Bill Gates Richest Man in the World Again

Bill Gates is the Richest man in the World Again.


As of last year Mr Gates sat at the number three in the chart dropping behind last year’s number one Warren Buffet and second place Mexican Carlos Slim Helu. All three men have lost money, but Bill seems to have lost the least. Bill Gates lost $18 billion of his fortune, but Warren Buffet and Carlos Slim Helu lost $25 billion of their fortunes.

Other interesting facts about the list include:

* The number of billionaires has declined 30%
* 373 people left the list with this breakdown, 355 lost enough money to make them not billionaires anymore and 18 died.
* 38 new billionaires are on the list and 3 people are on the list again after passing the billion-dollar mark again.
* The overall value of the list has almost dropped to half from $4.4 trillion to $2.4 trillion
* The average billionaire is worth is worth 3 billion dollars.
* 45% of the people on the list are Americans
* Russia was lost the most billionaires this year, they lost 55 billionaires
* Anil Ambani was the biggest loser, he lost 76% of his wealth, $32 billion