Fujitsu Scanner S510 problem and pfussmon.exe error Scansnap stopped

S510 SnapScan Scanner - Pfussmon.exe error Scansnap

Pfussmon.exe error Scansnap

I purchased the Fujitsu Scanner S510 and installed it on Windows XP and it worked great. No problems. I would recommend this scanner even though I had a problem with it. I have scanned in over 20000+ searchable pdf files into the ScanSnap software that is provided with the scanner.

I had a windows crash and I decided to upgrade to Windows 10. I installed the S510 scanner on Windows 10 and it worked for a while, but then it jammed and came up with the error pfussmon.exe stopped working every time I tried doing a scan.

After searching the internet I found a site that talked about this error, but it didn't give a fix to the problem.

Fujitsu's answer to this was to reformat the machine and reload windows which doesn't seem very practical.

What I did to fix the pfussmon.exe error Scansnap problem was uninstall all of the scanner software including the manager and organizer, but not the Adobe software. Then I rebooted and deleted any remaining folders relating to the scanner under programs. Then I reinstalled all of the scanner software except the Adobe software which was already on the system and it worked fine again.

If anyone fixed this a different way let us know, thanks.

This is my latest scanner and it is awesome, so much faster.

From Fujitsu:

“ScanSnap scanners provide cloud-forward, mobile, and one-touch document imaging, perfect for home use and small to medium business. With ScanSnap, there aren't any complicated drivers to learn, just thoughtful hardware and software designed together to work better and make your life easier. Our personal document management app, ScanSnap Home, automatically names and sorts your files to your preferences and gets smarter the more you use it.”

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  • December 24, 2008 at 8:35 pm

    Awesome scanner, I use it daily to organize and make my office as paperless as possible.

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