5 eReaders for Book Lovers

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the e-readers available on the market now. E-readers are becoming increasingly popular, and it seems like every technology company makes one. To help you with this decision, here are five good e-readers for the book lover:

1. Amazon Kindle

The Kindle is probably the most popular. It has 2 GB of storage, and the e-ink screen lets you read for hours without straining your eyes. Currently, there are two choices for the standard Kindle: a Wi-Fi only version, or a Wi-Fi with free 3G version. The 3G version only costs a bit more at $189, and the Wi-Fi only version costs $139.

2. Barnes and Noble Nook

The Nook is similar to the Amazon Kindle. Both e-readers store 2 GB, have e-ink screens, and offer the same Internet connectivity options, but the Nook has a few extra features. With the Nook, you can insert a micro SD card for more storage, it’s an Android device, and it has a touchscreen. If you are deciding between the Nook and the Kindle, it might be difficult because the Nook is only $10 more than the kindle.

3. Apple iPad

While this is not an e-reader in the strictest sense of the word, it has excellent support for e-books. If you want a device that offers more than reading, this is the choice for you. It comes with many apps, and third-party apps will only make it better. It has an amazing touch screen that operates similar to flipping pages in a real book, and it has an enormous storage capacity when compared to other e-readers. There are some drawbacks though: It’s expensive, starting at $499. It does not use e-ink, so it may strain your eyes after a while. Finally, there is a world of great apps calling your name just beneath the e-reader app. It can be hard to get any actual reading accomplished.

4. BeBook Neo

The BeBook Neo looks more like the Kindle and Nook, but it’s a little bulkier. It has 16 GB of storage, which is significantly larger than similar products. It has a touch screen powered by Wacom, but it only offers Wi-Fi connectivity. However, it is an open market reader, meaning you are not forced to buy from specific markets like some other e-readers. It costs $299, which is a little pricy when compared to the others, but if you are looking for large storage and a touch screen, this is a solid choice.

5. Sony Reader Touch Edition

The Sony Reader’s greatest quality is style. It has a slick design unlike any other e-reader in the market. Plus, it has a metal case, meaning it is the strongest and most durable too. It has an e-ink display for easy reading, but it doesn’t offer Internet access at all. You have to transfer files with a USB device. If durability and style are what you’re after, this is a good choice, and it’s reasonably priced at $169.

The e-reader market is constantly growing, and they are finally starting to make highly functional products now. Also, prices are dropping quickly because it’s becoming a competitive market. It is a great time to pick one up, and it will have an appropriate lifespan for the price.

Britney Baker is a freelance blogger who normally ranks prepaid phones for PrepaidCellphones.net. Her latest review covered the Tracphone.