HP Deskjet Printer vs. PhotoSmart Printer

If you are a home computer user, two of the most popular printer lines in the world are the HP DeskJet and HP PhotoSmart printers. Each line has its own speciality so it is important that you understand which model printer is the right one for your family.

The HP DeskJet is the ultimate home printer if the majority of your print jobs are going to be documents and black and white printing. If you have a child in high school or one that is in college, this is the perfect printer for your home. Ink for the DeskJet is easy to find and install. If you aren’t very computer literate, no worries, DeskJets are computer-illiterate friendly. Inkjet cartridges can be found online, at your local store or by mail order. Simply look at the bold number that is on the cartridges currently in your printer.

The HP PhotoSmart can print documents beautifully, but it is much more a printer for photographs than for anything else. If you fancy yourself quite the photographer, than this is the printer you’ve always wanted. With the right kind of paper and the right HP inkjet cartridges, you can print photo realistic portraits of the world around you and simultaneously save a bundle on professional printing costs.  This is also the perfect printer to get if you have a young photographer in the house who is going to be experiencing a lot of trial and error while they master their craft.

Both the HP PhotoSmart and the HP DeskJet are superior printers to have in your home. They both utilize easy to use HP inkjet cartridges and shopping for ink is super easy. Simply keep in mind that one is for photos and one is for documents and you can’t go wrong.