Antec Nine Hundred Case Review

Antec Nine Hundred Case Review

I purchased the Antec Nine Hundred case for the office for my business computer. It comes with 3×5.25″ drive bays for cd drives and 6×3.5″ bays for hard drives. I had a Lian Li case which I replaced with the Antec Nind Hundred. I liked the case so much that I replaced my home system with this case also. This is a good solid steel case. It isn’t light, but it is easy to work with.

Here are the specs for the Antec Nine Hundred:

Antec nine hundred case review

The top of the case has 2 usb ports, 1 firewire port, sound ports for front headphone/microphone and a reset and power switch.

The top of the case has a massive 200mm fan. These fans are replaceable if need be. The second case I ordered had a broken fan. You can get the replacement fans here.

I can’t believe the fan broke because the outside of the case isn’t damaged at all. The box was also intact. I’m thinking that it might have happened during the installation of the fan.

The case even comes with it’s own floormat. You can put things here that you might need right away. I wouldn’t recommend any beverages though because you could kill your system. I usually keep all of the thumbdrives here.

The front bays of the computer contain the 2x120mm fans which come out so that you can mount your hard drives behind the fans. The front of the case also comes off.

The inside of the case is spacious. The power supply need to be installed into the bottom of the case in the rear. It is much easier to mount than the Lian Li which has a plate that must be mounted to the ps and then you screw that into the front of the case.

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