Top Blackberry Apps 2011

The Blackberry App World is becoming more and more popular and unlike a couple of years ago, when the store was extremely lacking in both quality and quantity, it is full of fantastic applications that can give anything that Apple and Android have made a run for their money. Since the release of the Blackberry Torch last year, the companies high end touch-screen phone, there has been an even bigger clamber for applications on the Blackberry. Here are some of the best to hit the store so far this year.

IM+ Lite

This is free version of this comprehensive social networking but it is still good enough to take a look at. It allows you to check out all of the latest news on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and many more social networks, as well as linking to your Blackberry e-mail and messenger to get the best out of the phone's most lauded features.

Google Maps

This is something that every single person in the country should have – because no one would ever get lost again! Find anywhere you want and get directions to there easily and quickly. This and a whole host of other useful features such as checking how busy the traffic is make this a must have application.


Even though this app has only recently hit the Blackberry, most users will know about it as it has proved so popular on both Android and Apple phones. When you are out in a bar and a song comes on that you like, you obviously want to know who recorded it. What if no one knows though? Well Shazam will. Simply turn on the app and press play, within seconds the programme should find the name of the song and the artist.


Probably the best food app on the Blackberry, Urbanspoon lets you check out reviews and comments on a restaurant or bar as well as letting you make reservations so you can plan your night better.

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