Flexible Computer Keyboard

You've seen them in the movies where you can roll up the keyboard and put it in your bag. The hacker in Die Hard 4 had one. Well, this keyboard is real and available to the public. The keyboard is made from high quality silicone. It is sturdy and extremely portable. The keys are constructed to match a standard keyboard rather than the flat keys found on laptop keyboards. They use a soft touch design on the keys so they do not have the click-click design of other keyboards. This will allow you to use them almost anywhere without disturbing the person beside you.

As for durability, the silicone construction will stand up to twists and tears without damage. The construction is also safe from dust and moisture, so if your not a clean freak don't worry this baby can take some abuse. The keyboard uses a USB interface so it will work on almost any laptop, you can always have a comfortable and full size keyboard handy.

This is the accessory for any geek. This is one of the items that have form, functionality, and the “WOW” punch all rolled into one bag.