Time Warner Cable Backs off on Tiered Pricing


Time Warner Cable has decided to temporarily set aside their tiered pricing plan in response to unprecedented customer protests.

In a statement released by TWC, Chief Executive Officer Glenn Britt explained the situation:

“It is clear from the public response over the last two weeks that there is a great deal of misunderstanding about our plans to roll out additional tests on consumption based billing. As a result, we will not proceed with implementation of additional tests until further consultation with our customers and other interested parties, ensuring that community needs are being met. While we continue to believe that consumption based billing may be the best pricing plan for consumers, we want to do everything we can to inform our customers of our plans and have the benefit of their views as part of our testing process.”

I can see where it will be very difficult to give someone unlimited bandwidth and then try to tier their pricing. They giveth and they taketh away.