Mediaraptor Review

Do you miss the days when M-TV was actually Music Television? Well so do I. I have thought about trying to find all the old videos that I liked so much in the 80s and download them. However, the time it takes to track them down, then hope the site let’s you download them, then download them hoping your not downloading a virus instead, was just too much of a headache. Then I found “Mediaraptor” by Audials. It does all the work for you. You will search video sites for public broadcast videos and downloads them for you. Not only does download them for you, it will also create an organized library for you. Granted it will occasionally get some with lower quality (which you can adjust the setting to filter those out) videos, and it will also occasionally grab a homemade video, but those can easily be deleted. It still saves a tremendous amount of work on your part. Just let it run overnight and in the morning, Voila! Videos!! Let me tell you how easy it was.

I went to Mediaraptor and downloaded their program. I ran the install, and to my surprise it asked me if I wanted to install it to the hard-drive or to a thumb drive. Alright, portable app, I love portable apps. So, I tried that first. It need 150 megs available on my thumb drive, easy enough I happened to have a 4gig drive handy, and it had space available which is a wonder in itself. I installed it to it and tried it. Worked like a charm. No hassle, no fuss, just installed and was ready to go. Now, the one thing I did find disappointing, but I have found this many times with other portables, it still had to install a few DLLs on the host computer. Not a big deal, but it does leave a minor footprint, and when I use portable apps I prefer them to be totally portable without and residue left behind. However, as I said, minor annoyance but tolerable. I then tried it on three other computers and again it worked flawlessly. It started right up, saved my videos to the thumb drive and other than the DLLs nothing else was added to the host computer.

So now that the portable was a success, down to business. I installed the full program onto a system and tried it as a local app. Just as easy, as far as I could see there was no difference in the program from the portable to the locally installed one. The program starts up in a empty list. You can click on search and look by artist or song title. You can then choose whether to look for videos and mp3, video only, or mp3 only. As I already know Audials programs work great for mp3 download, I was more interested in the video portion. So I chose video only. I did my search and found numerous listings for each search. Not only that, it told me what service would be providing the videos and the quality of each video. Not bad, I downloaded a few, it didn’t take that long, maybe 10 or 15 minutes, and the quality was excellent. Okay this was great, but still time consuming if I wanted to build any kind of library what so ever. So I need something more, and Mediaraptor provided.

They have a wish list. With this you can choose an artist to search for and the program will search the providers for music and/or videos by that artist. It provides a much broader spectrum than searching individually. Type in the name of the artist, or browse by genre and then click on the artist you want it to find. You can create multiple wish lists with up to 100 artists per list. I created two. I created one for country music and one for Rock. You then click which wishlist you want it to search under, and click fulfill, easy as pie. As it pulled them, it would list them on the right side of the program, while at the same time saving the files, grouped by artist, in my music folder.

This program was a joy to use, in no time I had hundreds of videos to enjoy at my leisure, and it only took a few minutes to setup and implement. I would highly recommend this program to anyone wishing to create their own video or music library.

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