Five Phones That Will Change The Way We Live In 2011

The last few years have been a transitional period for technology. eReaders, tablet PCs, and smartphones have all been released, refined, and re-released. Companies are investing billions of dollars into figuring out is going to be the next major transition in the market. Many came to the conclusion that this change is going to be all about powerful smartphones and here are a few of the top picks of 2011:

HTC Thunderbolt

Just a few years ago hardly any person off the street would recognize the name HTC, but within the past few months they have now put their phones in the hands of millions of people around the world. The Thunderbolt is their 2011 release with some of the most impressive computing specs on the market. 32GB of internal memory, 1000 MHz processor, and 768 MB of RAM means that this phone is as powerful as they come.

Droid Bionic

Droid may be lagging behind the iPhone in terms of sales, but the 4G Droid Bionic may change that up in 2011. This phone is a multi-functioning machine that was made to be a single stop for all entertainment, work, and lifestyle needs. Not only can this phone stream a high definition movie in around thirty seconds, the HDMI output can transmit the video directly to a high definition television.

Blackberry Storm 4

Blackberry has been the goto manufacturer of phones for government agencies and thousands of companies for the past few years. The newest Blackberry Storm 4 is one of Blackberry's first steps towards the casual user market. Already being labeled the ‘iPhone killer', the Storm 4 was made with some of the most advanced accelerometers, magnetometers, and GPS technology that has ever been put in a phone.

Atrix 4G

The Atrix has one of the most unique design features ever added to a phone. The lapdock accessory, a small computer in which the Atrix directly plugs into, means that this phone may soon be replacing laptops on those long flights or in classrooms around the world. With the Android marketplace for apps and an impressive processor, this phone further blends the lines of what smartphones really can do.

HTC ChaCha

For nearly two years now rumors have been spanning from one end of the world and back about a future ‘Facebook' phone. Facebook and HTC both fueled this flame, but have not come out and said anything until recently with the release of a few features of this HTC phone. Bristling with cameras and a full QWERTY keyboard it this phone was made specifically for streamlined Facebook connectivity.

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