Spy Binoculars

“Mr I Spy Digital Camera Binoculars”


I have seen many binoculars capable of taking digital photographs. From really cheap ones with picture capabilities that look like my three year old drew the picture, to very expensive models with pristine high quality count the nose hairs images. This unit is probably the least expensive – and still get a decent quality image – units I have run across. It delivers a 1.3mp JPG image that can be adjusted from 640 x 480 pixels up to 1280 x 1024 pixels. It uses 2 AAA batteries as a power source. It contains 16mb of memory, which will allow up to approx. 45 images in HI mode and approx. 140 images in LO mode. It works with both PC and MAC platforms. It uses plug-and-play technology to download images which makes it easy and simply to use. It weighs approximately 350 grams (without batteries).

Unlike many other units of this type, it does not use a pop-up screen. This makes it quite inconspicuous when trying to take images at local gatherings, stadiums, and the like. It can take AVI video, but there is no sound, unfortunately. The unit comes with a usb cable, ulead software, and a handstrap.

These Binoculars are available for £29.95, which is approximately $45, from Gadgets.co.uk.

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