New Touchbook, Tablet Netbook


Here is a new angle on the laptop form factor. Kind of a netbook ,tablet combination innovation. The is called dubbed “Always Innovating”. The Touch Book is an ARM-powered netbook that weighs less than two pounds. They claim the battery life will last 10 to 15 hours. The innovative part of the laptop is when the screen is removed. The screen slides right out of it's dock and acts as a fully functional touchscreen tablet. When docked, the LCD screen can lay out flat, and the keyboard can even be folded all the way under into an “inverted V” shape. The screen can also become one big fridge magnet. The screen is magnetic and you can stick it to metal. The computer is running a Linux OS with a touchable 3D UI. The preview of the pc will be at DEMO 09 in California. The company plans to ship in Spring of this year with a starting pricetag of $299.