Get your Windows 7 while you still can, the beta download closes on February 10th


Microsoft Corporation extended it's deadline for downloading the public beta of Windows 7 for another two weeks because of continued interest.

Microsoft launched the Windows 7 beta on January 10, 2009.

Microsoft had capped the downloads of Windows 7 beta at 2.5 million, but because the Microsoft servers couldn't handle the load of the initial downloads the company extended the time limit and they will be offering the beta through February 10th, 2009.

Microsoft extended the download time limit again till February 10th, 2009 from January 24th. So you might want to get it while you still can. The extension of the download time may be as a result of the downloads not reaching the 2.5 million download mark yet. Microsoft may want to keep the downloads open till they reach that limit.

Activation keys will be available for an indefinite time for users who finished downloading the disk image file before Feb. 12.