Fujitsu Scanner S510 problem and pfussmon.exe stopped

S510 SnapScan Scanner

I purchased the Fujitsu Scanner S510 and installed it on Windows XP and it worked great. No problems. I would recommend this scanner even though I had a problem with it. I have scanned in over 20000+ searchable pdf files into the ScanSnap software that is provided with the scanner.

I had a windows crash and I decided to upgrade to Windows Vista Premium. I installed the S510 scanner on Vista and it worked for a while, but then it jammed and came up with the error pfussmon.exe stopped working every time I tried doing a scan. After searching the internet I found a site that talked about this error, but it didn't give a fix to the problem.

Fujitsu's answer to this was to reformat the machine and reload windows which doesn't seem very practical.

What I did to fix the problem was uninstall all of the scanner software including the manager and organizer, but not the Adobe software. Then I rebooted and deleted any remaining folders relating to the scanner under programs. Then I reinstalled all of the scanner software except the Adobe software which was already on the system and it worked fine again.

If anyone fixed this a different way let us know, thanks.

This is my latest scanner and it is awesome, so much faster.

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