Logitech G19 Keyboard Review

Logitech G19 Keyboard

The Logitech® G19 keyboard has a very cool color 320×240 GamePanel LCD which supports several widgets out of the box. Widgets such as Twitter, VOIP, images, system information, game data(rockets,bullets,etc) and also Youtube and you can add more as they come out. It's pretty nice if you like the Logitech® squishy keyboard feel. The video playback is pretty smooth which is much better than the earlier monochrome screens on the G11 and G15 series.

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The keyboard feels about the same as earlier G-series keyboards made by Logitech®. You can custamize the backlight and setup macros for your tasks. The problem with the keyboard is that it requires it's own power brick, unlike earlier models which get their power directly from the computer. The price on this puppy is around $200 which is a little steep for a keyboard.

GamePanel LCD requires software that supports Logitech® GamePanel™ technology
Logitech® G19 keyboard for gaming
An arsenal of advanced gaming technology
Announcement Date: January 6, 2009 Shipping: March 2009
Price: $199.99 Available at: www.logitech.com

Product Overview
As a gamer, you never compromise – not on your team, not on your weapons and certainly not on your hardware. The Logitech G19 keyboard features a tiltable, color GamePanel ™ LCD to show game stats, VOIP communication data, and many other favorite items.

With customization capabilities such as user-selectable character backlighting color, 12 fully programmable G-keys, two high-speed USB ports and multi-key input, the Logitech G19 keyboard is the perfect weapon for your gaming rig.

Key Features
 Color GamePanel LCD* can show game stats, system information, communication data,
video playback, image slideshows, or other information, without leaving the game.
 Twelve programmable G-keys with 3 shift states (or modes) means that you have 36
programmable macros per game or application
o Use the MR (macro record) key to record new macros on-the-fly.
 Multi-key input allows you to use up to five keys at once to perform multiple complex actions.
 Two high-speed, powered USB 2.0 ports give you the ability to connect you mouse to the
keyboard or to transfer data to and from peripherals such as MP3 players and flash drives.
 User-selectable character backlighting color lets you personalize the keyboard to
complement the rest of your computer and gaming equipment.
System Requirements
 Windows® XP or Windows Vista®
 Mac® OS X 10.4 or later
 High-speed USB 2.0 port
 20 MB of available hard disk space
 CD-ROM drive
Product Specifications
 Length: 19.5 inches
 Height: 2 inches
 Width: 10.5 inches
 Weight: 4.86 lbs
 Display: Color 320-by-240 pixel display