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Like many other antivirus internet-security programs, when you first download the software from BullGuard's website, all you are downloading is a small downloader. Once you run it then you download the actual software, so you will need internet access through the entire process.

The website is well designed and easy to navigate. Getting and installing the software was quite easy. The download time will depend on your internet connection, of course. The initial downloader takes no time at all, and should be very quick over most connections. For me, and I recommend this, I waited until I had downloaded the initial installer before removing my current anti-virus program. Once I had the downloader, then I uninstalled the old one, and rebooted. After the system was back up, I then ran the BullGuard downloader, which downloaded the full installer, and began it's installation. The installation itself took approximately three minutes, then it required a reboot. During the installation itself it asked no other questions. Start to finish in no time at all. After I rebooted, it then asked for me to create an account. No big deal, I've tried others that do the same thing. I only had one issue with this part, and that was the user name. I have a common user name that I use for such items, but when I tried to use it, I was told an e-mail address is required. Granted BullGuard points that out to you, but not till after you have made the mistake. Again, not a big deal, but I would suggest they add that to the initial text. Once I had the information correctly in, BullGuard was installed and ready to use.

I then went onto other things, writing this article for one. I did not notice any significant sluggishness in the system that I've noticed with other anti-virus programs, and even more so in Internet Security packages. Response time seemed quick and the system seemed as responsive as ever. As I'm typing this I am noticing pop-ups telling me this program or that program has been granted access to the internet. It tells me the name of each program that it grants, all the normal items so far. The pop-ups do not require any intervention on my part, and vanish fairly quickly. They seem to be a FYI more than anything else, which I like. This tells me: one – that it is doing it's job, two – what it's doing it with, and three – I don't have to explain to it that these are normal programs.

As you can see I was pretty impressed, that was until I closed out of this word processor. I then noticed a pop-under had come up. Not a big deal, it was the backup feature of BullGuard asking if I wanted backup my files. Fine, I liked the fact that it had popped into the background and waited for me to attend to it. What I did not like was when I tried to close it, it did not seem to want to close. So I tried opening something else, and it would not open. So I rebooted the system. Upon reboot I noticed the system was very sluggish, and I was having difficulty accessing anything. So, I thought okay, obviously I jumped the gun a little bit with my praise. I decided I'd let the system wait, I had an errand to run anyway. So I left the system on and left the house for about two hours. That should give it plenty of time to work out whatever it had to do. When I got back, it still seemed sluggish and unresponsive. I rebooted again, now I was determined to get this software back off my machine and back to my previous programs, I'd had enough of this. Well, as it rebooted BullGuard popped up with a couple of infections it had found, which it promptly removed. At that point the system began functioning even faster that it had before I started. Apparently I had an infection that my previous anti-virus had never found. Here I was ready to trash the whole thing, when BullGuard was simply doing it's job. Okay, I went back to being fairly impressed by it.

I then ran a full scan and found a few more infections that had not been picked up before. Going through the software, everything seemed easy to find and use. In closing, I must admit that BullGuard is a rather formidable anti-virus and internet security product. In the end I was most impressed with it's performance and recommend it highly.

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  • September 2, 2010 at 11:00 am

    I am not a big fan of Norton or McAfee, they both slow down your system pretty substantially. I would recommend highly AVG Free or Avast Free, they both work well and don’t load your system down. Try one of those, you can download either at download.com.

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