How to improve results of PDF conversion using PDF Transformer software

When you use PDF Transformer, you should know that it detects areas containing text, pictures and tables before it applies conversion to your document. The program relies on this analysis while recreating the original formatting. And if some areas are detected incorrectly (this may happen with very complex formatting), the result will differ from the expected one.

Correcting these mistakes is easier than it seems. You can adjust only those areas that are detected incorrectly rather than select all the areas manually.

I’m going to describe the errors I’ve met and explain how to correct them:

• An area doesn’t cover a text block or a picture entirely → just drag the area border using the mouse
• A picture is treated as a text area → select Picture Area from the area context menu
• Table cells are detected incorrectly → use tools on the toolbar to add or remove vertical and horizontal lines in your table or to merge or split the selected cells.

Perhaps, some other errors may occur, but I’m sure that fixing them will be easy as well.
PS: Don’t forget to re-launch the conversion process after you have finished adjusting the areas.

How to merge multiple files of different formats

The items given: PDF Transformer (software for PDF conversion), 2 word files, 3 files in XLS format, and a couple of PDFs
The task: to create one PDF file containing the data from all the files listed above

The solution:

1. Install ABBYY PDF Transformer
2. Launch the Combine Files procedure from the Start menu or from Windows Explorer (it is a function of PDF Transformer).
3. Add the files you want to merge to the opened dialog box and arrange them according to your needs or wish.
4. Click Create PDF File

The resulting PDF document will be saved and opened immediately.
The task is completed!

How to share information via PDF X-Change
The variety of computer programs strikes one’s imagination, and there is no confidence that your friend, or spouse, or client has the same applications installed as you do. But you still need to share your work with somebody else, and if you have PDF Transformer on your PC, the solution does exist in the form of PDF file which can be created from any application that allows you to select a printer for printing a document.

Follow these simple steps to easily create a PDF document:

1. Open a file which you want to convert into a PDF document.
2. Open printing options dialog box (this one may vary with application; in most cases you need to select File->Print to open this dialog box).
3. In the list of available printers, select the PDF X-Change 4.0 for ABBYY virtual printer.
4. Just click OK to start creating a PDF document.
There it is! Your PDF is ready. Share your works with the world!

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