Lenovo Laptop Service and Warranty is great


I called Lenovo yesterday abour a problem with one of my customer’s laptops. Took me about 5 minutes to get through their phone system and get a human on the phone.

I gave the service person my customer’s information and explained the problem. The problem is that the laptop is overheating and blue screening. The fans aren’t kicking on. The laptop has 3 months left on the warranty. The service rep gave me an RMA number (return merchandise authorization), and said he would send out a box for the laptop so that it could be shipped back to them. The box arrived at my office the next day. Inside the box was a questionnaire on the parts that would be going back to Lenovo as well as a spot for the RMA number and computer type. I filled out the form and packaged up the laptop. Make sure that if you fill out a form like this that you keep a copy in case their is any questions later on. UPS was due to arrive later that afternoon. Not only did Lenovo pay to ship the box to my office, they also paid for the shipping to send the laptop to Lenovo’s service center. They are also paying to have the laptop shipped back to my office for my customer. This is great service. I have done many RMA’s for computer components and this has been one of the easier ones.

The service phone number for Lenovo by the way is 1-800-426-7378.

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