dropping photos and videos. There isn’t much more you could want, except perhaps a couple of hundred knocking off its sizeable price-tag.

3. Samsung Galaxy S4. It may be a bit pricy, but it is hard to beat the Galaxy S4 when it comes to exceptional performance and hardware. It’s an all-round amazing device, one which is not only available on 4G networks but also works with a pay as you go sim card.

4. HTC One X+. If you liked the HTC One, you’ll be blown away with the newer version, which boasts extended battery life and a newer version of Android.

5. Huawei Ascend P6. This device is often mentioned by technology fans as one of the most beautifully designed smartphones around. It offers value for money, has great cameras and a customisable interface, and could only really be improved with 4G access and NFC.

6. Nokia Lumia 720. Like the Nokia Lumia 625, the Lumia 720 is a fantastic mid-range smartphone which makes the very most of Windows Phone 8. If you want good, reliable performance and a well-balanced device, all for a reasonable price, the 720 is the phone to go for.

7. iPhone 5c. Although some have argued that there was no need for the 5c, as it is simply a brighter, funkier version of the hugely popular 5s, there’s no denying that this handset is a really great device (as is the 5s) with the added bonus of being more fun and much more colourful.

Children Bringing Smartphones to School May Help Improve Their Learning

Over a decade ago, bringing gadgets such as cell phones was prohibited in schools because school administrators, teachers as well as parents believed that these devices distracted a child in their lessons. However, a recent statement by an expert at Kansas State University revealed that allowing students to bring their smartphones and electronic devices such as tablets in to the classroom may in fact help them improve their learning at school.

Before the release of this statement, children had already begun to bring their phones and gadgets to school. However, the purpose was for communication and leisure time use only. The new trend in children having their own gadgets has now opened doors for using these same gadgets for the benefit of learning also.

The Present Scenario
Today, children commonly have their own smartphones and schools and classrooms have their own SMART boards, projectors and interactive white boards. Also, classrooms now commonly have a computer with high-speed internet connection.

These changes in teaching aids also help children learn better. Since children today live in an advanced technological world, their means of learning has also shifted from the tradition chalk and board to using high-end visual aids.

Before, the use of simple visual aids was very effective for students, but we must consider that those conventional visual aids did not work every time. Especially now that children are exposed to a lot of gadgets, schools must also devise ways to keep up with the technological needs of children.

Students should be allowed to access the internet through various devices such as tablets, laptops, desktop computers and even smartphones.
The Use of Smartphones and other Devices in Learning

The advancement in technology has made cell phones more sophisticated and not only a device that functions only for communication purposes. The various apps that can be downloaded increase the functionality of the smartphones for learning purposes. The following are the possible advantages of smartphones in learning:

● They can be used to carry electronic books without adding weight to children’s bags
With their smartphones, children are able to browse various books without having to even carry them physically. EBooks are advanced presentations of books that children can read using their smartphones. They allow children to carry more books that they can read while they are at school without straining their backs by carrying heavy loads. EBooks are also less expensive than printed books so it becomes more cost-efficient for schools and parents to purchase them. They also do not wear out like printed books.

● They can be used to search online
When children need to know something about a subject, they can easily use search engines to browse various sites for information. They can download various apps for search engines like Google to the smartphones.

● They can be used for more interactive learning
Children learn better when they see, hear and touch things at the same time. There are various apps that offer an excellent way to learn specific subjects. For instance, there are apps specifically designed for learning about dinosaurs and the like. Parents may download these apps according to the topic, for their children to use in their classroom to support their learning.

● They can be used for documentation purposes
Children usually perform role plays and use documentaries in school related with their subjects. Smartphones can be used to better document these activities.
These are just some of the advantages of smartphones in learning. Teachers and schools may well have other options for children to use their devices in their learning. Nevertheless, parents and teachers should not limit the use of smartphones for educational purposes only when children are at school. Many learning apps for children can be used at home too. However, educational institutions cannot rely solely on these devices for children’s learning because teachers still need to lead an active role in the teaching-learning process.

About The Author
Dr. Amarendra, the author likes to write on children. He is engaged in promoting the products and coupons that are useful to children such as ABC mouse coupon code at

iPhone 5 – What to expect?

It comes without saying that the new iPhone is loved by millions globally. It is safe to assume that the numerous owners of past generation iPhones are greatly anticipating the release of the iPhone 5.

iOS 6:

Even before the launch of iPhone 5, Apple released iOS 6 Beta with vastly improved features and taking SIRI to the next level. iOS 6 beta 2 has fixed some major bugs that were present in beta 1. Industry experts say that once iOS 6 is complete and ready for launch, it will be launched along with iPhone 5.

iPhone Hardware:

Since tying up with LiquidMetal, experts are anticipating a complete makeover of the appearance of the iPhone. LiquidMetal made a breakthrough sometime back when they developed a metal alloy that can molded in to single complete piece. So in iPhone 5 we can expect a single skeleton as opposed to many metal parts providing it a streamlined appearance.


Battery life has never been the strength of iPhones, however experts feel that Apple might come up with a superior battery (though there might not be a change in the battery type). The sleeker phone might as well help to increase the battery life further.

Screen and Resolution:

iPhones never tried to compete with mobiles with larger screens, and it is unknown if there will be an increase in the screens dimensions, but many fee that it will be slightly larger in iPhone 5. With the tie up with LiquidMetal and opting for a new skeleton they might as well go for an edge screen. With so many complaints about cracked screens and busted screens Apple is trying to greatly increase the strength of the screen, so you can expect a complete makeover of the screen and especially the screen strength.

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