This Car was a little Iced Over this morning

car was a little iced over

Car was a little iced over

This car was a little iced over this morning. There is new technology that is supposed to get rid of icing like this called electro-pulse.

The new electro-pulse technology is in theory going to take care of this problem for us. The new technology was developed by Ice Engineering. The electro-pulse tech has been installed onto a 489 foot tall Uddevala cable bridge in Sweden and also onto the 107,639 square foot glass dome mall in Moscow City.

It defrosts with a 20,000 kilowatts per square meter jolt of electricity. It zaps the ice off in under a minute. The technology is being tested on a windshield using a thin, transparent, electrically conductive film.

It takes four seconds for the electro-pulse technology to loosen the hold the ice has on the glass. This makes it easy for us to quickly wipe the ice away with our windshield wipers. This should make it easier for us to get the ice off, while staying warm inside our cars. It will also save us time.

How to fix an iced over car.

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