Smartphones in 2011

Smartphones in 2011

2010 was a great year for mobile phones. We saw some of the world's heavyweights release new handsets with Apple bringing out their latest offering, the iPhone 4, Samsung introducing the popular Galaxy S and even Nokia, thought of by some as the forgotten men of the smart phone world, released the decent N8 which showed that mobile phones can have REALLY good cameras.

The thing is though, 2010 is over and now we have a new year to get excited about and it seems that we won't be disappointed in the New Year. Here is a taste of what is to come…

Apple iPhone 5

As usual, everyone is waiting for the latest Apple release. The American company completely dominate the smart phone market and their iPhones have become the must have accessory of the new decade. Although the iPhone 4 had its problems, it represented a large shift technologically and aesthetically from the 3GS. It seems that Apple will be trying more to iron out the issues with the iPhone 4, namely the signal and the dreaded “iPhone death grip” that occurs due to the antenna being in a ring around the phone.

This is not to say that there won't be a few surprises and updates, there always is. One thing that has been suggested is that the phone will have NFC technology and support for LTE and if this is the case we are looking forward to a 4G iPhone in 2011.

Windows Phone

It seems as if we have been waiting forever for a good Windows phone. If a company can so comprehensively dominate the Personal Computer scene how can they not even develop a decent mobile phone? Well, the Windows Phone 7 was good but tricky to use. We should expect to see plenty of phones in the next year utilising Windows and hopefully they can get their legions of workers to make sure that the updates produce what we have been waiting for!