Gates 2004 predictions of a Spam free internet didn’t materialize


Gates declared at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland in 2004 that spam would be “a thing of the past” within five years.

Spam doesn’t seem to have gotten any better. I receive over 1000 spam messages per day that are caught in my email spam filter. I have a bunch of email accounts for different websites and every one of them gets some sort of spam.

Most spam is sent by machines that are infected by hackers. The US relays or sends the most spam of any country.

The spam from the US has decreased significantly since Bill Gates’s prediction. It has fallen from almost half of all spam relayed at the end of 2004, to 21.3 percent by the end of 2007, and now spam is resting at 19.8 percent.

End users could do alot more to protect themselves. Update your operating system, have an antivirus and a anti-spyware program and update it. Also, don’t buy anything from a spam because you just perpetuate the spam problem.

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