Google Web Throttling Detector Tools

Google MLAB Tools

Google has been very concerned about Net Neutrality and they are providing tools so that users can determine if ISPs are blocking or throttling certain applications such as using traffic shaping and network prioritization practices. Like the practices Cox is testing out.

Measurement Lab (M-Lab)
Google and it’s partners New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute and the PlanetLab Consortium released new tools yesterday via M-Lab.

M-Lab is created to be “an open platform that researchers can use to deploy Internet measurement tools.” Google will collaborate with researchers to help in the development of relevant Internet measurement tools. These tools will be made available to other researchers and users.

A couple of tools are their descriptions are below:

Network Diagnostic Tool (NDT): A test that measures downstream and upstream speeds, and attempts to diagnoses any problems that might be impacting speed.

Glasnost: A test that attempts to determine if an ISP is “throttling or blocking BitTorrent.” This is just the first of more tests to come that will determine if an ISP is “performing application-specific traffic shaping.”

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