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Kinect Star Wars bundle arriving in April 2012

The Kinect Star Wars bundle is going to arrive in April 2012. The Kinect Star Wars bundle has been confirmed for April 3rd 2012. The Kinect Star Wars bundle consists of an Xbox 360 styled to look like R2-D2 and a gamepad that is customized after C-3PO, a white Kinect and of course the Kinect Star Wars game. In the meantime check out a video demo below.

Inflatable R2-D2 Toy Video

Bladez Toyz’s upcoming Pump & Play remote control R2-D2 for around $60. Inflatable Leia not included.

The 26-inch tall astromech will include a foot pump for moving him around, and a wireless remote. For all the Star Wars fans out there.

R2-D2 Video

Via: Pocketlint

Get your Star Wars Speakers

A little something for the Star Wars fans out there. Get your Darth Vader, Bobba Fett and Storm Trooper MP3 speaker. Not super high quality sound, but they will get the job done in a small room or while on the go. They are more of a novelty item if you collect Star Wars stuff. The speakers will come with a USB connection and a standard audio jack so that you can plug directly into your phone or MP3 player or computer. Available for Pre-Order, Delivery in April 2012.

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