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How To Watch Your Laptop Content On A TV

Although the majority of the more ‘modern’ laptops that are currently on the market boast large screens that are ideal for personal viewing; sharing laptop content such as films, television programmes and even pictures with a larger audience can be trickier. In these situations, using a TV screen or monitor can often make for a much more immersive viewing experience.

There are several different ways to watch this type of content on a TV, some of which involve purchasing additional cables and adaptors, so how you connect will largely depend on both your budget and your existing arsenal of specialist equipment.


Connecting your laptop to the TV via an S-video cable may not produce the best picture, but as the majority of laptops have S-Video ports, it may be the most convenient option. To do this, you will need to have one set of cables for audio and one for video, although these are generally sold together in most technology shops. Make sure you check the length of these cables before buying them, to ensure they give you enough space between your laptop and TV.

Plug the S-video cable into the relevant port on your laptop and the corresponding socket at the back of your TV set, before connecting an audio cable from the headphone port on your laptop to the TV’s audio socket, and you should be ready to go. If you struggle to get your hands on an S-video cable, you can always replace it with a VGA cable.


HDMI, or High Definition Multimedia Interface, is one of the most recent laptop to TV solutions, and arguably provides a better quality picture than some of the more primitive alternatives. Unlike the S-Video and VGA cable, a HDMI cable carries both the video and audio signal from the laptop to the screen, so you don’t need to contend with different cables and ports – it’s a simple case of plug and play.

If you are not lucky enough to own a laptop with a dedicated HDMI port, there are a number of affordable adaptors on the market that can still give you the opportunity to take advantage of the superior quality of HDMI, making this one of the most popular options.

Wireless options

Connecting your laptop to your TV wirelessly is another ideal solution for the particularly tech savvy – the set-up can be quite complicated, unless you have the right equipment and know-how to do the job.

If connecting wirelessly is the best option for you, then one of the easiest ways to achieve this is to invest in a signal receiver, which can plug into either the VGA or HDMI ports and pick up a signal from your laptop by “reading” the content.

There are also devices such as the Netgear “Push2TV” box that you can use to wirelessly stream your content to a television, although these can be quite expensive – so the ideal wireless solution will very much depend on your budget and level of expertise.

A Guide to Getting the Very Most From Your Television

There was a time when a television was a small black and white box that sat in the corner of the room and told us the news and a few other details. However today the TV is much more than that – it is a complete multimedia device that can do much more than just how us a few basic channels. Not only is it now in color, but it’s in 3D. Not only is it now interactive, but you can use it to play games and surf the web. Here we will look at how to take your TV experience to the next level with the most possible features and extras for the family to enjoy.

Choose Your TV Well

LG전자, 잔상 없앤 240Hz LCD TV 국내 출시

First of all, it’s important to think long and hard about the TV you are going to choose and obviously this will greatly affect the list of things you can do with it. In terms of picture you of course want widescreen if possible (without sacrificing the look of the room) and it’s also of course well worth going HD these days. You also have the option of 3D which seems to be a rather divisive Marmite love/hate type thing – if you enjoy 3D and don’t wear glasses or find it gives you a headache then that’s something you might want to include.

At the same time you also need to think about features. Voice activation is something of a gimmick, but you’d be surprised how quickly you get  used to not having to look for the remote and how dependent you become on just saying ‘hello TV’ to wake it up. And even more impressive is the option to download apps for your TV if you go for a ‘smart TV’. This is basically a television with the Android operating system installed – one that’s the same as the OS for many smartphones and tablets. This way you can then get even more still from your TV by installing the very best apps.

Extra Hardware

My Game CollectionMy Game Collection

There are many extra things you can buy to use alongside your TV. The most obvious of these is a good set of speakers, and you can get a lot more from your TV by having great surround sound. There’s nothing quite like watching a blockbuster film on a widescreen TV with amazingly loud surround sound.

And to enjoy those films you will also need a player of some sort, for which you will probably want a blur ray player to enjoy the most crisply high def films on your kitted out television. A good set top box meanwhile will give you more channels to enjoy, while you’ll need a HD cable for all these devices to actually get to experience the HD.

Then there’s the option of adding some sort of games console. If you’re a hardcore gamer then you’ll want an Xbox 360 or a PS3 to enjoy great HD graphics and some of the most immersive and high budget games. For families though getting a Wii is a great purchase which can introduce games that everyone can play and even fitness and brain training features too.

The Room

What I've been working on all day: new shelves and LP outer sleeves

Lastly you need to decorate the room with the TV in mind. This means getting a great arm chair to sit in and a sofa both with good views of the television, and it mean ensuring you have nothing too much in the way. Finally it also means using heavy curtains to reduce glare and trying to avoid keeping the TV opposite any windows in the first place.

The above guest post is written by Mr. Richard Bacon, an avid technology and entertainment blogger from Melbourne. He specializes in writting creative articles on ways of digital antenna installation.

The Best TV Channels for Pleasing Your Inner Geek

If you like to nerd out in front of the TV during downtime, you may find that you waste time trying to find the right show amongst all the reality programs and soap operas. Keep reading for suggestions on shows and channels that will fulfill your nerd needs:

• The Discovery Channel

This one is pretty much a given. You can find programs nearly any time of day on The Discovery Channel that are not only entertaining but also educational. Take Mythbusters for example. Watching the show’s stars implement science to explore myths is a great way to learn, and if you’re lucky, you may get to see an explosion or two. If you like trivia, try Cash Cab. In the mood for adventure? Catch an intense episode of Man Vs. Wild and learn survival tactics from Bear Grylls.

• G4 TV

If you’re an avid gamer, you’re probably already familiar with G4 TV. This channel is primarily dedicated to all things video game related. G4 has been dropped and acquired by different cable providers, so you’ll have to check which providers are currently offering it. The channel has up-to-date news on all the latest games, game strategies, and reviews. The channel’s programs not only keep you updated, but they can help you improve your gaming skills. Great for when your thumbs need a rest from too much game play!

• The SyFy Channel

Who can resist the engaging mix of quality Science Fiction films and cheesy budget Sci-Fi? Although artistic merit may lack on a budget, you can’t deny the satisfaction of watching a giant insect-like creature from outer space ooze all over its victims. In the mood for something spooky? Catch an episode of Ghost Hunters. On certain days you can also catch a horror film or showing of Star Wars, Alien, or other undeniable classics. Either way, SyFy is a great default channel for reveling in your geekdom.

Author’s Bio: Corissa likes to snag money saving Dell coupons and stay informed about the latest technology. She is a guest writer from the Blog Content Guild and digs video games.

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