NETGEAR ReadyNas NV+ Review

I purchased this NAS a while back and it has been great. I just upgraded all of the 500 gig hard drives to 4 x 1TB hard drives. I am using the X-raid technology which is their special version of raid.

I replaced each drive one by one and waited until the system rebuilt itself and added the extra space to the total volume without losing any of my data. You add each disk and wait a day of so. I waited overnight to be safe and the system rebuilds itself and ads the extra space. I ended up with almost 3 terabytes of space. One of the hard drives is for parity so it is lost to redundancy. The price you pay to have your data safe. I did turn the system off instead of hot swapping the drives which the system is capable of. With X-RAID, there’s no RAID management, it automatically sets itself up.

Hot Swap Tray

Once you add your 4th disk, your ReadyNAS will triple in capacity, all while maintaining protection from a disk failure like raid 5 does.

The ReadyNAS can stream music, video, and photos to almost any popular network-capable media streaming device without the need to turn on your PC or Mac. Just drag & drop your media files to the ReadyNAS and play them on your streaming device, whether it’s a Playstation 3, or XBOX 360.

With the built-in Apple iTunes 7.0 server, the ReadyNAS can be used as a large shared jukebox. With the iTunes service enabled, iPods, iPhones, and PCs or Macs running the iTunes client can access the shared music library stored on the ReadyNAS.

The ReadyNAS has a built in BitTorrent client that will allow you get torrents downloaded to the NAS without your computer being on. You setup the download on the NAS from your pc and turn your pc off and the NAS will continue to get the download.

You can centralize your backups with the ReadyNAS. The ReadyNAS also has a web-based Frontview Backup Manager. From there, you have the option of scheduling backups to or from the ReadyNAS shares. You can opt to backup from a remote site over CIFS, NFS, FTP, HTTP, or RSYNC protocols, or vice versa — backup the ReadyNAS share to a remote site over CIFS, NFS, FTP, or RSYNC. You can even perform backups to an attached USB storage device.

The ReadyNAS NV+ is covered by a 5 year warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

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